May 29, 2013

Taylor Lautner meets with former passion Zac Efron?

Taylor Lautner meets with former passion Zac Efron Actress Maika Monroe?
19-year-old actress Mike Monroe (very soon you will be able to get acquainted with her talents in the film "Elite Society" with Emma Watson) seem quite lucky: they say that the ex-passion Zac Efron is now dating with Taylor Lautner. Well, she knows how to choose her boyfriends!

Zack and Mike met on the set of the thriller "at all costs" - and there flashed their romance. But the feelings of young people were not very strong, and - according to rumors - they broke up in the spring.

But the holy place is never empty: the other day a lady to star of "Twilight" saga seen at a baseball game. Lautner and Monroe held hands, laughed a lot and whispering intimately - in general, looked quite happy and in love.

While official confirmation of relations between the two celebrities have been reported, say nothing will happen, however, as we know, no smoke without fire does not happen.

Mike Monroe is credited romance with Taylor Lautner

Mike Monroe and Taylor Lautner at a baseball game

Mike Monroe once met with Zac Efron ...

Angelina Jolie supports Brad Pitt at the premiere in London

Angelina Jolie - a woman of incredible power, and each new act this only confirms. One may speculate on how the decision was a true actress had a double mastectomy due to breast cancer risk (probability of 87 percent), but it must be admitted - her courage, steadfastness and inexhaustible optimism inspire admiration.

The attending physician told Angie that just a few days after the surgery she already hard at work on a new project, and now, a few weeks after surgery, Jolie is preparing to enter the light.

was learned that the support of his wife Angelina , Brad Pitt, at the London premiere of "War of the Worlds Z", in which he spoke not only starred, but also one of the producers. The event will take place on the second of June, and we are looking forward to this wonderful couple on the red carpet.

By the way, Brad Pitt will soon arrive in Moscow - a fantastic action movie about zombies Moscow Film Festival will be held from 20 to 29 of June. Who knows, maybe Angelina Jolie wants to appear at the Moscow premiere?

Liam Hemsworth finally broke up with Miley Cyrus

Relationship Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus from the very beginning, it was difficult to call simple. Lovers constantly quarreled and reconciled, parted and came together again, going to get married and suspended off the engagement ... And now, it seems, in the novel the two stars it's time to put the bullet According to rumors, the couple finally broke up.

Numerous insiders (who, if not they?) Reported that Liam decided to listen to the advice of his brothers, and said, a resounding "No!" further attempts to establish rapport with his now former passion. Sources say with confidence:

Now-all just ended!

Among the reasons for which the love-story of young people has crashed, called too flighty character of Cyrus, and her irrepressible desire entertain. Hemsworth was also much more aimed at a family (although there was a time when he was accused of treason).

But as they say, the holy place is never empty. Maybe he would be the next in line for Mike Monroe - it was this girl knows how to choose a decent boyfriends!

Liam Hemsworth still broke up with Miley Cyrus

The family of Beckham and Tom Cruise with his son at a hockey game

Family Beckham and Tom Cruise with son on hockey

There is a suspicion that the rumors about the imminent acting career of David Beckham - not such rumors. Yesterday, ex-football player and his family, as well as Tom Cruise and his son Connor came to cheer on the hockey match between the clubs, "San Jose Sharks" and "Los Angeles Kings", which was held in Los Angeles ("Goal!" - Along with Stars chanted blogger Sunsi).

Tom and David keenly followed the story of sports fights and every goals scored marked cuddles - apparently, the friendship stars are still strong, and before you know it, Cruz actually remove Becks in one of his new blockbuster.

By the way, David is not going to fully engage with football in the near future, he plans to create a team of North American Major League Soccer (MLC) - and for that Becks this week will go to Miami. The contract, which concluded with the League athlete, allows him to create a new team and become a co-owner. So far only David reflects on the creation of the team and to this end primatrivaetsya to different cities: among his favorites - Miami, Atlanta, San Antonio, San Diego.

But back to the match and his guests. The main star of the evening was a tiny Harper Beckham - the whole match girl sat at the hands of the Pope, and when the Kiss Cam caught in the lens father and daughter - David tenderly kissed the baby in her plump cheek. Hall, and we are with you, shed tears of emotion - and even mom Victoria tried to smile funny stuff.

family Bekhэm

Tom Cruise and his son Connor

Ajouter une légende

Star fans: Tom Cruise and his son and David Beckham with children

Back to basics: Anne Hathaway est redevenue une brune

light and dark sides Anne Hathaway

Surprising fans at the Ball Costume Institute, Anne Hathaway's long had a "light image" - paparazzi managed to capture the Oscar-winning star, who regained his natural color hair.

Now Ann is busy on the set of the new film titled Song One (Picture shared blogger DobrayaGrust27) - and, apparently, the new role required the actress to re-image change. Strands of light was gone, and, judging by the installation, Hathaway is going to re-grow long, so that parents do not confuse it with a sibling.

Chocolate hue to face the actress, but there is cause for concern: in Two days on the calendar was listed World Day for Blondes, to which Anne is now irrelevant.

But do not be sad, but rather estimate the new-old way of Ann:

Killing Kennedy: Ginnifer Goodwin play Jacqueline Kennedy

After the new screen incarnation Grace Kelly (Nicole Kidman) and Princess Diana (Naomi Watts), we have another - the image of the icon of the twentieth century, Jacqueline Kennedy, try on an American actress Ginnifer Goodwin, playing the role of the first lady of the United States in the new television drama "The Assassination of Kennedy."

reported that the role of the 35th U.S. President John F. Kennedy will perform actor Rob Lowe. Also in the film, the story is based on the eponymous book by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard appears Michelle Trachtenberg - in the form of Marina Oswald Porter, widow of Lee Harvey Oswald, the only official suspect in the murder of John F. Kennedy.

Shooting the film "The Killing Kennedy" will begin in June of this year.

Rob Lowe appear in the image of John F. Kennedy
Michelle Trachtenberg will play the wife of Lee Harvey Oswald

Marina Oswald Porter

Will and Jaden Smith: We'll be like Scorsese and DiCaprio

Will Smith and his son Jaden yesterday presented their joint work - fi film "After our era" - in Moscow and in the light of today published an interview with the "star couple" for the magazine New York Magazine, in which father and son discuss about the family entertainment business .

In 14-year-old Jayden big plans for the work of his father:

You know how Johnny Depp and Tim Burton always make movies together, or Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio? We will have the same relationship.

Overall, Smith, Jr., like the development of his own career seems quite natural:

It's as if you were working in the family business with his father. And I'm just working with his father.

During the filming of the first movie ["The Pursuit of Happyness", released in 2006, the year], he taught me everything. How a camera works, how to make duplicates - that is literally everything I needed to know about the movie. And when I was filming the movie "The Karate Kid", he seems to be holding my hand and made sure I followed all of these rules.

When it came to filming "After our era," says Jaden, his father made the decision quickly:

He just said, "Okay, you're an actor, I'm an actor - let's make a movie together".

Himself Will admitted that during filming, he regularly forgot the father's role, completely surrendering to work:

Will: Maybe I had a couple of moments when I was a bad parent. Do you know what Fer-de-Lance?

Jaden: This is one of the most poisonous snakes in Costa Rica. We shot the scene in the tall grass. And I say, 'Hey, we're there to catch some snakes Fer-de-Lance. May be, perhaps, a need to move the scene. " I asked how they were caught? "Eight".

Will: And I say, "OK, you caught them all, so it's all right. Continue to shoot" ... Yes, if mommy [Jada Pinkett Smith] was there, it would not be calm.

Laugh, recalling the "fun" from the shooting, Will said that the snake - is not the only hazards that may be encountered on way of conquering stardom, and added that for anything I would not force their children to go into show business - it's their choice!

We Will readily believe - after all, is not for nothing that they say about the apple tree and apples. Therefore, we wish "family business" Smith couple prosper and make us new projects!

Victoria Beckham with kids in Los Angeles

Victoria Beckham with children

While David Beckham and tied with a sports career, storms (in truth, only rumored) Hollywood, his wife Victoria is in no hurry to try out new professions and polishing their skills in a familiar area for her - motherhood.

On Recently a successful British designer paparazzi captured in Los Angeles with baby Harper, his sons Romeo and Cruz and cousins ​​children (for pictures - thanks blogger homka).

It is said that the image of an exemplary mother "Queen of Fashion" by Victoria a person not less than the stage costumes of the Spice Girls and strict military uniform with a touch of its own collections.

Perhaps looking at Vicky David himself wants some time to be just a happy father of their children, and the rest from the role Superstar? Hardly - you will answer. And we will support you: indeed, David still crazy about football, however, is reported to his representatives, he feels that he won for himself all possible peaks - and now it is the perfect time to transition to an acting career, for which, by the way, Now he is young just as much as you need to be playing the main roles.

wife and children, no doubt, will support the head of the family in the cast endeavor!

Victoria Beckham and her daughter Harper
Harper Beckham

Victoria, Cruz and Harper Beckham

Victoria, Romeo and Cruz Beckham

Victoria and Romeo Bekhэm

Romeo Bekhэm

Victoria Beckham