Jun 18, 2013

Rihanna soon in rehab?

According to Grazia UK, Rihanna should be in treatment to get over her breakup with Chris Brown. The singer is very difficult to turn the page.
Rihanna is preparing to undergo treatment to treat her "addiction to love."

The singer has released 25 her breakup with Chris Brown last month, after he has said too young to "be chained" with his girlfriend in an interview broadcast on Australian radio.

Last week, photos Chris Brown appeared showing in the arms of her ex, creative and model Karrueche Tran. Some sources have reported that the photos were pushed Rihanna to go seek help from professionals to cure his heartache. "Rihanna is still madly in love with Chris, found a friend in the British edition of Grazia magazine. She's like obsessed with him, and although he had said that it was over, she refuses to move on. After talking with friends and a psychologist, Rihanna plans to follow a twelve step program to get rid of his demons. [She looked specialized centers] addiction to love. "The singer think
enter therapy during a six-week break in his tour in late July. She hopes to take a course that would help digest its history. "Rihanna really wants to end his story with Chris and feel free again," continued the source.
Since the beginning of their relationship, the two artists have made headlines, most often made in the miscellaneous section. Chris Brown was charged with assaulting Rihanna in 2009, which caused a separation of the first three years. They were reconciled last year, but lately, they did not hide that they were separated again.

Friends of the singer hope it happens to turn page once and for all. "Rihanna knows she must do something to move forward and everyone hopes it will be the opportunity they need to solve problems and find the happiness she deserves, concluded his friend. This is a key moment. "
Meanwhile, Rihanna continues her tour going on right now in the UK, where she partied alongside Cara Delevingne.


Justin Bieber: cleared of any suspicion after an accident

Justin Bieber met with police after a photographer was injured last night. The authorities have denied any responsibility for the singer, as revealed by a source TMZ.

Justin Bieber has been cleared of any suspicion of hit and run. The singer and her boyfriend rapper Lil Twist tried to leave the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles when they were involved in a car accident.

Justin Bieber driving his Ferrari, he asked photographers to grow. One of them is accidentally found the vehicle between the singer and another car. The paparazzo was taken to the hospital, wounded in the leg.

According to TMZ, the police had already interviewed Justin Bieber on the incident. "Justin Biber said he did not know he had hit someone when it is from the Laugh Factory, and the police are trying to whitewash any wrongdoing," says the website. The singer is his team have responded immediately to requests from authorities. The star immediately went to the Los Angeles Police Department. "It quickly became clear that Justin Bieber had not realized that something had happened when he left. "The responsibility of the photographer would be involved since he was on the road.

In January is the paparazzo Chris Guerra, who was hit by the car of the singer as he tried to take pictures. At that time, it was Lil Twist who was driving. Following this incident, Justin Bieber called for better regulation of paparazzi. "Even though I was not there at the time of this tragic accident, my thoughts and prayers are with the family of the victim, can be read in a statement the singer. With hope, this tragedy will inspire a meaningful legislation or other actions necessary to protect the life and safety of celebrities, police officers, and innocent bystanders, as well as the photographers themselves. "

Justin Bieber, great car enthusiast, recently acquired a car leopard print.

Monarchs in the procession of the Knights of the Garter

The British royal family, headed by Queen Elizabeth II took part in the annual procession of the Order of Knights of the Garter - the oldest British order of knights.

Solemn procession passed as usual near Windsor Castle. From there, the procession started, within which were Her Majesty, Prince Charles, William, Edward and Andrew, and Princess Anne, Duchess of Wessex Sophie and Camilla Duchess of Cornwall. There was not enough unless Prince Harry (but it is not yet knighted), and of course, the Duchess Catherine (her special reason - just about to light should appear heir to the royal throne).

Himself Order of the Garter was established back in 1348 by King Edward III. An important detail - the Knights of the Garter may be only 25, including the queen. New knights appear as leaving the old life. Dedication is the very day of the solemn procession.


Sookie Waterhouse, Douglas Booth and other guests show in London

The model, aspiring actress and part-time lover Bradley Cooper, Briton Sookie Waterhouse was one of the star guests show Burberry Summer men's collection for spring-summer 2014 in London.

Also among the audience were seen favorite Gossip Girl, an English male model David Gandy, actor Hugh Dancy, "the new Romeo" Douglas Booth, top-ranked Serena Williams, Hollywood producer Mohammed Al Turki and other star guests.

By the way, it is possible that Sookie has appeared on the show, not only from love of the beautiful men's clothing and attention of photographers - even in April in the trendy community actively tsirkulirnuyut rumors that Waterhouse could be the new advertising face of the British brand.

Representatives House still remain silent, but, quite possibly, the rumors are true - because the popularity of the young model is growing every day.



The Avengers 2: will do without god Loki played by Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston as Loki

The creators of "The Avengers" have prepared a nasty surprise for the fans - the second part of the audience will not see the charismatic and charming trickster Loki, the villain played by Tom Hiddleston (mourn with blogger Linki).

About this loss of said director of the film by Joss Whedon, who already written the script - and there was no place for a hero Tom. Vrochem, the actor himself has repeatedly hinted that appears in the continuation of sci-fi thriller: In the spring, he noted that he knew nothing about the project.

As a consolation, we note that Tom still play Loki again - his character appears in the picture 'Thor 2: The Kingdom of Darkness ", which will help the character of Chris Hemsworth. However, it is unclear who will personify evil in the new "The Avengers." And can compete in this character's charisma and Tom - that is the question.

Garrett Hedlund in a promotional video YSL fragrance

Back in January we learned that rising Hollywood star and boyfriend Garrett Hedlund, Kirsten Dunst was the face of men's fragrance La Nuit De L'homme by Yves Saint Laurent.

Creators of the campaign several months waiting tormented us, and now we - finally! - Can evaluate the promo video, the protagonist of which was made by the actor.

Video obviously have to taste to fans of "Twilight", and the Garrett seem to be able to compete with Robert Pattinson. However, that and so close on the heels Danila Kozlovsky, who play in the Russian Ghoul "Vampire Academy".

The way, Hedlund, whose career is now gaining momentum, was replaced as ambassador of another celebrity fragrance - Vincent Cassel.

Why the choice fell on him? International brand CEO Stephen Bezi answers this question directly and honestly:

Yves Saint Laurent expresses the spirit of a strong and courageous man who is not afraid to be sensual at the same time.

Garrett Hedlund embodies yourself these two qualities, and his acting career shows that he is a strong personality, is aware of their choices and preferences.

Did the actor to reflect all the qualities attributed to him? Judge - by tradition - you.

The Lone Ranger : the fall from a horse, and other hazards filming

Very soon - July 4th - in rolling out a modern western "The Lone Ranger" with Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer. In the picture we see the ease of execution of tricks and skills of acting. But what was behind all this? Tells about movie from the set of pictures.

Course, the most exciting in the film - many tricks. In the story, the characters - in search of revenge Ranger (Hammer) and his unusual friend Injun (Depp), riding horses, running around on the roof of the train, deftly dodge the gunfire and explosions, and then just do not already do.

Interestingly, most of the actors performed stunts themselves. And at times it threatened their peril. Thus, during the shooting of one of the racing scenes Johnny Depp fell from a horse - and, at full speed. Of course, to him at once help arrived, well after he saw even in the pros, though, and showed all received abrasions:

know, best of all? My tailbone was injured.

Art requires sacrifice. That it requires more - see the video tapes from the shooting.