Jun 25, 2013

Miley Cyrus: his father threatens to unpack everything!

Very rise against her father Billy Ray Cyrus, the young Miley threatens to throw everything she knows about it via Twitter and it could hurt! 

There are a dozen days, Tish Cyrus asked the divorce, she would be the wife of Billy Ray. But last weekend, the lovers met, and the time of separation seemed far away. But Miley, their daughter decided to get involved by taking it directly to his father. She posted a photo of a woman they do not know the name on Twitter with the following message to his father: "Since you do not answer my texts, I give you an hour to tell the truth or I do for you. "

Considering the drama currently surrounding the couple Cyrus, there is little doubt that the woman is the alleged mistress of Billy Ray! Since Miley has deleted this message, is that his father confessed the whole truth? Has he approached his daughter to meet his accusations?

Can not find it there is a bit much Miley Cyrus with these threats against his father?

Sara Carbonero: Iker Casillas's wife, alone and sad in the scandal ...

While a huge prostitution scandal splashes the Spanish national team, Sara Carbonero spend time alone in Brazil ...

The star players of the Spanish team are at the heart of a major prostitution scandal . Iker Casillas is one of the lot of players who are accused of having made use of prostitutes for a night of debauchery during the Confederations Cup. The information was certainly not lost on Sara Carbonero, the wife of the goalie, which displays a sad face. The pictures were taken a few days ago, on June 18 and it looks like Sara was aware of before everyone that this case was going to burst! This is a super tight that we discover on the beaches of Copacabana and share this story Sara, we do not really see what could push to the head and on this little corner of paradise ...

Think Sara Carbonero is aware of this story for a long time?

Carla Bruni: One of the other things that in my opinion is take a couple is the real possibility of failure ...

Carla Bruni

It is with great philosophy that Carla Bruni is ready to play the interview and returned to her marriage on her motherhood and the conclusions that can be drawn ... 

If you were wondering how to spend the days of Carla Bruni, the artist has agreed to talk to Aufeminin.com and she said. "They are like all girls my age I guess a lot of work and then the children, the species constantly tearing stuff between work and children and just running all the time. loads Now we share with our men, it is a little easier, it's true. entire period when the children are small is a period a little ... My life is like that ...

Well to tell you the truth, it was like that even when my husband was in his role as Chairman. "

As for his status First Lady she no regrets: "No I do not miss me at all, it is a great adventure, a beautiful interlude in my life extremely interesting and different, but not that I do not miss actually."

She lavishes also tips for couples: "I think what is important for a tough pair is to be better with someone alone And it's rare (...) One of the other things. in my opinion is take a couple is the real possibility of failure. That is to say, is to keep in mind the possibility that it does not work anymore suddenly and precisely and desire, this friendship, this agreement will disappear, because it happens! Suddenly we hear more, we no longer understand it has nothing to say ... "

So you find how boards of Carla Bruni?

Gerard Piqué: it's soft flowing in Brazil despite the scandal prostitutes!

Gerard Piqué: it's soft flowing in Brazil despite the scandal prostitutes!

Accused by the Brazilian press have spent a crazy night in the company of prostitutes in Brazil with his Spanish teammates Gerard Pique does not seem to worry about the scandal that is likely to tarnish him and his girlfriend Shakira.

Make as if nothing had happened, a very behavior the world right now in soccer players in the heart of scandals. While Lionel Messi is played low profile last weekend in Milan to present his new book, Lionel Andres Messi by Dolce & Gabbana, who has been indicted for tax evasion, the same attitude on the part of Gerard Piqué.

Accused of using the services of prostitutes with four other teammates in the Spanish national team, Iker Casillas, Sergio Ramos, Andres Iniesta and Santi Cazorla, after the first match Confederations Cup between Spain and Uruguay (2-1), Gerard Pique has posted 100% casual yesterday (Monday June 24) on the beach Fortaleza.

Accompanied Valdes Arbeloa, Soldado Jordi Alba, Doctor Cota and Mata, the darling of Shakira unveiled her body in a dark sports shorts. The smile and abs not as drawn some other players that we like to see Cristiano Ronaldo to name him, Gerard Pique is likely to take a big cold shower by Shakira now that the scandal prostitutes popping ...

Gerard Piqué: it's soft flowing in Brazil despite the scandal prostitutes!

Gerard Piqué: it's soft flowing in Brazil despite the scandal prostitutes!

Gerard Piqué: it's soft flowing in Brazil despite the scandal prostitutes!

Gerard Piqué: it's soft flowing in Brazil despite the scandal prostitutes!

Katy Perry with her beloved John it is no longer hidden!

Katy Perry et John Mayer à New York

The couple who rabiboché was photographed at a gala in New York on Monday ... 

past few weeks, Katy Perry and John Mayer decided to put the cover ... It seems that their love was stronger, so they did not hesitate to give another chance!

After being spotted at the exit of a restaurant in Soho to New York, singer and musician were again photographed together and hand in hand yesterday (Monday June 24) at the Friars Foundation gala in honor of Don Rickles in the Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan.

At the event, the two lovebirds were seen cuddling and kissing, as confirmed by People from different witnesses of the evening.
This time is it here to stay? The future will tell!

Alicia Keys: The (Girl On Fire) was Bercy yesterday ... Public and was part of it!

Alicia Keys in concert at Paris 

The U.S. star fired at the Palais Omnisports de Bercy on the first date of his Paris shows!
After burning the Dome Marseille yesterday, the American singer Alicia Keys stormed the stage Paris-Bercy this Monday, June 24 as part of his world tour, Set The World on Fire Tour! A NRJ concert that was absolutely by miss!

And because the star of 32 years caused a sensation with his show seemed more intimate despite the huge room that is Bercy.

The first part signed the American popular singer, Miguel, to whom we owe the hit Adorn and posing feautring with Mariah Carey on the title Beautiful Princess of R & B got the ball!

9:30 p.m. ... With the first notes of his hit Empire State Of Mind duet with Jay-Z that resonate the tone is given away! Alicia has to take us to her home in New York and we do travel through the beautiful music and its many tubes! She finally ends up appearing and starts his show with the title Karma!

The frenzy seizes Bercy before descending and leave room for the admiration for a complete artist, who with his piano and his voice transports us!

It then continues with songs like Like You'll Never See Me Again, Diary, Un-thinkable, Brand New Me, and of course the inevitable Fallin ', If I Is not Got You, or No One.
Some dancers are also spice up the show with a Alicia unadorned. No change required to no longer know where to turn! Black look, tight pants, sexy little sequined top, heels sober hat on his head (which will not last long) ... Only its charm and talent have captivated us

A concert of 1 hour 45 which ended in a fantastic atmosphere with the last two hits of the wife of rapper Swizz Beatz, New Day and Girl On Fire, for which all Bercy was excitement! Adrenalin continued upon recall Alicia ... Because yes, even if it is not the "fashion" with American stars such as Kanye West, Beyoncé and Rihanna, Alicia, she wanted to offer a great reminder to fans and spectators to discover on stage.
After intense applause, Alicia finally makes his return before the public in a sparkling purple dress and looooong while glitter to interpret this time in its entirety in New York anthem, Empire State Of Mind.

magical moment that ended with a positive message encouraging fans to go ahead and always keep hope!
Alicia is back on the stage tonight and Bercy no doubt it will once more!

Mariah Carey: the release of his album pushed back!

Diva Mariah Carey would release his new album shortly shortly. We all expected The Art of Letting Go forward, unfortunately it is not ready yet! Meticulous, the singer wants everything to be perfect before we can listen

If you ask the professionals échéantes dates are met, this detail can be changed for even more perfection! C and is what decided to Mariah Carey. While his new album The Art Of Letting Go was out on July 23, it will unfortunately not be in stores until a few months. We expect to hear of more perfect than the others to its release!

Pieces this is the star herself who made the announcement on his Twitter account. She posted: "While I was doing this album, I plunged back into the creative process and I realize that I'm not ready to leave on July 23." She added: "I prefer not to exclude significant songs I give you your album when it is intended to be heard When I'm ready, you'll be the first to know.."

At least Mariah has the merit to explain directly to his fans who are likely to become very demanding. But wait, we can always listen # Beautiful, as the Diva, by featuring Miguel!

Emma Watson: chic and discreet arrival in New York, along with her boyfriend!

Emma Watson has just arrived in New York with her boyfriend Will Adamowicz. Spotted at JFK Airport, the actress radiated charm, discreetly.

Emma Watson and her boyfriend Will Adamowicz were spotted yesterday, Monday, June 24, when they landed in New York. This is in JFK that the lovebirds have pioneered, as discreet as their habit.
If English actress hit at the cinema at the moment in The Bling Ring, the Sophia Coppola's latest film, it is indeed never too get noticed. Always tend despite his desire for discretion, the young woman of 23 years was displayed yesterday in style, in a combination of a slim white, a sweater and black ballet flats, all accessorized with a hat signed Eugenia Kim.

A style that really had nothing to do with that of Paris Hilton, whom she met during the filming of Sophia Coppola, and where the heiress plays himself .

In The Bling Ring, Emma Waston Nicki plays a teenager who robs her friends villas Hollywood stars.
What do you think of chic but understated the former star Harry Potter?


Selena Gomez: tender moment with her little sister Gracie .

The singer and actress 20 years is pleased to be recently become big sister and now spends all her time with the little Gracie she intends to pamper!

Twenty years apart with his little sister, not enough to frighten the beautiful Selena Gomez hopes to take care of the daughter of her mother Mandy and stepfather Brian Teefey, little Gracie was born on June 13.

This is also with his baby girl little sister that American starlet was photographed during a recent afternoon with the family in a park in Malibu!

Radiant and grinning alongside her mother and her step- Dad, Selena only had eyes for the lovely Gracie, she cuddled in her arms and she has not stopped to capture with her laptop.

Sure, Selena will be a big sister choice! Do not you think?

Christina Aguilera: it robs shopping with her boyfriend in Amsterdam!

Part of Los Angeles last week with her boyfriend Matt Rutler, Christina Aguilera is currently in Europe, specifically in Amsterdam, where she was spotted yesterday.

When Christina Aguilera is taken from a shopping spree , attention, she does not laugh! Spotted late last week at Los Angeles airport with her boyfriend Matt Rutler, the American singer flew to Europe, specifically the Netherlands and Amsterdam. If Rihanna did talk about it last week in the Dutch capital, where she always found, by posting on social networks with two large joints in the beak, Christina, she is living the national economy so more reasonable.
In discreet to go shopping with her boyfriend in the streets of Amsterdam, the wearing a black cap head and face partially hidden behind a pair of fashion sunglasses, which recently melted did not stop to her credit card at the point of filling the trunk of the sedan that was driving in the streets of Amsterdam. Attracted by the window of a furniture store for children, Christina she planned to redo the room of his son Max, and hopefully it will soon expand its family?

One thing is sure, X -Tina is out with her new figure!

Rihanna still in Amsterdam, she continues to show his love for the fireworks!

The singer is still in Amsterdam as part of his world tour. And, with a T-shirt, it proclaimed again yesterday his love for cannabis!

It is the Netherlands as part of his world tour, the Diamonds World Tour. And in addition to his concerts, Rihanna thoroughly enjoyed the pleasures of Amsterdam. After order was lighting giant firecrackers in a coffee shops in the city, the singer was spotted yesterday, Monday, June 24, at the exit of the hotel, with a T-shirt that spoke volumes !

It would appear that the star of 24 years or for the legalization of cannabis for the umpteenth time, the T-shirt she wore proclaimed his love for majijuana! It shows indeed a cannabis leaf inside a heart ... can not be clearer to get the message!

Particularly delighted his streetwear and girly outfit, Riri posted a picture of herself on twitter, adding that she was a "fashion killaz" ! a killer fashion

must say that his look was particularly well thought skater skirt leather perfecto matching white T-shirt loose at the Silver Spoon Attire, she was fashionista fashion look !