Jun 20, 2013

Elisabetta Canalis : kissing on the mouth!

When Elisabetta Canalis - the ex-girl friend George Clooney - left the scene, Mauro Situra, hairdresser to the stars in the flesh who called him a taxi ... But when two Italians say goodbye, it becomes a real show! Suddenly ...

... He kisses her on the mouth! It seems in any case not disturb the model ...

But for this departure does not get too boring, he grabs him by the head ...

Who likes to bicker!

Finally we said goodbye to a more normal way ...

Kristen Stewart se sent Trahie

Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart does not see a good eye reconciliation between Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry. According to a source Grazia UK, she thinks her ex fell in love with the singer long.

Kristen Stewart was "furious" against Robert Pattinson since he would have embarked on a romance with Katy Perry just after their breakup last month.

The Twilight couple was momentarily separated last summer when Kristen had deceived the actor with the married director Rupert Sanders, who had directed Snow White and Hunter. They are then given a second chance but their relationship proved tumultuous.

Although infidelity Kristen Stewart is the source of their problems, the young woman of 23 years are welcome not at all to see him move on with Katy Perry. "Kristen has never been completely comfortable with the relationship between Rob and Katy. She always suspected of having a thing for her, a source told the British magazine Grazia. She is furious that they seem to have put together without even talking. She becomes paranoid and thinks that something may have happened before their breakup. "

Robert Pattinson seems a good time along with Katy Perry. Sources reported that he had occasionally stayed at the home of the singer of 28 years. "He really enjoyed playing with Katy and bought him small gifts on the theme because she loves cats, shared the close. They also reconciled with their passion for antiques. Rob looks really happy and it has never been the case during his last months with Kristen. "

To love triangle adds a fourth element in the person of John Mayer, the former Katy Perry heartbreaker. According to rumors, the American singer has reportedly rekindled the flame with Katy after their separation in March. "Katy really like Rob. But this new interest from John really caused confusion, the source concluded. She is aware of her réputtion and she knows that he probably hurt again, but there is a real chemistry between them. "

Single, Kristen Stewart takes refuge on its side in the work: it should be showing three films by the end of the year and is preparing two other feature films, including second part of Snow White and the Huntsman.

Crown Princess Mary went around the Duchess Catherine in the ranking of the most stylish monarchs

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, Duchess of Cambridge Catherine

Fashion authority the Cambridge Duchess Catherine has recently seemed indisputable, but today the only British women put it in second place in the ranking of the most stylish monarchs. The victory went to Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.

As a result of a fresh poll showed just such voting preferences. It should say Mary has long praised for innate sense of style and elegant wardrobe, regularly comparing with Catherine, however, does not appear to favor the latter. For the winner of their voices gave 68 percent of the respondents, and the possessor of the second place - 67. The third position in the ranking took Queen Rania of Jordan with 61 percent of the vote.

Next on the list - Princess Letizia (59 percent), new bride Princess Madeleine of Sweden (56 percent), Princess Charlene (52 percent). The older sister Crown Princess Victoria Madeleine was in seventh place (47 percent). Completed the top ten Zara Phillips, the Queen of the Netherlands and Maxima Mette-Marit - Crown Princess of Norway.

On the question of British women who feel the most stylish royals of all time, the survey participants responded almost unanimously, calling Princess Diana (her voted 82 percent of the respondents).

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark - the first place (68 percent of the vote)
Catherine Duchess of Cambridge - second place (67 percent of the vote)
Queen Rania of Jordan - the third place (61 votes)
Princess Letizia - fourth place (59 percent of the vote)
Princess Madeleine of Sweden - fifth (56 percent of the vote)
Princess Charlene of Monaco - the sixth place (52 percent of the vote
Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden - seventh place (47 percent of the vote)
Zara Phillips - the eighth place (45 percent of the vote)
Crown Princess Mette-Marit - ninth place (33 percent of the vote)
Queen of the Netherlands Maxime - tenth (38 per cent)

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are going to get married?

According to rumors, the recent birth of a daughter closer together as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, they decided to get married, and in the very near future.

Detail as always shared the sources from which nothing will out:

They began planning the next joint project - the wedding - and the sooner, the better. He (Kanye - approx.) Really wants to marry her, he does not depart from it.

Also girlfriend Kim, reality TV star Larsa Pippen, said that dreams tie the knot Kanye also had time to prove themselves and a very caring father:

He leaves the room. He's just in love with the little girl. That's so cute.

Also nice West behaved and the last few days of pregnancy of his lover and, of course, went with her to the hospital.

As you know, Kim Kardashian gave birth to a little early. Doctors have suggested that this is because of the increased pressure. And now the young mother to rest and recover to its health problems did not affect the baby.

The past two weeks, Kim wanted to Kanye was with her around the clock. She was a little scared, but the child is all right.

Pregnancy Kim was not easy, as she always told friends. She was particularly bothered by swollen feet:

My doctor told me to lift his feet. You can see what they are swollen? I just ordered a pair of shoes with flat soles.

But in the end all was well resolved. Happy grandmother Kris Jenner then hastened to share:

all happened so fast. It feels right.

And now, after the baby was born, Kim seems to have another happy event - the wedding. In addition, she recently became officially free, and can not afford to get married again. We just have to wait for the photo report with luxury (no doubt that it will be just that!) Marriage ceremony.

We Can't Stop with Miley Cyrus new music video

Miley Cyrus

The new-old boyfriend Liam Hemsworth Miley Cyrus is ready to forgive kissing another man - but only in the clip We Can't Stop, reference to which is shared with us blogger Liliandra.

Fresh provocative video, which brought together for the first few days million views, pretty surprised fans of "Hannah Montana" bold scenes and sexual emancipation: here you sandwiches and a bit of sugar with dollars, and smoke bombs, squeezed between the legs, and movements that can be expressed succinctly American twark (it's the spread heroes clip at with vermicelli) in Pererva between dances, bathing and sleeping side by side.

Where to watch Liam - we do not know, but from now on be called Miley Cyrus good girl language, we will not turn. And now we offer to evaluate the premiere of the video:

Empire State : a new movie with Liam Hemsworth

While older brother Chris once again dons the armor of God asgardskogo for filming the second part of "Thor", Jr. - Liam Hemsworth - only manages that change the screen image (as well as to diverge and converge again with his fiancee Miley Cyrus).

In this year he published a few pictures with the young actor: we have already seen the movie trailers "Paranoia" and the second installment in the franchise starring Jennifer Lawrence, "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," and today it's time to hit "Empire State." Film directed by Dito Montiel tells the real story that happened in New York in 1982, when the robbery was committed unprecedented Collector car - at the time the largest in the history of the country.

Dramatic thriller with Liam Hemsworth, Dwayne Johnson and Emma Roberts was first shown at the Gasparilla Film Festival in March of this year, and very soon will the film's release. While we offer a look at the international trailer for the picture:

Ed Sheeran and Selena Gomez dating?

Only had time fans of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber and laminate to frame photos of their last joint favorites, marking the reunification of the star couple, and the press already being exaggerated gossip about his new novel, Miss Gomez - rumored to be the chosen one star "naughty vacation" was a British singer Ed Sheeran.

reported that Selena and Ed introduced their common friend - Taylor Swift (currently Sheeran travels with the country music star as part of its tour of the United States). We remember the reaction to the kiss Justin Taylor and Selena's Billboard Music Awards, so it's possible she really decided to find a new lover girlfriend.

Sources said the new couple spends time together on a regular basis. However, Ed himself literally a couple of days ago that the girl had not, but he would not mind dating Selena. Selena herself prefers to remain silent.

Ed Sheeran and Selena Gomez meet?
Ed Sheeran

As the novel begins Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: new details

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

A few years ago in the media sphere scandal: Journalists edition News Of The World (now closed), owned by Rupert Murdoch illegally tapped phones of stars to get "fried" the facts. The other day, the story had an unexpected sequel - on Murdoch and his company sued understudy and close friend of Angelina Jolie Eunice Hathart. She blames the media holding in the phone tapping by which learned the details of the beginning of the novel between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Eunice filed June 13 in a California court, so far as it concerns the period in which she lived and worked in Los Angeles Angeles and substitute for Angie on the set of "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." It is believed that the romance between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt began while working on this film (pair never confirmed). Recall, while Pitt was the husband of another Hollywood stars - Jennifer Aniston.

The lawsuit alleges that Angelina and Brad during a promotional tour kartriny in 2005, lived in the same hotel room. Hints of it appeared in the tabloid The Sun. Meanwhile, at the time of publication of the close relationship bodyguards stars only knew Brad and Angie and their personal assistants and the plaintiff. Younis believes that the information, which has become the basis for an article of the newspaper The Sun, was obtained by hacking into the voice mail on her phone.

Another story that turned leaked to the press in 2005, was prepared in the same way. Angelina turned to Eunice Hatkart with a request to teach her to drive a motorcycle - the actress was going to motoprogulku together with Brad Pitt. Hathart asked his friend Ray Yes Khan to help Jolie. The training took place at a private farm, away from prying eyes. Subsequently, the press quoted a "source close to the star," claiming that Jolie "natural talent" to control the motorcycle. Meanwhile, exactly Yes Khan described the training in a telephone conversation with Hathart, and therefore such details could be made available to only by tapping the phone and voice mail Younis.

Eunice felt something was wrong when it turned out that some of the voice messages left Jolie she disappeared before she had time to listen to them. For example, the fact that the actress has checked into the hotel under the name of "Pocahontas." As a result, the information stolen was the basis of several materials for the tabloids, telling about the relationship Jolie and Pitt.

Court hearing on the lawsuit Eunice Hathart will be the first case in the United States related to the scandal caused by the employees of Murdoch's empire. And, most likely, not the last.

Ivanka Trump: I want to instill in their children modesty and humility

Ivanka Trump is getting ready for the birth of her second child, revealed some of the secrets of raising children. It turned out that the heiress is not going to spoil their kids.

Daughter of billionaire Donald Trump said that now she and her husband Jared Kushner spend a lot of time to teach her daughter Arabella (by the way, she's only two years ) behave well towards others.

We teach her to share with others. I think we have succeeded at 70 percent.

Ivanka also said that he wants to instill in their children humility and modesty.

Things that I will not tolerate - depravity, self-will and bad manners. In this area, I will always be very strict.

Can only be happy for a mother who is trying to grow out of their children's good and educated people.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony at the school festival's daughter

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

On the eve of the ex-Married, and now just the parents of common children - twins Emma and Max - Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony recalled his years in marriage and went together to the school holiday to daughter. And Jennifer and Mark for the appearance at the event in one of the sunny weekday chose white cotton Kits: star diva paparazzi captured in Los Angeles in the free sundress with a skirt to the floor, and Mark - a shirt and khaki pants.

At first glance, it was easy to take a couple of newlyweds - who is to say that after a day spent with family, ex-spouse does not gush feelings of nostalgia for the departed, and they do not want to give each other another chance after a divorce, followed seven years of marriage ?

However, the Western press is trumpeting the opposite: Marc Anthony is ready to walk down the aisle with 22-year-old heir to the empire Topshop - Chloe Green and J. Lo meanwhile reportedly plans to give birth to a baby of 25-year-old boyfriend Casper Smart, resorting to artificial insemination.


Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony with her daughter Emma 

Urban Romance: Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk in New York

No rumors of infidelity will not be able to destroy the harmony in the relationship of Irina Shayk and Cristiano Ronaldo. Lovers hardly move away from each other. Proof - a new record and paparazzi shots of the blogs themselves heroes. Thanks for the photo blogger Homka.

Photographers spotted Irina and Cristiano sunny morning on the streets of New York. Curious Camera Russian model met not too favorably, hiding his face behind clutches (but effectively put on display a thin waist and flat stomach). But her boyfriend did not hide from the paparazzi, although individual attention they also did not indulge, preferring not to take his eyes with his charming companion.

Twitter Pictures of football a lot more fun than the footage captured by photographers. They and Irina and Cristiano himself is no one is hiding, joyfully smiling, hugging, walk on the evening of New York, having fun in the clubs and restaurants. In short, the rest for the full program!