Jun 15, 2013

Beyoncé Knowles: an agreement to € 90 million

Beyoncé Knowles has reached an agreement with the video game company Gate Five who continued. The singer will make them nearly 90 million euros according to the New York Daily News. 

Beyoncé Knowles has agreed to settle its dispute with Gate Five in a check for 90 million euros. The singer of 31 years had continued since 2010 by company Gate Five video games, based in Manhattan. The company officials said they had signed a multi-million contract with the star for the development of a video game Starpower: Beyoncé, according to the New York Daily News. According to the newspaper, the players would have been able to imitate Beyoncé. "To be commended for their dance, or advised on how to improve, with the voice of the singer herself." Beyoncé Knowles would probably withdrew from the contract in December 2010, which explains the lawsuit. Some argue that making statements that she would put 70 people out of work during the holidays, and would have cost millions of euro at Gate Five in research and development. Lawyers for the company also say Beyonce would have made "exorbitant" demands at the last minute. Defenders of the singer have any other version. According to them, it would be removed from the contract for good reason. Gate Five has lost its lenders and new investors have decided that 40% of the company's shares held by Beyoncé were too high. 

The star has decided to settle the matter amicably. A website for the Supreme Court in Manhattan indicated Friday that an agreement had been reached. The details have not been published. Gate Five and Beyonce have not publicly responded.

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Miley Cyrus worried about her sister

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is concerned about her little sister Noah 13 years. The beautiful singer accept the divorce of her parents, the fate of his youngest is a concern in a host of Radio B96.

Miley Cyrus lives rather well the divorce of his parents, but the fate of Noah its sister concern. Her mother Tish filed for divorce with Billy Ray Cyrus, after 19 years of marriage. It's TMZ has revealed the information last Thursday. Apparently the mother of the singer reportedly requested full custody of Noah. During a promotional interview on a Chicago radio yesterday afternoon, Miley Cyrus has agreed to answer some questions about the divorce of his parents. According to the host of Radio B96, Michelle Menaker, the singer was optimistic on the air, but worried backstage. When asked if she lived much of her parents' divorce, Miley said, "Oh. I'm fine. I'm fine, "says Michelle told People Magazine. "I'm much more worried about my sister [Noah]. She is 13 years old. "Would then added the singer. The concerns of the star appear to be based. On Twitter yesterday, Noah seemed rather preoccupied. "Please pray for my family," says the girl.

Miley Cyrus's mother had asked for full custody of Noah, with visitation rights for Billy, reports TMZ. She also requested alimony and reimbursement of legal fees. In his statement, Tish refers to "irreconcilable differences." Three years ago, Billy had already filed for divorce, but since the couple had been together, trying to work on their problems. They have five children: Miley, Noah, and three others who are already adults. This is a difficult period for the singer, but it would show great professionalism. "With everything that happened, she was very nice and seemed really unaffected. If she was, she hid it really well, said Michelle Menaker People magazine. We really enjoyed having the studio. "

Miley Cyrus is currently in full promotion of his latest single We Can not Stop

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are the parents

The event was much discussion of recent months, it has happened: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are the parents (first confirmed the news blogger fashionobsession). Our congratulations to the star couple!

Girl was born in one of the hospitals by Caesarean section.

Can only hope that mom and baby feel good. However, what can be no doubt - with such a "support group"! A large family of Kim Kardashian has supported throughout her pregnancy and, of course, was in the neighborhood at the time of delivery.

British monarchs on parade Trooping the Colour

In many privileges of kings, and one of them - a double birthday. The tradition was introduced by Edward VII, who was born in November, but suddenly have decided to make a second triumph in the warm June. Today, Queen Elizabeth II, by tradition - on the second Saturday of June - celebrates its official birthday (recall that the Queen was born on April 21). Photos with the festivities to share with us blogger Aia0604.

At the parade Trooping the Colour, which is an annual large-scale show, except for the "birthday girl" was marked by almost all of the Royal Family: Duchess Catherine (bored in the carriage with the Duchess Camilla and Prince Harry), Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, Prince Andrew, Earl of Wessex, Edward and his wife, Countess Sophie and their daughter, Lady Louise Windsor and walking proudly in the ranks of the Household Cavalry Prince William, Prince Charles and Princess Anne.

Total also took part in the parade of 1400 officers, more than two hundred horses and four military musicians, as well as hundreds of thousands of spectators gathered on the streets of London in anticipation of a truly royal spectacle.

Countess Sophie, Lady Louise Windsor, Sir Timothy Laurence, Prince Harry, Duchess Camilla, Duchess Catherine, Princess Eugenie, Prince Andrew, Princess Beatrice

Duchess Catherine
The birthday of Queen Elizabeth II
Camilla Duchess of Cornwall and Duchess of Cambridge Catherine 

Princessa Beatrice
Prince Andrew
The Countess of Wessex Sophie and Edward Earl
Lady Louise Windsor

The most profitable star decade: Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe

Nobody likes entertaining celebrity-lists as Americans. The latest achievement of the local press - list of the most commercially successful Hollywood stars of the last decade, a decent place in which took Gwyneth Paltrow, Orlando Bloom, Emma Watson, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hanks, Keira Knightley and other celebrities.

Counting system was quite complicated: the Huffington Post editors took a pool of "real stars" (the most popular actors of our time) and found out what movies to their participation in the last ten years have grossed more than $ 200 million. The most prolific in the "cinematic bestsellers" (in nine films with the cashier over 200 million) turned out to Johnny Depp, Liam Nisson, Tom Cruise, Hugh Jackman and other top stars - but none of them did not help to get to the coveted first place, and some - and enter the top ten.

So, the most lucrative big-screen heroes were the stars of the Harry Potter franchise - Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe. In second place were Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr. - all thanks to the participation in the movies on comics Marvel - "The Avengers" franchise and "Iron Man." A honorable "bronze" took Orlando Bloom (thanks to "Pirates Karbiskogo Sea" and "The Lord of the Rings").

Please find the top ten most profitable stars decades according to Huffington Post:

1st place: Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe
2nd Place: Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow
3rd place: Orlando Bloom
4th place: Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson 
5th place: Chris Hemsworth
6th place: Tom Hanks
7th place: Cate Blanchett
8th place: James Franco
9th place: Mark Ruffalo
10 seats: Keira Knightley

Gary Oldman will make a movie with Benedict Cumberbatch

World kinoobschestvennost agitated welcome news: 16 years after the release of his triumphant directorial debut, Gary Oldman is ready to take up shooting a new movie. Moreover, the project will also participate colleagues and friends Oldman Ralph Fiennes and Benedict Cumberbatch (no limit to the jubilation of the fans - a day without reports of shooting new movies with British heartthrob!).

Reported that Oldman will perform in role of the director of the film "Flying loschad" - baoypika about the photographer Edward Meybridzhe which was the first time in the history of use for their shooting multiple cameras simultaneously, thereby anticipating the opening of the Lumiere brothers. However, the film will focus not so much professional achievements Meybridzha as his scandalous personal life - namely the murder of theater critic Larkins, an affair with the wife of a photographer, during which she became pregnant.

Assumed that Fiennes will play the most Meybridzha, Oldman will take on a secondary role - lawyer photographer and Cumberbatch will appear in the form of an insidious seducer Harry Larkins. Who will take the lead female role - has not yet been reported.

Recall that the first work of director Gary Oldman - autobiographical drama "Do not swallow", published in 1997, the year, won two awards BAFTA, Cannes Film Festival award for Best Actress, three British Independent Film Award and a number of other European awards.

Gary Oldman sits back in the director's chair

The main role in the new film by Gary Oldman will perform Ralph Fiennes ...
....Benedict Cumberbatch and

Gary Oldman and Benedict Cumberbatch in the movie "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy"

Salma Hayek: Pregnancy disfigured my body

In a recent interview with Salma Hayek for the first time opened the heart about her pregnancy, which, in her own, said that disfigured her body.

46-year-old actress admitted that during pregnancy in 2007, gained almost 23 pounds and it changed her attitude to her own body:

I gained so much weight loss, and I was able to see himself completely disfigured in many ways - and it had a good reason. And I'm not for a moment regret it.

That's when I began to appreciate his own body. Those are things that I criticized in itself, in the end, turned out to be not that terrible.

The current owner of a stunning figure, Salma admitted with a smile that she was shocked by how she managed to get back in shape. However, according to the actress, is much more important to work not only on the body, as over his own self-confidence:
In today's world we have to fight every day for our confidence, because we live in a society that refers to women very zhestko.Ty should be smart, successful, good mother, a beautiful woman, young and skinny - and remain so always.

Salma shared the secrets of maintaining the beauty and harmony. It turned out to be the actress's own cleansing program based on juices:

my favorite - it's green. It includes fresh juices of spinach, cabbage and celery. If I had to have all these vegetables, it would be torture. And in the form of juices are very good in taste.

Recall that in September 2007, the year Salma Hayek and Francois Henri Pinault born daughter Valentina Paloma, and on 25 April 2009, the pair combined legal marriage in the ancient Venetian Theatre. Today Salma actively engaged in promotion of his latest film "Classmates 2," which will be released in July of this year.

Salma Hayek has admitted that the pregnancy is "disfigured" her body completely
Saylma Hayek in June of 2007
2013th Year Saylma Hayek and Francois Henri Pinault

Actress Michelle Monaghan will become a mother for the second time

American actress Michelle Monaghan, known for the films "source code", "Eagle Eye," "Made of Honor" and others, will become a mother for the second time - this joyful news magazine told People.

Michelle and her husband, renowned artist Peter White has grown along a four daughter Willow Katherine. The actress said many times that really happy to be a mom:

    When you mom, every day - like Christmas. It is a bottomless, absolute love.

Reported that the baby will be born in the autumn. Meanwhile, this year come just three pictures with Monaghan: the drama "Fort Bliss," a comedy "Broken by splitting" with Chris Evans and the TV series "True Detective," starring Matthew McConaughey and perform and Woody Harrelson.

Michelle Monaghan again become a mother

Michelle Monaghan and daughter Willow Katherine

Only God forgives: Ryan Gosling in the extended trailer

Many, many sad, depressed, but cruel and vengeful Ryan Gosling - a new extended trailer Nicolas Winding Refn film "Only God forgives." And let himself Gosling has not appeared at the Cannes premiere of the film (much to the upset with the press and fans), interest in the film from that did not disappeared.

Protagonist of the thriller - the owner of the boxing club (Gosling), which serves as a cover for his drug business family. When his brother is killed, he and his mother (Kristin Scott Thomas) dedicate their lives to revenge - the bloody, ruthless, and be followed by a new tragic event.

On Russian screens film will be released in September this year, and now offer a view new trailer for the picture, which, like the previous collaboration Refn and Gosling will delight us with a brilliant actor's performance, the mysterious atmosphere of the city at night and the mesmerizing music of Cliff Martinez.