Jun 22, 2013

Will.i.am feels married to Jessie J

Will.i.am has the feeling of being married to Jessie J. The leader of the Black Eyed Peas playing the role of coach in the British version of The Voice alongside the singer. It is often considered as his wife because they spend a lot of time together, and would consider her for the role as if it were also present. "I was asked to do season 3, Will.i.am told the Daily Mirror. It depends on who else will be there, it will be a difficult decision. (...) I feel to be married to Jessie J so it would be weird that it is not there. I would feel the fool.

"The music producer
think Jessie J has the secret to make him feel better when he was a small drop in speed. If other coaches love Tom Jones and Danny O'Donoghue of The Script, it feels particularly compatible with the eccentric personality of Jessie J. "I know when I pass a bad day, I can look to my left and she made a face at me that makes me feel better, he says. Tom is relaxed and Danny is a source of inspiration, it can create a song from anything. "If

Will.i.am is busy with his solo career, he confirmed that the group that made him famous was still valid. He remains in contact with Fergie, who is currently expecting her first child, and with apl.de.ap and Taboo. "I'm going on tour in July and then I will go to school to learn how to code and then we will be in October and boom, we'll be back [with The Voice], he explains on its various upcoming projects. And yes, the Black Eyed Peas are still together - I actually talked to Fergie the other day. We're not about to stop. My label is based in the UK because I love this place, it's fresh! "

Among its many activities, Will.i.am is currently working on the new album by Britney Spears.


Justin Bieber: his manager denies rumors of rehab

Justin Bieber's manager has asked fans to ignore the media claiming that the singer wants to enter into treatment. Scooter Braun addressed directly to Beliebers on Twitter.

Justin Bieber's manager has denied wanting to send his young client in rehab. Scooter Braun, who manages the career of pop star, spoke on Twitter to refute recent reports saying that the disturbed behavior of Justin Bieber became worrisome. He confirmed that all was well in a message to fans, urging them to ignore the speculation. "The rumors are just that ... Rumors. Tomorrow for the @ justinbieber concert in San Diego.

BelieveTour has he posted on his account. I move on to today. Remain positive. "

This development comes after the information release stating that the star of 19 years had to be treated for his drug use and alcohol, on the advice of Braun. Justin Bieber posted a video on Instagram Friday when it appears under the influence of drugs and giggles constantly. "Justin hangs out with the wrong people, a source tells Radar Online. The incidents succeed with him and Braun has always shown its support. But now Scooter wants him in rehab to refocus. Justin needs to get rid of bad influences in his life. "

Apparently, the mother of Canadian singer would also fretting about it and fear it would skid. This attribute his wrongdoing to his eccentric friends. "His taste for the party creates problems. Scooter is very worried about her, the source added. Everyone knows that Justin is a teenager, but it goes beyond that. It must recover and get rid of people with whom he spends time. This is why Scooter wants him to cure. "Justin Bieber tonight restart the North American part of his Believe Tour.


Storm of the White House: the premiere in Washington

Channing Tatum, Jamie Foxx and Roland Emmerich
Channing Tatum, Gillenhol Maggie and Jamie Foxx have already visited with the premiere of the film "Storm the White House" in several cities, and now brought the picture to where it occurs and action - in Washington.

In the U.S. capital, the actors met so if they actually saved the White House (and the plot of tape so it is) - loudly and joyfully. Portion of fame got even the youngest participant movie Joey King, who played the hero's daughter Channing Tatum.

By the way, the plot character Channing - gosbezpasnosti employee, appointee to the protection of the White House. To celebrate, he leads a tour daughter - show the future place of employment. And on this day the residence of the U.S. President (played by Jamie Foxx) attack unidentified armed forces. Is it any wonder that the new employee pritsupit to their direct responsibilities earlier period.

Tape was directed by Roland Emmerich. Given his films such as "Independence Day," "The Day After Tomorrow," "2012," in the big picture you can not even doubt. And appreciate this Russian viewers will already July 18

Johnny Depp surprised the audience -Lone Ranger- in Oklahoma

Johnny Depp, who played the role of the Indian Tonto in "The Lone Ranger," which is about to be released in theaters, was admitted to the tribe of these Indians Comanche back in May of last year. And now suddenly fans and fellow guests appeared at the pre screening of the film in Oklahoma.

It is seen in the image of Johnny Tonto, president of the community that supports Native American, LaDonna Harris invited him to become a member of an Indian tribe. And of course, she was very nice to walk down the red carpet display arm with a star.

She explained why Johnny was invited to the tribe:

He is a very thoughtful man, throughout his life and career. He has displayed the traits that are consistent with the values ​​and worldview of indigenous Indian peoples.

very same actor said:

I am very proud to be here and proud to be a part of it. If it's any help to convey to children an understanding of where they came from, they are warriors and not less than that.

The way, went into the tribe, Johnny Depp received a new name - Ma Wu Mei, which means "The Werewolf." Agree, in a sense, for the actor is the most accurate definition


Seth Rogen in love with Rihanna

Seth Rogen was delighted to shoot his new film alongside Rihanna. In an interview for the show Kyle and Jackie O, the actor called the sultry singer "fantastic".
Seth Rogen have very fond memories of his encounter with Rihanna.

The actor will soon be showing the comedy This is the end, which he co-wrote in the last month. Invited to a party at James Franco, which is also invited the pretty singer, the film's characters are then witnessed the Apocalypse. A crazy story that according to Seth Rogen really liked Barbadian. "She was fantastic, she shot many scenes completely crazy. We were very happy, he said during the radio show Kyle and Jackie O. It was very easy to work with it, which is great because a lot of musicians are often tainted! "
If his character in the film loves participating in alcoholic parties, the actor said to be much more homebody.

"No, not at all! Perhaps at one time, but now I like to sit on my couch and watch TV, he says. I was like that a few years ago before I became a real slacker. But occasionally you'll evening with famous people! "
This is the end also contains the most shocking scenes, with an act of use of cannabis in the film. The opportunity for the Australian presenters to organize a game scenario radio to test the survival instincts of the actor. It had to choose between those that save, he would eat it and sacrifice if he was on a deserted island. Of Emma Watson, James Franco and Jonah Hill, the star chose to save the young woman so that he could repopulate the world. "I think Franco is quite delicious and I imagine he would agree that I eat. This means that I have to sacrifice Jonah! , "Joked Seth Rogen.

Helena Bonham Carter - Fairy Godmother in the film version of -Cinderella-

A new adaptation of "Cinderella" directed by Kenneth Branagh acquires details. We already know that the main character was played by actress "Downton Abbey" Lily James, her stepmother embody Cate Blanchett, and Prince - Richard Madden in "Game of Thrones." Now, in the story appeared and Fairy Godmother - it would be Helena Bonham Carter.

According to the classical version of the tale fairy godmother appears in front of Cinderella, only to send her to the prom. But the filmmakers said that they are going to give this heroine more screen time. We think it would be perfect - in fact most of the characters are played by Helena as bright, for sure, and Fairy in her performance get so interesting that you place it on a couple of minutes in the frame would not be enough.

Filming should start in London this fall, and the picture will release next year. As long as we can remember some of the role of Helena Bonham Carter and imagine the Fairy Godmother awaits us.

Helena Bonham Carter in the movie "Alice in Wonderland"

Helena Bonham Carter in the movie "Fight Club"
Helena Bonham Carter in the film "Hamlet"
Helena Bonham Carter in the film "Les Miserables" 
Helena Bonham Carter in the movie "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"
Helena Bonham Carter in "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street"
Helena Bonham Carter in the movie "Planet of the Apes"

Britney Spears in love with love

Britney Spears would marry David Lucado, just four months after they met. According to the British magazine Closer, the star would tend to rush too much in love.

The relationship between Britney Spears and David Lucado worry those close to the star. Separated from her boyfriend Jason Trawick for only a few months, the singer would leapfrog with his new companion.
"She's always stuck to Dave. She wears fake wedding rings, she talks to children, and she wants him to come live with her only four months after they met. It is as if she was obsessed by the idea of ​​commitment, it needs things get serious at the beginning of his relationships, reported a source in the British magazine Closer. She thinks Dave is amazing and she will not let anyone interfere with their fairy tale. "

The singer went even further in an alliance with her new video. "Britney hopes to convince Dave to ask her to marry soon, openly revealing his intentions and creating speculation among its audience," said the source.
Britney Spears is already the mother of two children, Sean and Jayden, born to her union with Kevin Federline. The star revealed in a recent interview, will soon give birth to a baby girl. It would have even mentioned his desire to expand her family with David Lucado. "All his family love Dave, but they are concerned with the idea that his haste to do flee. His friends advised him to take his time with marriage and children. But she insists, saying that there is no reason to wait when things go so well. He adores and it is not against the idea of ​​getting married. "

The music, Britney Spears is currently working on his new album alongside producer Will.i.am.

Madonna's secret project: the first trailer

Madonna never ceases to amaze and shock the public. The star has unveiled the first trailer of his secret project, details of which almost none. Thanks for the video blogger Starsndiamonds.

Known that the project is planned as a mini-film on the issues of peace, war, justice and human rights. Looking roller, it can be concluded that all these problems will be expressed in a roundabout way, and quite dark and brutal.

On the creation of the film Madonna worked not alone, but together with an old friend photographer Steven Klein. He, like Madge, a big fan of shocking. And when you consider that it is already enough in the video, going one minute, it is not difficult to imagine what might be waiting for us in its full version. However, and here it is possible to expect any surprises.

Kristen Stewart: an inferiority complex compared to Katy Perry

Kristen Stewart
According to Heat magazine, Kristen Stewart thinks she can not fight against Katy Perry. The singer shared the love of music Robert Pattinson and their complicity is only greater.

Kristen Stewart would be shot since she realized she could not compete with Katy Perry attract the affection of Robert Pattinson.

Kristen and Robert dated for several months before separating in May. The actor apparently failed to mention the connection of his companion with director Rupert Sanders. Since then, he has approached her friend Katy Perry, and the two stars spend a lot of time together at concerts or in private. "[Kristen] knows that Rob met the parents of Katy, and see dating is really hard for her, says a close in Heat magazine. She knows that for Rob's passion for music, it can not compete with Katy. See laugh concerts makes it very sad. "

Few days ago, Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson attended the concert together Björk. They did their best to keep a low profile, arriving separately to divert attention. Once inside, however, they have failed to hide their budding feelings. "They were frankly absorbed by one another, says a source. They stood very close to the ear and laughing with each other - they do not stop touching. "

Kristen Stewart was shocked when the Twilight star has decided to end their relationship. If he does not waste time to move his business from home where they lived together, she thinks they will eventually end up.
Katy Perry is also aware of everything that crossed actor lately. "Right now, Katy is doing everything to keep things fun and light [them] - which explains the concert, rather than a romantic dinner, says the source. They are not yet at the stage couple. They are just friends who are attracted to each other for a long time, who are single and can finally satisfy their desire. "Kristen Stewart is not likely to be comforted ...

Adele and Jay-Z at a gala dinner in New York City

Adele and Jay-Z

Yesterday in New York honored the head of one of the most influential record labels Rob Stringer. He received an honorary award UJA-Federation Music of 2013. Congratulate the hero of the occasion came Adele, Jay-Z and other friends and colleagues.

The holiday dinner, where, judging by the photos, reigned very informal and warm atmosphere, Rob Stringer recalled how he first saw Adele:

Six years ago, this young lady came to our office with his manager and said, "Yes, this will work." Fantastically happy that she is here today.

Addition to British singer attended the event and even the music industry stars such as John Mayer and John Legend.

Those who could not come, Stringer sent a video message that all the guests happy seeing. The congratulations on the video were of Simon Cowell, the band One Direction, Barbra Streyzend, Steven Tyler, Jane Lynch and many others.