Jun 13, 2013

Kanye West has denied rumors of treason and declared his love Kim Kardashian

Perhaps the two most anticipated baby of the year is, of course, the first-born young British monarchs and daughter Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

While in the first case, neither the media nor the public does not question the strength of the Royal Union (therefore exaggerate mostly rumors about the baby), the relationship of reality stars and rappers have regularly tested for strength. For example, recently a number of Western media published the "sensational" allegations of infidelity regular Kanye his pregnant girlfriend - the Canadian model Leyla Ghobadi.

About hikes rapper "left" Leila told herself, of course, the best of intentions:

It will ruin the Kardashian family. This is bad, this is very bad. This is embarrassing. But if I were Kim and expecting the birth of a child, I'd like to know about it.

Official representative of the West reacted immediately and categorically - the fact of change was not, she just craves publicity:

This new attack on Kanye West and his family are absolutely unfounded. This is a blatant attempt a man who, quite obviously, is looking for publicity - just one of many in a series of malicious stories that hit the dubious "news" resources.

It's a sad attempt to hurt and hurt two people trying to live their life.

Kanye himself did not comment on the application model, limiting the message from his agent. But on a recent short interview to The New York Times rapper sincerely said that he loves Kim, and it is not burdened relations:

She is a wonderful person that I love.

Any woman who you love and who loves you, will take you quite a lot of energy.

I'm the type of "rock stars" who like to be with a girl, you know? I am a person who likes to be in love. It inspires me.

And at the end of the interview the master loud phrases (which are from the texts of his tracks instantly into being the winged), added that will do "everything in his power" to protect Kim and their daughter:

This is not a child of America. This is my baby.

Only wish Kim and Kanye happy family life! We remind you that the baby will be born in the first half of July.

Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber - new zvezdnaya steam?

Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber have known each other a long time, and this is not surprising, because we have two young stars - a successful singer and actress, the "hot" girl version of Maxim and a young musician, whose army of fans in numbers may well compete with the population of the European State. And so, by the Western press wave a rumor - Miley and Justin are?

Reason for speculation were the paparazzi shots, made a few days ago in a club in Los Angeles, where Cyrus and Bieber cute cooing, flirting, dancing and do not behave in a friendly manner.

And after just a couple of weeks ago, the name Cyrus appeared in the media in the context of a very different attitude - a prolonged engagement with a handsome singer Liam Hemsworth. According to recent reports, "close sources", the couple finally broke up in late May - say, Liam listened to the advice of older brothers, and broke up with Miley, who did not want to think about a family - more of a career, but a get-togethers.

Well, have fun with the famous amateur Bieber at the young star is really a lot in common. True, the Miley to inquiries about her relationship with the sweet voiced young man replied, quite suddenly:

I am engaged to be married, engaged to be married!

Now, tabloids, paparazzi and "sources", and together with them, and fans of the star to be solve a new puzzle: Is Engaged Miley Cyrus, who shot a long time ring with the ring finger, whether in a course Liam, and what the singer's relationship with Justin Bieber? And we will follow developments.

Man of Steel: the premiere in London

The team of creators epic action adventure Superman "Man of Steel" set off on a tour of world capitals - to represent his picture. Just a few days ago, the team led by actors Henry Cavill and Amy Adams attended the premiere in New York, and now it was the turn of London.

The British capital has welcomed visitors cool weather and rain, which, however, no one has spoiled mood. Especially Amy Adams, who, in a charming outdoor Valentino dress not only showed that she was cold, but fun and joking with guards carrying an umbrella over her. If you were not there guards protected the fragile star co-star Henry Cavill.

By the way, Henry - the first Briton, who played a true American hero Superman. The actor is so accustomed to the way that, even on the red carpet is still held firmly, and almost no muscle moved in his face.

Interestingly, in addition to the premiere of the film has gathered a lot of lovely ladies - despite the fact that comics are usually more popular with young people. But there is nothing surprising about it - who would not want to admire the all-powerful, good and beautiful superhero? Russian viewers will also be able to do so very soon - on June 20.

Sofia Coppola, Haley Steynfild and other winners of the Women In Film-2013

Sofia Coppola at the awards ceremony Women In Film-2013
On the eve of the hall Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles held its annual awards ceremony Women In Film-2013, which since 1977 Prize awarded to only the most powerful heroes of the film and TV industry - primarily, of course, women.

This year the award went to Sofia Coppola (she got the award in honor of Dorothy Arzner - the first woman to become a member of the Directors Guild of America, Dorothy Arzner Directors Award), as well as young Steynfild Haley, who became the winner in the category as Max Mara "Face of the Future." Award Norma Zarky Humanitarian Award this year was directed by George Lucas.

In addition, the event was a traditional charity dinner fund Crystal + Lucy Awards in support of educational and philanthropic programs.

The ex-wife of Andrei Arshavin is going to seize half of his estate

Most recently, we saw pictures of a new passion Andrei Arshavin (pair spent time on the beach in Miami), and blogger Vedmirrra today shared details of divorce proceedings player and his former common-law wife Julie. It is reported that the ex-lover and the mother of three children, a football player is going to win back his half of the property.

First rumors appeared couples break the fall, and some sources claimed that Andrew left the family when Julia was still pregnant with third child - Recall that the baby was born on the 14th of August last year. Julia herself all this time, did not comment on the situation. However, the couple did not close the media repeatedly pointed out how hard her through the gap - to be alone with her three children, also married couple was never officially registered.

So now Julia is going to fight for half of the property is not Arshavin in his native Russia, and in London - first, the couple lived a long time in the UK, but most importantly - under British civil law spouses have the right to apply for a division of property, especially in the presence of common children.

Andrey Arshavin and his officials did not give any comments. According to press reports, football is now more worried about his career - in late June, he ends contract with "Arsenal" (last season Arshavin has not scored for the club any goals). Who will become the new employer of the Russian football player, not reported.

Andrei Arshavin with law wife Julia and daughter Jana
Julia is going to sue Andrei Arshavin half of his estate
Andrey Arshavin with a new passion in Miami