May 23, 2013

After 350 operations model has decided to 'born again' (5 photos)

Alicia Duvall says her face was so disfigured by plastic surgery, she was unable to even smile when her child was born.

The former glamor model also recognizes that her adopted 17-year-old daughter Georgia took care of my sister when she herself went to the next operation.

 In a special interview with The Sun described the girl's obsession that ruined her life. Alicia, who has survived more than 350 operations, described the injuries of 16 months ago, when her daughter was born Papaya.

"Imagine, when the first time I was holding my newborn daughter, I was not even able to smile, "- she said.

Alicia with her daughter

last week, finally deciding to save his appearance, 34-year-old Alicia removed all facial implants. During the operation, doctors had to break her jaw in two places. Also, a woman cut off his ears, so that the skin could stretch back to the skull (but ears were then sewn back). Yet her nose broken to remove the two implants, a few implants were removed from the cheeks and chin.

Alicia vowed that never again would not do cosmetic surgery but one that will help restore the natural features of her face.

Alicia begins a campaign to warn the thousands of teenagers who each turn fall under the surgeon's knife, trying to show the devastating effects These procedures body. Comparing himself with former model Katie Piper, whose face was disfigured by acid in the year 2008, Alicia says, "She and I are very similar, only my" offenders "were in white robes, and I myself paid to them for them to do it with me. I spent about two million dollars on plastic surgery and has lost most of his youth. I never smiled at his little girl. well I can not drink, only through a straw. I spoiled myself, I want every young girl and her mother knew that plastic surgery - is evil. "

Alicia in 2001, the year

His first operation Alicia did in 17 years. After that, she put implants in the buttocks, lips, cheeks and nose. She had several operations on his nose and 16 breast augmentation surgeries. One girl even decided to shorten toes so they look good in sandals.

First time Alicia was trying to get rid of his addiction to plastic surgery in the year 2008, when she sought the help of a clinic in Malibu, where she spent 30 days .

"There, I really felt better. I left thinking that healed, but then fell again and took another operation," - she says.

Alicia openly declares that when she was 20, she was known for her breasts FF. Although the actual size of her breasts AA.

"Of course, I would like to pay attention to me. Now, I understand that looked funny. I went to the office of a plastic surgeon with a Barbie doll, explaining that I wanted to look the same . People may criticize me, but I am desperately trying to reach out to young people so that they do not repeat my mistakes, "- she added.

Stellar graduate: Eva Longoria received a master's degree

Never too late to learn - and this truth by example proved Hollywood star Eva Longoria , who became the proud owner of a master's degree, University of California.

For three years, Eva studied Chicano - the history and culture of the Hispanic population of the south-western United States during the Spanish colonization. And yesterday, beaming with happiness 38-year-old star has received the long-awaited diploma: jubilant Longoria, dressed in the traditional attire of graduates - the mantle and konfederatku, tightly clutched confirming her knowledge, "crust", posed against the university with full a proud parent, thanked the professors and classmates hugging .

Congratulations, Eva! Now you can focus on your career and, as far as we know, soon we are waiting for a few films with the actress, including drama Frontera, where she will play a major role, along with Ed Harris.

Eva Longoria received a master's degree Chicano

Eva Longoria with parents

Open letter to Paul McCartney in defense of Pussy Riot

Excerpts of the letters were published on the official website of the artist:

My personal belief is that the continued imprisonment of Mary will be harmful for her and the whole situation, which has, of course, follow people around the world.

Sir Paul McCartney also noted that following the request of the Alekhine personal presence at the meeting, the authorities "would send a very positive message to all who are watching this case."

In the second letter, McCartney expressed uphold another participant Pussy Riot - Nadezhda Tolokonnikova , referring to the stories of his friendly relations with the Russian people, and urging him to "kindness and compassion."

Recall that in August 2012, the members of the band Pussy Riot Yekaterina Samutsevich, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alekhine were sentenced to two years in prison for his "punk prayer" in the Christ the Savior Cathedral. Samutsevich later changed to a conditional sentence. Now meetings are held at the request of the parole Mary Alekhine, which itself is encased participated by video-link. After the failure of the court to take her to the meeting, Alekhine's hunger strike and banned its lawyers to represent their interests in court.

McCartney has sent two letters to the Russian authorities in support of Pussy Riot

Ekaterina Samutsevich, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alekhine

Jennifer Lopez runs a network of mobile phone stores

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez - ace time management: 43-year-old star has time to take care of the figure and the young Casper Smarta , raising twins, to actively advocate and write songs , and now runs a major business project. In a short time the star will open in the United States a network of mobile phone stores under the name Viva Movil.

On his new "child" Jen told a news conference in Las Vegas. In a network of mobile gadgets is one unusual detail: J-Lo stores will be designed for people in the U.S. with Latin American roots (recall the star-born Puerto Rican). Therefore, a separate requirement to the sellers at these stores and became fluent in English and Spanish.

Jennifer hurried to calm the crowd, referring to the question of price - they just will not "bite", but also will meet the pricing of branded stores of these brands.

While the plans Lopez opening 15 stores in New York, Los Angeles and Miami - and the launch of the first of these (in the Big Apple) will coincide with the start of operation of the site Viva Movil.

Jennifer Lopez at a press conference in Las Vegas