Jun 23, 2013

Depp does not have enough money for Paradis

* June 9, "Pirates of the Caribbean" Johnny Depp has celebrated its 50th anniversary. On the anniversary of the public's favorite was a nice gift, almost half of respondents in the UK named him the sexiest actor of all time. As we know from the words of Johnny, he lost his virginity in 13 years. In light of the above, it seems that this has happened very late.

* After the break-up with Vanessa Paradis heart hero of the day is free. His ex and their two children, Johnny did not forget - visits, child support paid on time. The money in this situation, the actor did not interfere, so he tries to maintain the same level of income. Depp recently left the project «Black Mass» because he demanded a fee of $ 20 million, and he was given a half.

David and Victoria Beckham in Beijing: a day of smiles and laughter

Blogger anna14 pleased us with a fresh portion pictures of David and Victoria Beckham, who is now hosted in Beijing. The pair appeared on the TV show on which Posh has demonstrated all of the charm of your smile.

Maybe Vic so rarely smiled because the spouse is spending too much time on the field? And now, when he announced his professional career, relaxed and decided to allow yourself to be natural?

Be that as it may, the couple made the most positive impression - and then exchanged with adoring glances constantly touch each other or holding hands, in general, all kind depicted marital happiness and positive.

Recall that Beckham "engage" with the great sport, is now actively promoting football in China - an athlete for several days traveling the Middle Kingdom. And yesterday it flew to Victoria.



Kim Kardashian and Kanye West engaged

It seems the rumors of the imminent wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are not rumors. According to press reports, the couple had already engaged.

However, insiders say, Kanye did not gave to his beloved a ring on her engagement. He did it for the birth of a daughter by presenting Kim ring worth 500,000 pounds with a rare tiger diamond, which worked on the design itself.

Sources said:

He now even more in love with her, and can not wait for the wedding.

to wait a long time, lovers, according to those same sources, are planning to get married in Paris in September.

can only congratulate Kim and Kanye with the imminent enjoyable event! View

Amanda Bynes: towards a new nose surgery?

Amanda Bynes has received cosmetic surgery on his nose this weekend. On Twitter, the actress announced plans to do so yet refined. 

When it comes to undergo cosmetic surgery of the nose, Amanda Bynes says there is still work. The former child star of 27 years received a permanent cosmetic treatment on his face Saturday, but she wants to go even further to achieve perfection. "I'm living out of surgery! Haha, she said jokingly to his two million followers on Twitter. I will soon post a video! I need another procedure to refine the of my nose! "

Amanda Bynes had promised fans that she would show them the progress of the operation on video. She explained on her official website that they could see the process in a future post. "I'm having surgery nose today!, She wrote. I'll post a video of part of the procedure on my twitter! "

Amanda Bynes has already gone under the knife to change his appearance in the past. But she has decided to undergo another operation recently, when she was arrested for allegedly throwing a bang through the window of his apartment. "I only smoke tobacco, I do not drink and do not do drugs, 'she said. I've never had a bang of my life! I really need another nose job from what I see on my photo ID! : D "

The young star has been charged with possession of marijuana, attempted tampering with evidence and reckless endangerment. She denied any wrongdoing and must appear in court on July 9 to explain the incident. The actress was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence in April 2012 and was involved in two hit and run last year. Amanda Bynes is currently subject to a parole three years to driving while his license was suspended following a traffic stop in Los Angeles last September.

Demi Lovato: his dad died

The sister of Demi Lovato announced on Twitter that their father had died. It would have succumbed to a long battle against cancer. 

Demi Lovato's father died. He reportedly died of cancer. If the star of 20 years was not immediately shared the sad news is her older sister Dallas has announced on Twitter. "Rest in peace Dad I love you," she posted on micro-blogging site.

 Demi Lovato was occupied by the U.S. X Factor auditions this week but we do not know if this tragic death affect his schedule. The star has spent most of his life away from his father Patrick Lovato, a country singer. She wrote the title For the Love of a Daughter who is on her album Unbroken on her childhood without Dad. Demi Lovato has a younger half-sister from his mother's side, Madison De La Garza. In addition to this sister, she recently discovered she had another half older sister. "I just heard ... I have an older sister that I had never heard in my life. She thirties. This is my half-sister.

I talked to him the first time when I was 20, she told Dana & Jeffrey in the Morning show on American television. I asked him, 'Why you never contacted me?', She just said, 'Because I do not want you to think I wanted to get something from you. So I waited to see if you wanted a relationship. ' I found it so amazing. I actually have three sisters! "Demi Lovato is part of the jury of the new season of X Factor in the USA, alongside Simon Cowell, Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio.

Jason Derülo: fans are they too far?

Jason Derülo is frightened by some fans a little extreme. The singer told Closer magazine in the UK he received disturbing letters from admirers who are keeping track.

           Jason Derülo is a little strange that his fans say the track.

The singer of 23 years has fans around the world thanks to its catchy songs and enviable physique. He admits that some of his fans go too far in their inflammatory statements. When asked if he receives strange letters from his fans, Jason Derülo does not hide his confusion. "It's always a little weird to receive letters from fans who say they want to find me to be with me," he says in the British edition of Closer magazine.

Fans singer are unlikely to attract as it is currently dating Jordin Sparks, the former American Idol winner, for about two years. They do not hide their mutual commitment and some rumors that Jason Derülo had made his request. When asked what his favorite thing about his wife, the artist cites his natural kindness and toned physique. "My heart, my smile. Oh, and my abs! She loves my abs! , "He says, laughing.

The interpreter The Other Side does not hesitate to reveal his muscles when he went on stage, but he says that his concerts do not always go as he planned. "On stage at Wembley, he replied when asked what was his most embarrassing moment in the show. I tried to take off my jacket in the middle of a song, but I'm tangled brush and I had dropped the microphone. "Jason Derülo is currently preparing the release of his third album later this year.

Leonardo DiCaprio: the soutient Robert Pattinson

Leonardo DiCaprio helps to Robert Pattinson after his separation with Kristen Stewart. The actor has rented a house near his home to his sidekick for the summer according to the National Enquirer.

Leonardo DiCaprio has decided to give Robert Pattinson a taste of the festival and youth.

Since the Cannes Film Festival, the star of Wolf of Wall Street took the Twilight actor under his wing. Last month on the Croisette, we have seen partying with a string of top-model, while giving advice to heart Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart recently separated. According to some sources, he let go completely.

 "Rob traînasse in Los Angeles, sleeping on the couch of his friends, according to a source at the National Enquirer. Leo called him and told him to shave, put on nice clothes, and rented a house next door to him for the summer. He told Rob he was too young to settle down and he had to release his most savage instincts. "

After his painful breakup with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattisnon turned to Katy Perry. A few days ago, the two attended the concert together Björk. Arrived separately, they have not succeeded in hiding their feelings emerging once inside. "They were frankly absorbed by one another, says a source in Heat magazine. They stood very close to the ear and laughing with each other - they do not stop touching. "

Surrounded by Katy Perry and Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Pattinson should quickly get back on track. It can be discovered, as the star of "Django Unchained," the vagaries of the neighborhood. "Leo has made great festivities in his house, and he thought the sale after it became a little tense with neighbors and basketball games that last all night," a source revealed to the National Inquirer. Leonardo DiCaprio have now decided to pay more attention to its neighbors. He even planned to get to know them and put parties aside. He took advantage of the night in other parts of the world.

Leonardo DiCaprio will star in The Wolf of Wall Street, on French screens on November 13.


Rod Stewart: his children restore his youth

Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart has a fountain of youth: his children 

British singer 68 years now has six major adult children and two younger he had with his wife Penny Lancaster!. Alastair, 7 and Aiden 2 years, continue to mix the star in their games, whatever they are. Rod Stewart plays soccer regularly with her two toddlers, despite his knee problems. "He comes home from school and said,'' Daddy, let's go!'' Then I stretch and I go, the singer explains in People magazine. If there is a fountain of youth, it is the children. "

Rod Stewart grew up in North London, he was the youngest in a family of five children. Neither poor nor rich, he was raised in a poor family. With his career, the singer has discovered new challenges, especially when it comes to educating its young in a wealthy family. "I'm still fighting to find out if I spoil my children or not, he said. I try to instigate their values, and they say'' Dad, we did not grow up like you. Where is the comparison?'' But they are awesome. They keep me alive! "

Despite the 100 million albums sold in the height of his career in the '60s, Rod Stewart can count on the innocence of Aiden. The boy has no idea of ​​the occupation of his father. "My 2 year old son does not even know what I do for a living again ... He has ever seen me on stage. He will come to his first concert for a British show. He thinks I am plumber, as my father was, "Rod Stewart recently told the BBC.

Princes William and Harry at the wedding of a close friend

Lady Melissa Percy and Thomas van Straubenze

Yesterday, the wedding of Lady Melissa Percy, daughter of the Duke of Northumberland - her lover was one of the closest friends of Prince William. Not surprisingly, the celebration attended two sons of Prince Charles (sorry, missed the wedding of Catherine), Princess Eugenie, Pippa Middleton and other members of the British upper classes, the aristocracy and bohemia.

Of the lush festival invited about 500 guests, and the wedding itself held in the old church of St. Mary - far from it is the castle, which made films of the Harry Potter series.

the ceremony looked and one of the ex-lovers of Prince Harry - Cressida Bonnet, but the red-haired monarch himself prefers to spend time in Among friends of the bride and soon put together an impromptu bachelor party. "Oh, Harry, you anything Las Vegas does not teach" - with a kind smile joked assembled photographers.

Prince Harry, who came there Cressida?
Prince Harry has again gathered a bachelor 

Chelsy Davy

On the Move: Taylor Lautner on the set of an advertising campaign

After filming "Twilight" career protagonists of the project - Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson - go up the hill. Young people (which then converge, then diverge) are working with well-known directors, and their names do not go on the pages of the Western tabloids.

Another actor Saga - Taylor Lautner - does not lag behind peers in terms of professional activity (and that privacy youth prefer not be made public): Now, for example, it is involved in the filming of an action movie, "Tracers", where he played ... Parkurschiki.

Well, it seems this is the ideal role for Taylor, because even during the promotional tour of "Twilight," we are constantly admired his excellent physical shape and relief muscles.

By the way, now Lautner shows his skills not only on the big screen, but also in advertising - so, on the set for promotional clothing fashion brand Bench actor swinging on ropes, jumping through the "goat", ran, danced - in general, participated in fashion "fun starts" us joy.

Shakira with her son Milan in Brazil

Shakira with her son Milan

Shakira raises her son from a real man - AC Milan is not even half a year, and he has already visited television show with his mother, is building a career and traveling the world. This time, active mother brought her son to sunny Brazil, where he was met by the brother of the singer - Tonino. Photos with the rest shared star blogger Lesya22.

Shakira and Milan arrived in Rio de Janeiro, not just to rest, but also to cheer for your favorite dad Gerard Pique, who will take part in the Confederations Cup and will fight for Spain (experts predict that his team will reach the finals).

While Gerard is busy preparing for the tournament, Shakira with her son and her brother Tonino swim and sunbathe on one of the beaches of Rio. However, the young mother while clearly not bathing - Colombian singer literally every second ready to kiss and hug my boy, and at the same time to share with us his photographs.