Jun 17, 2013

Quarrel with strangulation: Charles Saatchi quarreled with Nigel Lawson

Western media flooded with news about the shocking scene that took place on one of the central streets of London: a collector of modern art, advertising man-billionaire Charles Saatchi began to strangle his wife, the star chef Nigel Lawson chat over lunch at a restaurant.

Scandalous pictures on exclusive rights have been published in the Sunday issue of People. The event took place to be on the summer terrace of a London restaurant - a favorite dining spot Saatchi and Lawson (snapshots couple enjoying lunch on the patio, appeared regularly in the press).

Witnesses reported an argument that at some point, Charles started shouting at his wife, and several times firmly grabbed her by the throat - first with one hand, and after two and. Nigel tried to calm the spouse and even kissed him on the cheek, but look at this frightened and defenseless:

It was really a shocking sight. I have no doubt - it was badly frightened. It was horrible. She was in tears and wiped her eyes constantly.

Other witnesses of what happened surprised reaction Lawson:

kiss was strange. He [Saatchi] intimidated her and threatened.

She kissed him! She was a woman who loves him, but she was clearly not in a position to stop his bullying, intimidation and disrespect.

Reported that the first row seat left Charles. Nigel sat alone for a while, trying to recover, and then, with tears in his eyes left the table. Saatchi was expecting her to close her car. Eyewitnesses also said that at the end of a quarrel Saatchi looked guilty:

It was obvious that he knew he had done something wrong. There is no doubt - he threatened her. She was subjected to ill-treatment and public humiliation.

Saatchi himself has already spoken about the incident, calling the incident "playful quarrel":

About a week ago we were sitting on the summer terrace restaurant and were heated discussion about the children. I grabbed Nigel's neck to emphasize his point. I held her tightly, it was a playful quarrel.

Nigel cry, because we both hate fighting, and not because she was in pain.

Lawson did not comment on the situation until - in the words of Saatchi because of paparazzi harassment he told her with the children to leave the city until the hype settles.

Meanwhile, the case is already interested in law enforcement. The representative of Scotland Yard said the police are now looking at the pictures and find out the details of what happened, but the case has not yet been opened

Duke of Edinburgh was discharged from hospital

Great news from the royal family brighten up a Monday evening. Duke of Edinburgh, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, was discharged from the hospital, where he remained 11 days on the occasion of the planned diagnostic abdominal surgery.

Sources who have seen the Duke left the hospital, reported:

It in a great mood. He practically ran out of there.

The way, in the hospital, he celebrated his birthday, he was in '92.

Now from the hospital Duke Philip went to Windsor Castle, where his wife is preparing to week of special events that are open ceremony of the Order of the Garter and the Royal Ascot horse racing will continue.

Duke of Edinburgh

Brad Pitt on the operation Jolie: We are moved by the reaction of the public

Brad Pitt
Appearing this morning in the New York studio of the TV show Good Morning America in Times Square, Brad Pitt had time to discuss with George Stephanopoulos leading not only to participate in the "War of the Worlds Z", who walks through the world with the premiere, but the news of his life "almost wife," Angelina Jolie, who recently told the press that underwent a double mastectomy - surgery to remove both breasts.

Recall that Brad Pitt has spoken out on the subject, calling the act Jolie's "heroic":

I, like many, I think Angie is a heroic choice. And thank the entire team of medical professionals who cared about her. All I wish for her - a long and happy life with me and our children. This is a happy day for our family.

Guest on tonight's show went on:

In matters - all the same, and she [Angelina] - feels great. By the time she told the press about everything, worst is behind it all was good, but we were very surprised and touched by how much this story has stirred up the public, how many people responded to her story and how many women happen to live with the same problem or are simply interested in the matter.

Brad explained why Angelina Jolie has decided not to hide what had happened:

reason to tell about it was the desire to share their experiences with others who may have wanted to would know something about it. Wonderful that she was able to draw everyone's attention to the availability of medical testing and information - and hence the ability to solve a problem without waiting for the onset of the disease.

She certainly convinced the public that it is necessary to pre-screened and in the case of the risk of disease to make a decision - and that's okay.

Recall that a month ago Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie made a sensational news: it turns out a stellar mother of six children underwent surgery to remove both breasts.

The reason for this step was too high a risk of breast cancer (in Angie, he was 87 per cent) and ovarian cancer (50 percent), and risk their health mother of many children can not. This is the actress told the publication The New York Times.

Angelina Jolie and Brэd Pitta

All together: the Smith family vacation in Hawaii

We continue to celebrate Father's Day. We have already seen how to celebrate this holiday star parents and their children, and that arrived in time photos from Hawaii on the same topic. Ocean Father's Day said Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, son Jaden and daughter Willow.

Travel the cities and countries in the framework of the promotional tour film "After our era," Will and Jaden finally , enjoy your well deserved vacation. Well, Willow took with you, of course.

While Mom and Dad were watching kids from the shore, they took surfing lessons - difficult but exciting sport. As you can see from the pictures, the older brother accustomed to faster and sisters quickly learned to cope with the waves, while, of course, is not the highest.

Lionel Messi in the lens Domenico Dolce

Lionel Messi
While Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are trying to avoid jail, they do not cease even during this difficult period - this time on the creativity of the Italian duo inspired the world football star Lionel Messi.

Leo became the face of the advertising campaign of Dolce & Gabbana - on black and white and not chaste images (photographs, by the way, was made by Domenico Dolce) football player stands before us in all its glory: bare-embossed press and sometimes in only one stroke of the underwear with the brand.

Designers are in delighted with the cooperation - online brand Domenico and Stefano left a message for fans of their co-creation:

We are pleased to announce that the name of the greatest football player Leo Messi is now associated with our brand. He certainly has an innate talent, but get to the highest level of world football have allowed him a passion for the profession and an unshakable will.

Messi reciprocated:

I would like to thank Dolce & Gabbana for the fact that Our cooperation was possible. I always liked the elegant style of the brand and create her images.

Who knows, maybe soon the duo will create a fashionable outfit for the Argentine soccer athlete?


Jennifer Lopez on the set of advertising gadgets store

Jennifer Lopez on the set of commercials Viva Movil

Jennifer Lopez continues to work with the manufacturer gadgets Viva Movil. As a marketing and creative director of the company, the pop star regularly takes part in presentations of new projects of the brand, and also acts as its advertising "face". So, the other day, our heroine appeared on the set of a promotional video, the opening of a new flagship store campaign, which is located in one of the boroughs of New York City.

43-year-old actress rushed to inform the fans to Instagram and posted a photo from the set, commenting:

Happy day!

Having just finished shooting with my participation to promote the new flagship store in Flatbush Viva Movil!

Before the cameras J.Lo appeared in an elegant set of light saturated fuchsia blouse and tight-fitting skirt "pencil" in league with classic pumps. Who would have thought that this respectable lady some few weeks ago, accused of lewd behavior and overly candid stage outfits!

Recall that just a day before filming promotional vseuspevayuschaya Lopez and shone in all decorated with "precious" patterned embroideries holiday dress Tom Ford on the red carpet of the New York charity amfAR celebration . Way to go, Jennifer!

Father's Day: How Hollywood celebrated the 20 families

Mariah Carey with Nick Cannon congratulated the children
Father's Day is celebrated in many countries around the world - in the United States Dad decided to congratulate the June to the third Sunday, and Hollywood stars, in spite of the tight schedule did not break with tradition: Colin Farrell, Gavin Rossdale, Neil Patrick Harris and many other star fathers with pleasure spent time with his beloved family.

Throughout the holiday year-old son Colin Farrell Henry preferred to move solely in the hands of a caring father - no matter whether he was going to the store or tried to open the car door. True, he is not only a star's father did not resist, and patiently bore a son in his arms and at times gently whispering something in the ear of little boy.

Another Hollywood dad - Gavin Rossdale - not only had time to watch their young dandies Kingston and Zuma, but went with them to the farmers' market to buy his wife Gwen of fresh vegetables and fruits. Even Father's Day Gavin decided to use for the benefit of his beloved family.

But Miley Cyrus has decided to spend the "fatherly" holiday in the company of my mother and sisters to support them in a difficult period, but about the pope still has not forgotten and congratulated him in his "tweet".

Naomi Watts walks with his sons, while Liev Schreiber went to smoke

Charlie Sheen no longer wants Selma Blair

Charlie Sheen and Selma Blair have so much trouble agreeing that the actor does not want to work with her partner. They both play in the series, Anger Management.

Charlie Sheen could not get along at all with his co-star, Selma Blair.

The two actors play in Anger Management, the series in which Charlie Sheen plays after his ouster My Uncle Charlie. He plays a therapist and Selma Blair plays his colleague and occasional mistress.
Initially, the two actors got along well, Selma Blair had even said it was Charlie Sheen "charismatic" but today ' Today, the bitterness won the plateau. According to TMZ, the actor would have returned the actress in his series on the occasion of a memorable fight.

Apparently, the actress would have raised the difficult working conditions for producers of the series. She would have questioned the methods of work of Charlie Sheen saying he was often late. The latter would have been made aware of the discussion and would upset. According to the site, he would have told Selma Blair that he had more to learn, and she replies that she had no reason to complain. "But according to some sources close to Sheen, the actor would have done more than complain ... He told everyone that he had turned Selma - but we do not know if it's really official, "has published the site
Charlie Sheen was then told the producers of the series that. he would not work with Selma Blair. It has already begun to find him a replacement. Apparently, he wants Mila Kunis joins the series for 10 episodes by offering $ 1 million per episode. This is Ashton Kutcher, the companion of the actress, who replaced Charlie Sheen after leaving my Uncle Charlie.

Team Anger Management hopes that the dispute between Charlie Sheen and Selma Blair s' subside and they can continue to work together. Charlie Sheen was sent home from my Uncle Charlie in 2011 after a critical period during which he insulted Chuck Lorre, the creator of the series, and lived with two young women, while claiming that the tiger blood flowed into his veins.

Barack Obama to protect the health of adolescent daughters: Father, it is better to know!

Barack Obama with daughters Malia Ann and Natasha
Talk to U.S. law giving the right to purchase non-prescription medicines for the so-called emergency contraception, is coming to an end. In all likelihood, the sale will be legalized - and for people of any age. U.S. President Barack Obama, is actively opposing the bill, however, did not give up. Not so long ago, the administration of President supported the decision of the Ministry of Justice to appeal the court order authorizing the freely without consulting a doctor and without a prescription, sell the drug to women of all ages, including - and girls under 15 years old.

For several years, speaking out against Barack Obama operates in that he is the father of two teenage daughters (Natasha - 15, and Malia Ann - 12), and worried about their health:

I speak as a father of two daughters, when it comes to drugs and their use, it is important to be sure of safety.

Thus the president considers himself to most American parents:

I understand that passing this law, we can not be sure that the pharmacy for the drug, which could seriously harm your health, do not go 10-year-old or 11-year-old child who will buy it together with chewing gum. I think most parents would agree with me.

His conservative thesis "every woman - someone's daughter" are impressed, but not all. Among the dissenters - feminist organizations insist on the right of free choice for women in all spheres of life:

We know that the President sympathizes with strong independent women - heck, he's married to Michelle Obama, is not it? But while the president and first lady did not believe in the wisdom of their own daughters and do not want to give the right to make independent decisions Natasha and Malia, for whom - and all the other American teenage girls.

On this Obama a clear answer: 
Father know best.
Indeed, on the one hand, since we are talking about protection from pregnancy at random, unplanned sex, you need to make the drug as accessible as possible. It is effective if it is taken in a short time after intercourse (no wonder drug in the United States called the "pill" the next morning "), especially in such cases, it is difficult to quickly visit a doctor to write a prescription. On the other hand - it is of the potent hormonal agents, calling a woman a failure cycle and premature bleeding. uncontrolled use of the drug can cause serious problems for the female body.

It should be noted that the confrontation is visible prospect of benefit manufacturers of contraceptives, which the availability of the drug on hand women of all ages without restrictions. On the other hand, there are many cases when it passed a full cycle of clinical studies and derived products to the market has to withdraw due identified in the mass application of negative effects.

How will this "fight" - is still unknown, because the tough debate between supporters and opponents of the free sale of the drug did not subside.

Barack Obama with daughters Malia Ann and Natasha

Barack Obama and his daughter Natasha

Arak Obama and his daughter Malia

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama with daughters Malia Ann and Natasha