Jun 28, 2013

Famke Janssen Hugh Jackman est un surhomme

Famke Janssen 

Famke Janssen was impressed by the physical Hugh Jackman on the set of Wolverine. She revealed in Us Weekly how the actor sculpts his body.

Famke Janssen is that Hugh Jackman is a "machine". The actress starred alongside the beautiful Australian kid in the X-Men franchise and also worked with him on the spin-off Wolverine. Battle of the immortal
Hugh Jackman is known for its muscles Famke Janssen and reveals how he maintains. "I'll tell you one of [secrets]. It has a series of weight on the platform he always took with him, she told Us Weekly. If I was shooting a scene in bed with him, in which he is supposed to sleep, when the director shouted "Cut", he ran to his weight until resumes. Then he stretched out again when the scene began again and closed her eyes. It is a machine. "

Hugh Jackman has started the year by winning an Oscar nomination for her role in the musical Les Misérables. Although he lost to Daniel Day-Lewis and his film Lincoln, his colleague that it would have well deserved this victory. "Hugh is one of the best guys in Hollywood, I love it. It's just an incredible and someone I respect immensely actor enthused Famke Janssen. It was such an honor to be so long involved in the X-Men movies, I was really happy to be back. And it is quite enjoyable to watch. "

The actress was recently on show at the fantastic movie Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. For the purposes of the film, she had to wear a rather grotesque makeup which she struggled to get used to. "Honestly, it's not the most flattering proposal. It was hard not to laugh when I saw myself in the mirror with that awful makeup. 

What they have done with these cosmetics was truly amazing, "he told Famke Janssen.

Cameron Diaz: the queen of the dancefloor

Cameron Diaz had openly flirted with a young stranger at a party. According to Life & Style magazine, the star would have even been very enterprising. 

Cameron Diaz never misses an opportunity to celebrate. The actress is well visited early in a nightclub in New York, located in Montauk. 

During the evening, the star of 40 years would have fallen under the spell of a unknown young man, with whom she shared a languorous dance. According to Life & Style magazine, the latest conquest of Cameron Diaz, Elon Musk, was not invited to the festivities. "She flirted with Ruschmeyer's blond with a very attractive than twenty years," reported a source in the publication. 

The very enterprising attitude of the star would have shocked even some witnesses. "He had his hands on her ass! "Told another client nightclub. Cameron Diaz have in any case been delighted with this unexpected encounter with the young man. "Cam was all sweaty and she looked a lot of fun," said one observer.
Cinema side, the actress will soon be showing The Other Woman, she shot alongside Taylor Kinney. The boyfriend of Lady Gaga is also very well with the star. "It does not go well at all [Lady Gaga], reported a source in the British newspaper The Sun. Cameron and Taylor really hooked on the set and they get along very well. They hung out a lot lately and the news reached the ears of the team Gaga. Cameron and Taylor were seen in cafés and they even had dinner together. They were extremely close during the birthday party of Kate Upton. "

Cameron Diaz has already attended Justin Timberlake and Jared Leto in the past

Lara Fabian: she just got married!


That's it, Lara Fabian has said "yes" to Gabriel di Giorgio, a handsome Italian who has the mysterious magician profession ... 

At 43, it's a Lara Fabien at the height of happiness that comes to marry Gabriel di Giorgio! The singer used his Facebook account to announce the good news and shout his joy. She has published a picture of her in a wedding dress, accompanied by her husband. The caption of the picture reads: "My angels .... Happiness is sharing it ... I wanted to tell you my joy ... OUR JOY La Vita e Bella JUST MARRIED!!!! !! " If this is not the joy ... 

What is beautiful is that she was able to hold the event and once secret "yes" fateful pronounced, she can finally leave her happiness splash the whole Earth. A year and a half after separating from Gérard Pullicino, with whom she had a daughter, Lara found a new true love in the person of Gabriel di Giorgio, magician of his craft. 

This is first time Lara Fabien married and of course we wish him all our best wishes!

Star of -Boardwalk Empire- Paz de la Huerta is pregnant?

Paz de la Huerta

Star of "Boardwalk Empire" Paz de la Huerta for a while went off the radar of social life. However, making the recent paparazzi pictures of actress suspected that the reason for the retreat lies in the fact that she is expecting a baby.

Going to dinner at one of the restaurants in Hollywood, Paz donned a slinky dress, stressing her rounded tummy. However, all business in gluttony?

While officials from the de la Huerta silent, we wonder whether this "girl scandal" is pregnant and if so, who is the father of her unborn baby?

The daughter of Michael Jackson, the most affected by his death

The daughter of Michael Jackson, who attempted suicide in early June, was most affected by the death of his father in 2009, said Thursday his cousin, who has custody of the star with their grandmother. 

"I think the loss of my uncle really touched," testified TJ Jackson, a nephew of the "King of Pop" at trial between opposing Jackson in the Los Angeles music producer AEG. 

"It's hard. It was the girl's father. My uncle was all for it," he said, referring to his cousin, remains hospitalized after attempting to open wrists and having swallowed drugs on 5 June. 

The young man of 34 years, also singer and composer, was the second member of the Jackson family to testify at the trial, after the eldest son of star, Prince, who said Wednesday that the "King of Pop" was concerned that the pace imposed by AEG rehearsals for his last show would "kill". 

Referring to his grandmother Katherine, 83 years, with whom he shares custody of the three children of Michael Jackson, TJ Jackson described it as "the queen", "the boss": "I help in everyday life"
<. br> The son of Tito Jackson, one of Michael's brothers, said he had become very close to his uncle after the death of his mother when he was 16. 

"The world s 'collapsed around me and my uncle gave it up, "he said. "He was everything to me," he admitted, taking several seconds to overcome his emotion when asked what it meant for him Michael Jackson. 

The Jackson accuse AEG to have been negligent hiring Dr. Conrad Murray to ensure the health of the singer, who died of an overdose of the anesthetic propofol, which he used as a sleep aid. The doctor is currently serving a sentence of four years in prison for manslaughter.

Louis Tomlinson: overwhelmed by the success of One Direction

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson's hard to realize that One Direction has completed so far. The singer also shared this captivating and enjoyable on its Twitter account. 

Louis Tomlinson is overcome with emotion when he thinks the success of One Direction. Currently the group is full international tour with Take Me Home Tour. Yet all was not well party for Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson, they have not won the X-Factor for which they all competed separately. Fortunately, the production was then decided to meet in a group, which has since sold millions of albums and has brought together thousands of fans around the world. They even came to Madame Tussauds wax museum in London. Difficult to even consider for the first relevant successful ... "Sitting, thinking at all, I am so overwhelmed by our success. Really, we can not thank you enough "to Louis Tomlinson posted on his Twitter account. 

They may be young and relatively new to the music industry, it has not stopped One Direction steal a prize to the Rolling Stones and Coldplay at the Silver Clef Awards. Harry Styles has also not fail to thank Nordoff Robins charity event organizer. "We're on a cloud. Congratulations to Nordoff Robins for yet another great ceremony Clef Awards. What an incredible charity, helping people with music therapy, "he said in a statement. 

The success of One Direction is not limited to the stage or the recording studio. This summer, the group will be in the cinema for the documentary This Is Us, released in August in the United States. The trailer released just recently put the fan in turmoil. "I am very excited that you see all the movie! It will be morteeel excitééééé :) (sic) ", Liam Payne posted on Twitter. This week the group presented her new single Best Song Ever, and possibly others should follow ... "Ok, it's time to go to bed! Studio tomorrow! We have new titles coming! (Sic), "tweeted Niall Horan. When you are told that One Direction never takes a holiday ...

Beyonce Blue Ivy leaves speechless

Beyoncé Knowles

Beyoncé told Australian television that Blue Ivy had loved to hear in the animated movie Epic. She lent her voice to the character of Queen Tara. 

Beyoncé is the mother of a little Blue Ivy, 17 months, born of his marriage with Jay-Z. Lending his voice to the queen Tara in the movie Epic Movie: The Battle of the secret kingdom, the singer has shared his experience with the girl showing her some pictures. "I showed him some scenes. It is still small so we can keep his attention for about 20 minutes. But she saw. She seemed to say, "Wait a minute. It's you!" Exclaimed Beyoncé in an interview during the Australian show The Project. So I think she understood. She seemed impressed. "

The star of 31 years was a little more difficult to board his performance, because it supports difficult to hear. While it has one of the world's most beloved voices, Beyonce admits she prefers to mute when on TV. "I hate to hear me speak. I think that is the case everyone, she said, laughing. When I hear my little voice out of this crazy beautiful majestic woman [Queen Tara], I think it's really weird but I love it. Be a lively and be doing things that would never do in real life character, I've always found it super cool, strangely. "

Between his cinematic adventures and successful albums, Beyoncé brilliantly juggles between career and motherhood. The diva did not even fear the exhaustion because it has confidence in the physical and mental strength of his body. "If I do things that I love, then it works and I find time [for me]. I am passionate about. I think this is the key to success in life. You just find what you love and, as it is done with passion, my body is like a machine! "Said Beyoncé.

Amanda Bynes: cosmetic surgery would she him flipping?

Amanda Bynes

The longer it goes, the more Amanda Bynes is a very very strange but also excessive. But for once, it has attacked anyone on Twitter and merely singing his love for cosmetic surgery. Funny tweets coming out of nowhere!

We do not know what to think of Amanda Bynes, it is clear that the young woman has just flipping out, but at least she stopped in to take the world and prefer to continue to proclaim his love affair with cosmetic surgery from the rooftops!

After Rihanna, Miley Cyrus or Drake, we expected to find another victim of insults to Amanda. Nay! A new sudden mood change has affected the blonde. Today, there are an abundance of love on the Twitter account of the actress while she was recovering from a nose job, she commented "I love Cosmetic Surgery" and added an hour later "I Predict From Me To Operate All Face." Obviously, the reactions were quick to rain, but it's Perez Hilton who came off the lot in the taclant: "@ AmandaBynes And do not stop there!" It is on with his recent remarks, Amanda Bynes could not expect messages of encouragement and support ...

But what is worrying is how quickly Amanda can change the mood. Would she really schizophrenic?

Shakira: no matter the rumors, it remains the biggest fan of his beloved football!

Shakira during the match Spain - Italy, Brazil, June 27 

The singer was in Brazil yesterday to support his companion during the football match between Spain and Italy!

Recent days, Gerard Pique is the heart of a scandal the mixing he and others players of the football team of Spain in a dirty business with prostitutes ... But no matter the rumors, the famous companion did not seem to blame him!

Indeed, Shakira has blind faith in her husband, who is none other than the father of her son Milan ... And she again proved yesterday (Thursday, 27 June) by displaying radiant to support her boyfriend Gerard at the match between the Spanish national team to Italy in Fortaleza, Brazil. A meeting which resulted in a draw, zero everywhere, but in the end was won by the Iberian after a penalty shoot-out (7-6).

Spain is well qualified for her first final of the Confederations Cup, a delight to Lebanese-Colombian singer, who could not hide his joy in the stands when it was installed alongside his stepmother, Montserrat Pique.
Small black and white dress, hair any volume, bright smile, Shakira was without doubt the most crisp fans Gerard Pique!

Nicole Scherzinger: number of charming company Eros Ramazzotti!

Italian crooner was very lucky. On the occasion of his duet with the former Pussycat Dolls, he found himself on stage at the Rome Film Festival with beautiful brunette ... 

For once, it is not on the UK red carpet X Factor that the beautiful Nicole Scherzinger was spotted. The brunette was in effect yesterday, Thursday, June 27, on the stage of the Festival of Music in Rome to give voice to one of the greatest singers transalpine: Eros Ramazzotti. Italian pop star 49 years has in fact call the former Pussycat Dolls to sing a duet on his last album, Fino All'Estasi. 

Accustomed to duets he has worked with Ricky Martin , Cher and Joe Cocker among others, the Italian crooner invited juror X Factor to perform with him on stage in Rome. 

Leaving the locker room her dresses "bodycon" slinky and slim, Nicole Sherzinger was wearing a white and black together unusually wise for the occasion. It is much more sexy in the clip, look!


David Beckham and John Travolta at the opening of the boutique

Maybe, happy hours are not watching, but David Beckham and John Travolta - even very interested in modern chronometers: stars attended the opening of a flagship boutique watch brand Breitling in London.

Mark, whose campaigns were shot by David and John, has positioned their products as watches for pilots. It is not surprising that the opening ceremony was held in the company of an army of attractive stewardesses.

Travolta also dressed up for the occasion in a suit flyer - however, the actor is really interested in flying skills and is comfortable with the controls of an airliner.

Of course, the opening of the boutique both celebrities wearing watches and casually showed a large dials on a leather thong, posing for the cameras.

Nymphomaniac: the first teaser picture of Lars von Trier

After the first promo-the-scenes "nymphomaniac", Lars von Trier has shared the first teaser of the new film, which brought together a truly stellar cast: in addition to Charlotte Gainsbourg, for whom Trier's always a role in the film was played by Uma Thurman, Willem Dafoe, Shia LaBeouf Christian Slater, Stellan Skarsgard and Jamie Bell.

To be precise, the director laid out the network teaser of the first chapter film called Compleat Angler (loosely translated - "Master Angler").

This part of the picture tells the story of a girl Jo, who rides on the train and arguing with his far more experienced in love affairs girlfriend Bee: who among them will entice more men for this trip? Grand Prize hints at infantilism venture: the winner will receive a bag of chocolates.

In this film directed by again trying innovative approaches: this time von Trier has invented a new genre, which is titled Digressionism. The features of this genre can emphasize the lyrical digressions, extending from the theme song of the narrative.

total there will be eight chapters and fresh teaser Von Trier spoil us now for a month.

James Blunt: the beautiful English singer in Ibiza?

So they say now busy preparing a new album is in the Ibiza sun that James Blunt was spotted yesterday with friends. 

Oulala, it works hard ... Or not! Found with his hit You're Beautiful James Blunt disappeared for quite a while traffic. Three years that the English singer of 39 years has not released a song. But James is back to work and prepares a new album. 

Because inspiration also comes in taking off and changing air, James Blunt has said that some vacation days could not hurt him and that is Ibiza he decided to fly with friends. Spotted yesterday (Thursday, 27 June) in the turquoise islands of the island, the singer has been photographed on a boat. Shirtless, he seriously began to blush and would have done well to add a big dose of sunscreen if he did not finish burning, James took advantage of being on the beautiful clear waters for snorkelling and admire the marine species. 

true heartthrob when chained tubes, for example, he cracked one of the girlfriends of Pippa Middleton, James Will he regain that status with his new album composed "as usual sad stuff "in his words?

Miley Cyrus split skirt and jacket micro flashy ... No question for the starlet to stay classic!

Miley Cyrus

Full promo, the singer did everything so that no one sees it! 

The sexy Miley Cyrus continues intensively promoting her new single We Can not Stop New York. Besides yesterday morning (Thursday, 27 June), the American actress and singer of 20 years was a passage in the studios of Radio SiriusXM! 

And the promo appearance, the darling Liam Hemsworth did not hesitate to rely on a flashy look that history sees it upon arrival! All electric blue Emilio Pucci is a micro jacket and a split skirt, white Celine shoes, new hairstyle, make-up trend ... Miley was very smart and rowdy, as she loves, and to the delight of his fans! 

Certainly, the more it makes, the more she likes it! 

And you, how do you find?


Sarah Michelle Gellar: she finally revealed the face of his son 9 months!

Sarah Michelle Gellar

After nine months of suspense, discover the pretty little face of Rocky, the son of Sarah Michelle Gellar and her husband Freddie Prinze Jr. ..

This is a secretive sacred! Mom last September a baby boyprénommé Rocky, Sarah Michelle Gellar was seen for the first time with him. And yes, the young mother had never shown so far!

It was during a walk through the streets of Los Angeles, which took place yesterday (Thursday May 27) that the actress against Buffy the Vampire unveiled the face of her son she was holding in her arms. A bite into a whole with his beret and striped hand, Rocky James (Prinze) has struggled to endure the sun beating him in the eye.

Already a mother of a little girl girl Charlotte, who was part of this trip to LA, Sarah Michelle Gellar had hoped, with her second pregnancy, give him a little brother. "Sarah was secretly hoping for a boy" was a source commented after his birth.

Fell in love with Freddie Prinze Jr. in 1997 on the set of I Know What You Did Last Summer ... American actress 36 years is on the same wavelength with him regarding family life he considered far more important than their professional lives. In short, everything is going well for Buffy!

Making his debut: Sarah Michelle Gellar made her first public appearance with baby Rocky in Los Angeles on Thursday
Getting strong now: Little Rocky has come a long way since being born nine months ago

Ambrosial: The adorable youngster has certainly inherited his parents' good looks if Thursday's appearance is any guide
Her little treasures: Michelle is clearly coping with the pressures of being a mother-of-two with aplomb
Knocked out: The gentle rocking motion as they walked seemed to be working its magic on Rocky
Helping hand: Sarah had brought along a helper as she enjoyed the sweltering California sunshine