Jun 24, 2013

Miley Cyrus, her parents reconciled?

While Tish, Miley Cyrus's mom filled the divorce papers, it would seem that it is returned to near Billy Ray, Dad ...

In Cyrus, we like to be scared. Three years ago, Billy Ray, Miley's dad, filled the divorce papers and then rip them and get back with his wife Tish. This time it was Tish who filed for divorce in early June and as before it would seem that this desire to separate themselves or quickly vanished. In any case this is the impression given by Billy Ray and Tish Sunday, June 23 when they went to eat a whole pizza in the neighborhood of North Hollywood with their daughter Noah. One would think a simple friendly outing, just to make peace and not to fall into a bloody divorce, but it was much more than that! It is together that future divorced strolled! Tish had the same head on the shoulder of her husband, that's how the possibilities for reverse its decision are high.
So hand in hand only ten days after announcing their divorce, you do not think that Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus will get back together?

Demi Lovato: touched by the support of his fans after the death of his biological father!

In mourning since the death of his biological father, who died of cancer, Demi Lovato posted a message on his Twitter account yesterday to thank his fans and all those who support during this difficult time.

They were cold for several years and no longer spoke, but it is with great sadness that Demi Lovato has learned of the death of his biological father, Patrick Lovato, who fought for years against cancer.

Supported by all his fans, Demi sent a message on his Twitter account yesterday to thank them for the help in this difficult time. "I feel so excited to have been so from my fans, my friends, my family, and strangers ... God bless you all, thank you very much" Demi tweeted.

Kate Middleton: from furniture to old for her baby

Kate Middleton and Prince William actively preparing for the arrival of the royal baby. According to a source for People magazine, the couple has already invested in expensive vintage furniture.

Kate Middleton is determined to spoil her first child with expensive furniture and supplies.

With Prince William, they expect the happy event for next month. Everything is ready for the arrival of the baby, obviously the Duchess of Cambridge have spent considerable time in Dragons of Walton Street. "It's very, very expensive and very old-fashioned," said a person close to People magazine. In the same street, there is also the store The Nursery Window where Kate would have made shopping with her mother Carole. The royal couple will move in with Kate's parents after the birth happened. For William, her parents must be very involved in the lives of their future grandchild. "They were strolling with a smile. Carole chatted with the owner, said a store clerk. She bought trinkets, accessories and clothes too. "

Kate Middleton has already all a wardrobe provided exclusively purchased from Trotters, located on the fashionable King's Road in London. It will be made several times since her pregnancy was announced at the end of last year. She would always emerged with a purchase more. Duchess of Cambridge have been particularly interested in a pram Peter Jones, a rocking chair and a car seat. She toured several stores to make sure that his choice. "She was so nice, says the owner of the Blue Iza Minkiewicz shop Almonds. It was totally unexpected. "Ultimately, it is in this last shop that Kate Middleton could not resist a wicker cradle.

Brad Pitt: he renounced his Brazilian promotion due to events!

The hunk is in full promotional tour for his latest film. But he will not go to Brazil ...

For nearly two weeks, Brazil is the giant theater events. Tens of thousands of Brazilians indeed manifest in over 100 cities. A rather tense social climate that does not really suits Brad Pitt. The American actor is indeed in full promotional tour for his new movie, World War Z. An apocalyptic feature film by Marc Forster comes to a huge start in the United States but, by necessity, will not be presented in the presence of Brad Pitt in Rio de Janeiro.

Fiance Angelina Jolie has indeed renounced ensure Rio promoting his film World War Z by events. "The whole team of the film World War Z address his respect and consideration to the Brazilian people in this time of concern and reflection across the country," he said in a statement Paramount.

Brad Pitt has promoted World War Z around the world: it was also the last few days in Moscow and Spain to present the film.

Case Ruby: Silvio Berlusconi was sentenced to seven years in prison

Today Milan court announced its verdict against former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on the so-called "case of Ruby." 76-years old politician was sentenced to seven years in prison. The court also banned him for life from holding public positions.

Recall that Berlusconi was accused that he paid an underage Moroccan dancer Karima El-Maruk, known as Ruby, for sex.

At first, Ruby said in court that the parties involved in the ex-prime minister, which performed a striptease. But later it also became deny everything that had happened, saying that invented all the details of the parties that were held at the villa policy, as well as the amount of 187 thousand euros, which he allegedly paid her. The girl claimed that just decided to draw attention to himself.

But prosecutors felt that Karim second time lied to shield the policy.

Addition relations with a minor, Berlusconi was accused of abuse of office. He put pressure on the police to release the same old Ruby was detained for a minor offense.

Berlusconi himself has denied all charges. He said that no one was paying for sexual services, and in the case of the arrest of Karima el Maruk intervened because he thought that she - the granddaughter of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

"Case Ruby" - not for the first the former prime minister. He had already been sentenced to one year in prison on charges of illegal wiretapping of confidential information, as well as to four years in connection with financial fraud and tax evasion.

Victoria Beckham promoutiruet own brand in China

Victoria Beckham at the launch of own brand in China

Arriving on Saturday in Beijing to her husband David Beckham, who "engage" with the great sport, is now actively promoting football in China, Victoria Beckham is also not waste time. Appearing with her husband on a TV show, a little relaxed and pleased us with rare photos with a radiant smile, she again went to work.

Today, in one of the skyscrapers of Beijing called Beijing Yintai Centre, located in the business district, the British designer appeared on the author's presentation of the brand. Victoria to smile again - being the epitome of style of its own brand, advocating business chic, it demonstrates the utmost rigor and discipline.

Black pantsuit with a white blouse (which may be more conservative?), Pointed-toe pumps and hair gathered into a bun - Vicki knows how to please the Chinese fashionistas!

Angelina Jolie: a wedding in any sobriety

According to the Sun, Angelina Jolie has banned her marriage to some friends of Brad Pitt. She's afraid they drink too much and the celebration turns into a nightmare.

Angelina Jolie has banned some friends of Brad Pitt to go to their wedding.

The couple student six children and lived together for 8 years, got engaged in April 2012. A wedding with great pomp looming in the coming months. According to the Sun, the actors argue a bit about the guest list.
Quentin Tarantino, Jonah Hill and Philip Seymour Hoffman have not received the favors of Angelina Jolie because she afraid they drink too much. "Angelina wants her wedding is civilized, and a little afraid violation buddies most impetuous Brad, a source said. She thinks that if Jonah and Quentin come, they will point directly to the bar and start creating fuss. "

Apparently, these are not the only ones to worry about Angelina Jolie because of their alcohol consumption. One of the best friends Brad Pitt will also be held. "She also warned that his best friend, George Clooney, should pay attention to the consumption of wine at the wedding," can be read also in the article.

But obviously, the guest list is not the only problem. The couple also asked that their brother should be witnessed. "Angelina would either his brother James, while Brad thinks it's his brother Doug who should do it," continues the
spokesman Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Sun. Has no confirmed evidence.


Amel Bent: extra at the Olympia

Amel Bent

Amel Bent has added a concert at the Olympia than expected this fall. The singer will perform on the famous Parisian scene on 16 and 17 November.

Mel Bent prepares comeback. With a fifth album scheduled before the end of the year, the singer on all fronts. With the popularity that he has drawn his participation in the third season of Dancing with the Stars, who plays Ma Chance hopes to do better than 50,000 copies sold of his previous album. The star this time seems on track to conquer the top of the charts since a tour is planned for the fall. Announced a few weeks ago by Camus Production dates are already full. Given the enthusiasm of the public, Amel Bent even added a date at the Olympia. She then sang the legendary Parisian stage 16 but also on November 17.

Not content to work on his solo project, the star of 28 years is engaged on other tables. His duet with Soprano, when the music is good, was chosen as the first single from the compilation Goldman Generation 2. Amel Bent had already participated in the first volume covers album in homage to Jean-Jacques Goldman with the title like you. Change of atmosphere for the duet with rapper Psy4 of Rhyme, a playful way and very rock that turns radio for several weeks. The clip should be unveiled on June 26.

Amel Bent has long attracted the favor of rappers. It's Diam's, who wrote her first single My Philosophy and the singer is present on "Funny course", the latest album La Fouine released in February. "Amel is one of the most beautiful voices in France," he told Pure Charts about the one with which he played the title Karl.

May be influenced by the rapper Trappes Amel Bent explained in January that his new album would have a more hip-hop color. "I want to return to something more urban. I am against the current. On the next album, there will be an electro song, "she told the Big Show. If a featuring with David Guetta does not displease him, the singer does not want to become too mainstream. "I'm an adventurer, an explorer. I am against the recipe and recycling. I need me, as an artist, even to pay the consequences, to be where you do not expect me, "then indicated Amel Bent.

David Beckham takes back the reputation of his wife: You see, I told you she was smiling!

If Victoria Beckham gives a cold and haughty air, there is nothing in real life! And it is her beloved husband who wanted to restore the truth! Posh can count on David to its good pub and show the public its best days. Oh we'd all have a husband so perfect!

It is very rare to see Victoria Beckham smile, it's not that it is not nice or she does not like people ... No, it's like that, Posh does not smile! This has also earned a reputation for having a cold woman, who is not interested in others and can not find anyone worthwhile to smile. Anyone except his beloved retired!

This is David Beckham himself who posted this photo on his Facebook account. We see the beautiful Victoria who seems to be struggling, a great smile. This is a first, we never seen him like this, even at the time or the Spice Girls cartonnaient! The former footballer, did not hesitate to play the card of humor in the commentary accompanying the cliché: "You see, I told you she was smiling." There are the sexy model who could manage to capture this incredible moment!

One thing is for sure, you have a lot of chemistry between the two lovers, and it is heartwarming to see that after many years of marriage and especially much hype, the couple still stands against all odds!
And you, what do you think of Victoria Beckham smiling? It suits him not?

Robert Pattinson: he organized a crazy party without Kristen Stewart!

The Twilight hunk has made a crazy party at his home in Loz Feliz, California. Some Kristen was missing ...
It's a Saturday night that Hollywood will never forget! As in The Great Gatsby, Robert Pattinson recently organized a mega party with champagne flowing freely and guests handpicked. This posh party was held on June 22 in what remains of the actor in Loz Feliz, California, and it was essential to be there!

This evening on the theme of 20 years was organized by actor Twilight to celebrate the birthday of the director of Arbitration, Nick Jarecki, 34. Extravagant, extraordinary ... words fail to describe the way Jay Gatsby party that lasted until dawn

Only Kristen Stewart was missing this festival: the former Robert Pattinson it Did been invited? She preferred not to go to R-Patz?

Remains a mystery, but we bet those two former are not yet at the stage "we remain friends" ...

Miley Cyrus even basketball jersey she is still as hot!

Miley Cyrus à Burbank,

The U.S. starlet paid tribute to Michael Jordan by wearing a Chicago Bulls jersey, it has captured more than sexy!

Really, Miley Cyrus is really not ready to settle down side look .. . 

yesterday (Sunday, June 23), the American starlet was displayed sporty-sexy fashion on the streets of Los Angeles in Burbank, while she was with her mother Tish and a friend !

Perched on striped Saint Laurent sandals, worn with a basketball jersey Chicago Bulls revealing her nice gams, not to mention his cap backwards on his head and red carmine lips, Miley has everything just caught the attention of everyone in its path!

must say that the singer and actress of 20 years loves to play sexy, and once again it did not fail!
What do you think?


Paris Jackson in a deep depression, she automutilerait .

The daughter of Michael Jackson will soon be placed in a psychiatric care center. TMZ reveals why she still can not go home ... 

After his suicide attempt in the night of 4 to 5 June, Paris Jackson was rushed to the hospital entrance. But then she said, get better, and that his family confirms the improvement in his health, Paris does not seem to matter output. The teen 15 years will indeed have to leave the hospital and moved to a specialized care center, where it can follow its course while still under psychiatric supervision.

According to TMZ, the reason This confinement is simple: Michael Jackson's daughter fell into a deep depression and she automutilerait long. Emergency workers who support the day of the tragedy have in effect found that she had recent cuts to the arm and other less ...

The Tumblr of Paris Jackson testify also its great mental suffering, we see among others a young girl holding scissors, with intersecting wrote, "I hate myself".

Although Paris is better, it is still in denial and refusing to counseling . It is for this reason that his family had decided to place in the center of care, leaving the for harvest

Hat, sunglasses and a guitar: Carla Bruni in the New York airport

Carla Bruni at the New York airport

Carla Bruni, France supruga bыvshego President Nikolai Sarkozy not rasstaetsya with gitaroy. In companies with lyubimыm muzыkalynыm instrumentom ff zapechatleli nakanune in nyyu-yorkskom aэroportu. Neuzheli to plan tours?

Our assumption vpolne naturally, Esli uchesty, chto, brosiv with sebya burden obyazannostey Pervolia Lady and hospitality hozyayki politicheskih priemov Carla with golovoy okunulasy in rodnuyu over stihiyu - creativity. Tepery Onna no mouth demonstriruet us your talantы - from modelynogo masterstva editorship to log in modnom. Lyubimыm COPD our heroines odnako, ostaetsya MUSIC: New zapisy alybomov, participation in pesennыh festivalyah.

Nadeau skazaty in image-author ispolnitelya lirichnыh ballad Bruni vesyma organic to and kozhanыy Cases with instrumentom idealyno dopolnyaet ff bogemnыy garderobnыy ansambly.

spank and Guitar - tepery in эtim primetam mы vыchislyaem not otechestvennogo D'Artanyyana and Carlos Bruni.

Amy Winehouse brother called the real cause of her death bulimia

Two years after the tragic death of Amy Winehouse by her brother Alex said in an interview with the Observer Magazine, that the real cause of death of the famous singer was not at all drug and alcohol abuse, and eating disorder.

Alex Winehouse denies that drugs and alcohol sooner or later would have led to the death of his sister, but the deciding factor was exactly bulimia. It has weakened the body Amy:

Drugs and alcohol led to her death, but what really killed her - is bulimia.

In recognition of Alex's eating disorder Amy Winehouse suffered from 17 years of age:

If it were not for an eating disorder, it would be stronger and sturdier fizicheski.Mnogie her friends suffer from this disease. However, when they overcame it, Amy podolzhilis problems. We all knew that she was suffering from bulimia, but this problem can not be solved if you can not discuss ee.Aleks said that the Foundation Amy Winehouse even made a donation to the treatment of eating disorders:

We had to keep it Treatment Centers eating disorders, since no one of them says.

situation in our country is that some five or six years ago, these centers from ten to 15, and now - only three, and one of them is designed exclusively for young people.

I just want to try to raise awareness about the disease.

And while Alex draws attention to nutrition, family Amy Winehouse is preparing an exhibition to mark the second anniversary the death of the singer. Exhibits, which will work with third-July to 15 September 2013 at the Jewish Museum, will be the personal belongings of stars.

Brad Pitt: restaurant in head-to-head with her daughters Zahara and Shiloh

In promotion of his new film World War Z, Brad Pitt was arrested last weekend in Madrid a few days time. Accompanied by her daughters Zahara and Shiloh, the companion Angelina Jolie took them to eat at a Japanese restaurant in the Spanish capital.

A real doting father that Brad! While Angelina Jolie is still currently in the region of Syria and Jordan to continue its commitments to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Brad Pitt, he spent his last days to promote his new movie World War Z. In charge of their daughters, Zahara and Shiloh in his accompanying promotional tour, the American actor of 49 years was photographed with them dan a Japanese restaurant in Madrid on June 22. Remember, yesterday, June 21, the hunk was surprised spectators in a theater during the screening of his film zombies.

Sitting next to Zahara, Brad has sipped a beer fresh at the same time he tasted sushi while his daughters, they have opted for soft drinks. Obviously very wise, Brad did not need to play cops when he leaves the family, Zahara and Shiloh, which is always confused as a boy, enjoyed the time spent in head-to-head with their dad all as much as him.


George Lucas: The director of Star Wars got married!

Engaged since last January to his girlfriend Mellody Hobson, George Lucas was married this weekend in an intimate ceremony.

Live the newlyweds! Couples since 2006 with Mellody Hobson, George Lucas was thrown into the water in January asking for her hand, and she replied 'ouiiii. "Five months later the two cakes are officially gone from being engaged than newlyweds.

In fact, yesterday (Sunday, June 23) that the cult American director of 69 years, to whom we owe the legendary Star Wars trilogy, and his companion 44 years have passed the knot in an intimate ceremony which we know nothing except that it took place in the presence of filmmaker Ron Haward (Best Director Oscar in 2001 for A Beautiful Mind ), who grabbed his Twitter to express his joy at having seen such a beautiful ceremony. "Congrats Mr & Mrs Lucas / Congratulations Mr & Mrs Lucas".
This marriage is not the first George Lucas. Director was previously married to Marcia Lou Griffin whom he separated in 1983.

Congratulations to George and Mellody!

Kanye West: the young father is about to make his first public appearance since the birth of her daughter

Kanye West is a discrete young father who remained in the shadows since the birth of her first child, a baby girl named North, he had with his girlfriend Kim Kardashian!

But the rapper will soon be ready to make his comeback in the spotlight right from next Thursday!
Indeed, the artist of 36 years is expected during the ultra private birthday party True Magazine in Los Angeles, where his good friend Jay-Z should also be part of.

But that's not all, as many other rappers are also expected to attend the birthday party to celebrate 14 years of the magazine hip-hop and will be held in the Couture Club in Hollywood. The Game, Rick Ross, Snoop Lion, Busta Rhymes, Nas, 50 Cent and Soulja Boy, are already part of the prestigious guest list.
Kanye will he accompanied the which would now be his bride? Nothing is less certain ... But we still expected to see its passage on the red carpet!

Beyoncé's : slimming secrets revealed!


During an interview with the British magazine Heat, the famous coach Marco Borges unveiled unfailing motivation Beyoncé! Sessions and frequent sports impeccable food hygiene, Queen B leaves nothing to chance. To be at the top this summer, we read the following carefully and not a magnifying glass thing!
It seems that Kelly Rowland is the only one who thinks Beyonce is a "redneck". Noticed a few days ago in mini shorts, Queen B knows how to stay on top and make us dream with its forms more than perfect. Anxious to spread the word, including his regular coach revealed the extreme motivation of the Queen of R & B.
sports side, the beautiful turns and also be determined on stage. By Marco Borges effect has lavished praise on her foal, "Beyoncé loves happen to a good workout and go She is very determined ... She does not complain This is the kind.. of person who is constantly in search of optimal wellness. she just wants to be healthy " And I must say that when we see his silhouette carved, we understand that she wants to keep it!
At the training, the coach does not seem to be a tyrant, however. On the one hand, Marco Borges says her job singing the naturally helps to lose weight. Indeed, a dance an hour would burn 610 calories. It is not so surprising that Beyoncé is so perfect after all the rehearsals she performs for her world tour ... As for his abdominal body, she must include a series of "side planks", "sliding pikes" and "circle planks." Many exercises that help to tone her figure. It would seem that even Beyoncé managed to hold those positions five minutes!

And since the coach is not the only one to have a sharp tongue, according to a source, it would make a series of 200 abdominal three times a week. The star would be quite happy with the result: "It is absolutely delighted She never had abdominal like her now and she loves to see his strong stomach like a rock." ... and we also love!

Regarding her diet, Beyonce seems to have completely changed his diet. While since 2011, the muse H & M was required to eat a vegetarian meal per day, this plan no longer seem to be respected by the beautiful. "Bey following a healthy diet, but she also likes to have fun with wine or good southern food. But recently, it has completely changed his diet and drew a line on the carbs. She used to eat Thai curry pastes or before a concert to have energy, but she prefers to present proteins "the source told. Anyway his careful diet seems to work well and we remain silent.


Jennifer Lopez after the consecration, return to -normal- life!

The U.S. star was photographed yesterday with toddlers during a stop at the supermarket ...

The American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez was honored to receive the week's star on the Walk of
Fame in Hollywood ... A moment of pure happiness and above all a true dedication to the star, 43, who said that what was happening was downright "surreal"!

After the euphoria of this beautiful professional recognition, J.Lo returned to her everyday life, that of a famous mother who manages to perfectly combine its planning minister to his personal life as a woman loving and caring mother.

This is also the mother hen who was spotted yesterday (Sunday, June 23) in Los Angeles while she was doing some shopping in a supermarket with her twins Max and Emme, and some family members.
Coma plated glasses on colored jumpsuit and luxury bag shoulder ... Bomba latina had obviously not left his side look for this family trip and so much more!