Jun 4, 2013

Trainer Britney Spears, Ona spares no sebya workout

Britney Spears does not spare himself in training - to shine on the red carpet
Recently, we rarely see Britney Spears in the stretched T-shirts, no underwear and harmful soda in hand, but more and more often - in top form and the sparkling snow-white smile. "Way to go, Brit!" - We want to support your favorite star, which turns out to be a really tight set about their health. And the secrets of her beauty programs shared with us a personal trainer Tony Martinez singer.

Tony, who worked on the figures Pink, Janet Jackson and the Jonas Brothers, said that the secret lies in the harmony of Britney's part of a balanced diet and train hard.

Thus, according to the coach, Spears prefers to eat five times a day in small portions - most of it "leans" on a salad with chicken, seasoned sauce of balsamic vinegar. But recently complained Brit:

diet gives me uneasy ... because I'm crazy about spaghetti, dessert, brownies and chocolate pechenya.Poleznaya food provides energy for Britney saturated workouts - star Tony meets four times a week. Martinez said:

Britney - a real athlete, she likes to feel the strength, and she does not spare herself during class at the gym.

I keep telling her enough to pretend that these exercises so simple. We like to compete with each other! While training are "aggressive" character (if we talk about the loads), the coach tends to dilute exercise fun games:

I like to dilute training in other sports, eg, basketball or baseball. In my classes we are always laughing and good-naturedly teasing each other. I wish that we not only worked on the body, but also having fun.

Britney herself is not so crazy about continuous self - but the star is aware of the importance of physical activity:

Like engage in fitness, on the other hand, I hate it. What to do, I has exchanged fourth decade, so now I have to work even harder on yourself.

Do not give up, Britney - we love your changes!

New Britney Spears - nice!
recently we often see Britney Spears in top form - in all senses

changes in the appearance of Britney especially like her boyfriend - David Lucado

Doronin new girlfriend was fired from modeling agency because of Naomi Campbell

Luo Zhili "punish" neэtichnoe behavior at Naomi Kэmpbell

Every day is not Sunday: Model Luo Zilina, recently an affair with a Russian businessman Vladislav Doronin, was fired from modeling agency MIX Model Management NYC for inappropriate behavior. The reason for the resignation was "breaking the rules of work" in relation to her colleagues - Naomi Campbell, who has fought off a Chinese boyfriend.

In recent days, winner of the title "Miss China 2011" does not hide his romantic relationship with Doronin - a couple of fun spends time in Ibiza, kissing under the hot sun and arranging romantic lunches.

However, not all relished this "picture perfect" - on the left side of Naomi Campbell got her colleagues. Thus, a modeling agency MIX Model Management NYC Luo announced that he no longer needs her services.

Official reason - the model laid off due to "unprofessional conduct and violation of labor discipline." In fact, the heads of agencies felt that the behavior of Zilina inappropriately towards her ex-colleague (Luo and Naomi some time together working on a reality show The Face, where Campbell taught her the tricks of the trade). Moreover, it was Naomi acquainted with Vladislav girl - and she did not fail to take advantage of a pleasant acquaintance.

However, Vladislav able to comfort his new love and attention of the paparazzi at the time to replace "Rival" shooting for magazines. But how long will this affair and whether Zilina Doronin and build a fortune on the misfortune of "Black Panther"?

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult: walk around Montreal

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult
Jennifer Lawrence recently persistently denied their renewed romance with Nicholas Hoult - the truth, while continuing to spend time in the company's ex-boyfriend. And these days the paparazzi again noticed a couple, strolling along - this time the actors met in Montreal, where Jen and Nicholas busy on the set of "X-Men: Days of Future past".

On the walk to Lawrence with Nicholas joined her brother Blaine with his wife and child. And when Jennifer turned out to be a break in the filming, she, along with family and close friends went for a walk.

First girl walked by Holt, however, noticing the paparazzi, reluctantly moved to his brother, but finally gave photographers indecent gesture - in the best traditions of Kristen Stewart.

But shooting themselves - albeit complicated - Jennifer are easy. The girl waits patiently for her zagrimiruyut in dark blue mystic and give hair a bright orange hue. It is a pity that the paparazzi patience, the actress is no longer remains

Jennifer Lawrence on the set of "X-Men: Days of Future past" in Montreal

Jennifer Love Hewitt waiting for the firstborn

The Western media are jubilant: Jennifer Love Hewitt waiting for the firstborn. The actress has confirmed the news, saying that she was "happy and excited".

Child's father - actor Brian Hollis, whom Jennifer met for about a year and a half. Vlyuyublennye met on the set of the joint project.

By the way, Hewitt said many times that the dreams of children:

I would love to have a baby ... once. I'm just crazy about kids!

Unfortunately, with the personal life with actress did not develop, and several of her novels ended in nothing. And then, finally, a 34-year-old star is pregnant. Our warmest congratulations!

Jennifer Love Hewitt waiting for the firstborn ...

Bri ... by aktera Holliseya