Jun 6, 2013

Roberto Cavalli on the Duchess Catherine: A princess must be sexy

Roberto Cavalli is not laurels Karl Lagerfeld. However, he expressed much softer counterparts. His last two famous quotes touched British women - Duchess Catherine and Victoria Beckham.

Thus, the designer admitted that he would like to see Catherine in their finery and add it to her a little more sexuality:

princess must be sexy. She's young, she's beautiful. I would like to create something special for her, but not too daring. I would like to prove that the brand Roberto Cavalli dress princess can.

Perhaps I would have used sophisticated print with a young and sexy spirit. The fact that you are a princess or a queen - does not mean that you can not be seductive.

But the second Englishwoman he has no complaints:

Victoria Beckham - always in my heart. I know her and David for many years, but now we do not talk as often as she is busy with its own brand. But I do remember she asked me to create costumes for the Spice Girls reunion in 2008. I was very surprised and flattered.

When someone dresses well, I think it is an actress in fashion, and not a model. Victoria - that the actress clothes because she takes her very well. She's smart, but very shy. Once I was with her on the red carpet, and she asked me to hold her hand, because there is very nervous. For me it is a piece of England.

By the way, the English muse, Roberto Cavalli has repeatedly appeared on the red carpet in his gowns. But the suit if tantalizing outfits maestro Duchess Catherine?

"Not very sexy" Duchess Catherine 

Advertise with Pamela Anderson banned because of the excessive sexuality

Ad featuring Pamela Anderson banned, considering sexist and demeaning to women.

In the story, the heroine of Pamela - business woman, gathered in a conference room meeting. When her assistant starts to pour coffee, one of the men present involuntarily at the sight of her cleavage, indulges in fantasies. And the boss and the secretary is dancing in front of him in a bikini.

Initially, advertising, filmed to promote a website to sell Internet domains, was allowed to be shown in Britain, but after nine o'clock in the evening.

However, the Advertising Standards Committee decided to ban video. Employees reported that even with all the understanding that video - a parody on the office everyday, it looks "too sexy" and his character can only be interpreted as "sex objects", because they have such a deep neckline, also with a noticeable underwear.

movie makers have denied the allegations, saying:

It's ironic approach to promoting our product. We believe that most viewers will find it funny and humorous.

And what about this ad you say, gossip?

Carey Mulligan will play Hillary Clinton?

Carey Mulligan could play Hillary Clinton
The images of strong women do not cease to inspire writers and directors, will soon begin shooting the film , which tells the story of the success of the former first lady of the United States, an influential politician Hillary Clinton. And it appeared the main contender for the title role - and this is not Scarlett Johansson ! - it was the star of "The Great Gatsby" Carey Mulligan .

New picture, which has received the name Rodham (Hillary is the maiden name), will shoot director James Ponsoldt, and, according to insiders, "both sides are ready to start shooting."

The plot will unfold in the days when Hillary was a young lawyer and promoted early resignation of President Richard Nixon. During these years, began to emerge her affair with Bill Clinton and Hillary painful feelings to choose between him and a successful political career.

Although insiders and begin to congratulate Carey Mulligan is still too early to "relax" because embody the image of the former (and maybe future) White House hostess still dream Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon , Amanda Seyfried , Emma Stone and Jessica Chastain .

Whoever chose the director - it would be a worthy choice

in the style of Hillary Clinton - to face Carey Mulligan

Paris Jackson suicide attempt: new details

Paris Jackson suicide attempt: new details

Yesterday we reported that Michael Jackson's daughter Paris was taken to the hospital after a suicide attempt. Today, there are new details of what happened.

According to reports, Paris took a large dose of narcotic drugs and cut her veins.

The accident occurred just a few weeks before the anniversary of the death of her famous father. Paris told friends that she still resides in anguish from the loss.

She constantly misses his dad.

But even without this it difficult period - exams for school, as well as the pending hearing in the court under the case of the death of Michael Jackson, which is still under investigation. Paris was supposed to testify.

Also, Woman upset that she was not allowed to go to a concert of Marilyn Manson's where she really wanted to get into. Insiders said that after learning it, Jackson threw a fit, ran to her room and slammed the door.

Mother Paris - Debbie Rowe told police:

In Paris now difficult time. So much has happened.

Not surprisingly, most recently in her Twitter increasingly appeared not the most optimistic statement, the pair of which was published just before the suicide attempt.

Paris also wrote:

Every time I try to get away, it does not work and I am constantly committing the same oshibki.Ne listen to what I say. Cry is always the same.

In defense of the victim spoke Perry Sanders, Katherine Jackson's lawyer, grandmothers Paris:

Being a 15-year-old teenager is difficult, no matter who you are. This is especially difficult when you lose loved ones.

He also said that Paris is now physically in health and access to adequate health care. In addition, it has already visited my grandmother and other family members. And her life in complete safety. 

Paris Jackson suicide attempt
Paris Jackson with his mother Debbie Rowe

Paris Jackson suicide attempt

Paris Jackson

Nicole Kidman and other celebrity guests at the CMT Music Awards

Lenny Kravitz, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban
Last night lights illuminated the town of Nashville and musical rhythms, and in its cozy streets began to appear celebrity guests: Tennessee welcome ceremony hosted musical CMT Music Awards, which bestowed Nicole Kidman's arm with her husband Keith Urban, Taylor Swift, Lenny Kravitz, Anna Sophia Robb (actress was a fan of the rapper Nelly) and other connoisseurs of live music.

And listen and watch it at that for stage one by one followed one another spirited country music songs, new songs in the style of hip-hop and even rock ballads.

One of the highlights of the show was the performance of Taylor Swift: surely its powerful performance in a revealing outfit, and even with the guitar "at the ready" made an impression on the new Cavaliers - which is, by tradition, we learn from new songs frank Taylor.

OFFICIALLYREGISTERED free: Kim Kardashian divorced Kris Humphries

Kris Humphries gave Kim Kardashian divorce
Kris Humphries to his word - he gave a divorce pregnant (not from him but from Kanye West), Kim Kardashian, and now reality TV star is officially free.

June 3 end to put the divorce proceedings the High Court in Los Angeles , who managed to settle the claims of both sides.

ease the task and the fact that Chris Kim regretted pregnant and decided not to disturb her health, so quickly agreed to all the demands. But Kim herself until recently did not believe in the decency of the ex-wife - in a reality TV show, she complained that Humphries probably will delay the case and cool pat her nerves.

Not know whether Chris got some compensation from the former -lover, but they still managed to reach an agreement and, finally, finally leave. However, Kim will probably soon offer of marriage from Kanye and go back down the aisle. Seat next to Kim, shows her biography, is never empty

once Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian were happy

Now the way the ex-spouse went 

Kim Kardashian is no one dearer to Kanye West 

Paris Jackson tried to commit suicide

Novsti sad day ends - Paris Jackson was rushed to the hospital after a suicide attempt.

According to the press, medical workers took 15-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson from her family home at two o'clock, and immediately taken to the hospital. < br>
A few minutes before the emergency services received a call. It allegedly reported overdose of narcotics. At the same time, one of the paramedics said that he had noticed a few cuts on the victim's wrist.

The day before Paris did not hide the not too merry mood. In his Twitter account she laid out the record type:

wonder why tears are salty? ...

And a quote from the song Yesterday:

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away, and now it looks like they're back.

Wish a full recovery and Paris continue to monitor the details of what happened.

Angelina Jolie celebrate birthday with Brad Pitt and kids

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's children in Berlin
On the red carpet Angelina Jolie recently appears rarely - only on important occasions (to the fans of the star prefers to refer to the pages of publications), for example, at the premiere of "War of the Worlds Z" with Brad Pitt's favorite. However, family holidays Angie prefers to celebrate in a narrow family circle.

For his 38th birthday Angelina met for a picnic in a cozy Berlin institution Kuchi Restauran, where the actress was surrounded by love and care Brad and all of their six children: 11 -year-old Maddox, 9-year-old Pax, 8-year-old Zahra, 7-year-old Shiloh, and 4-year-old twins Knox and Vivian. What else can be the best gift for mothers of large families?

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt with children