May 19, 2013

"Eurovision-2013": beat Denmark

In Sweden, has just completed the final competition "Eurovision-2013" . The first place was Emmili de Forest from Denmark. Barefoot singer has defended his right to lead the competition in their own country.

Emmili scored 281 points. The highest score - 12 points - she put the United Kingdom, Serbia, Italy, Iceland, France, Ireland, Slovenia, Macedonia.

The second place of "Eurovision" takes Azerbaijan, the third - Ukraine. In Russia - the fifth place.

Congratulations to the winners and we begin to talk about how to pass.

The motto of this year's competition - "We are one." That is what was intended to show the room, opened the show. A song written for the "Eurovision" male half of the legendary quartet ABBA (recall that in 1974, the band has won this contest with the song Waterloo) on the suspension bridge over the heads of the audience were all participants. With each artist next flag bearer carrying the flag of his country.

Then leading Pedra Meda announced the competition.

First on stage was singer Amandine Bourgeois from France. By the way, the draw this year was not carried out as usual. Participants chose only to what half of the show they will be performing. Then, all of them distributed the director in terms of numbers and composition of songs. But back to the Frenchwoman. Her song L'enfer et moi was a little tight, with a hint of seduction and, of course, not without neglect of French chic. Amandine eventually took the 23rd place.

Amandine Bourgeois
The second was the Lithuanian Andrius Poyavis contestant with the song Something. Execution of bright-eyed young man greeted the audience very well, but Europe has put him only at the 22 th place.

Andrius Poyavis
The singer from Moldova Alain moon stood third with the song O mie and impressive number, or rather, her dress, which for numbers literally pierced the lightning, it was a fire. In addition, it grew higher and higher. Her transformation took 11th place.

Allen Moon
Following Krista Siegfrids came from Finland. The number is the song Marry Me was one of the highlights in the second semifinal. Its composition, she decided to hint beloved, it's time to legalize the relationship after eight years of a meet, and at the same time trying to attract the attention of the country to legalize same-sex marriage kissed her back-up singer. Surprisingly, a group of "Tattoo" in 2003 did not allow sdelat.Pravda, a kiss is not helped Finland win a place above the 24th.

Krista Siegfrids
Next appeared a Spanish group El Sueño de Morfeo.Solistka band is best known for his now defunct marriage with the driver Fernando Alonso. However, here she showed not only its beauty, but also a wonderful voice, which, however, brought the group only the last place of the competition.

El Sueno de Morfeo
18-year-old Belgian Roberto Bellarosa the sixth number, accompanied by two female dancers performed the song Love Kills. At the competition the young man dubbed the Belgian Justin Bieber. He finished in 12th place.

Roberto Bellarosa
The singer Birgit from Estonia performed, being in her sixth month of pregnancy, dedicating his song "A New Beginning" is just this wonderful event. It brought her 20 th place of the competition.

Behind her stood Alain Lanskaya from Belarus, already recognized as one of the most beautiful participant of "Eurovision" this year. At Allen, as in the semi-finals, it was the dress of 70,000 rhinestones weighing six pounds. In this case, it is easy and incendiary moved under his song Solayoh, and earned 16th place.

Alain Lanskaya
Gianluca Bezzina of Malta presented a very sweet and touching song Tomorrow. By the way, Gianluca not a professional singer, he - the doctor, which proves - the art of all professions are obedient. A total appearances Gianluca - eighth.

Gianluca Bezzina
Top ten performances closed the representative of Russia - Dean Garipova with his inspiring number of the song What If, which now, after a fifth place in the competition, simply has to be a hit.

Dean Garipova
11th in a row performing German group Cascada. At this year's "Eurovision" are mostly lyrical compositions, but the German song Glorious was, on the contrary, the dance. However, the "disco" set only on the 21th place.

Armenia this year fell on the 18th place of "Eurovision" with a group of Dorians, who performed a rock ballad Lonely Planet. This song was written guitarist of the legendary Ozzy Osbourne Black Sabbath.

13th room got singer Anouk from the Netherlands and her song Birds. The artiste brought to Sweden surprisingly sleek room (she has done without backup dancers), but most importantly - has demonstrated its beautiful and unusual voice, which helped her get a ninth place in the voting.

Voice captured the audience and Cezar from Romania. The charismatic singer - winner of the counter-tenor, able to sing like a woman. Europe's voice has estimated Chezara putting on the 13th line.

The UK this year is, of course, the legendary singer - Bonnie Tyler. Star eighties now 61 years old, but despite this act pathetically star has not forgotten how. Legend has put Europe on the 19th place.

Bonnie Tyler
Behind her mistress played artist of the "Eurovision" this year - Sweden - Robin Shernberg with the song You. At this time, Sweden was on the 14th line.

Robin Shernberg
Hungarian artist ByeAlex peaked at number 17 with a song Kedvesem ("Favorite"). By the way, it is a philosopher by training, that even evident in his leisurely composition. After the vote, Hungary closed the top 10 winners.

18 minutes on the stage was now the winner Emmili de Forest. Barefoot, under the drums and flute, she looked and sounded so touching wood nymph.

Emmili de Forest
The singer from Iceland came next. Eytour Inga charmingly performed a lyrical composition Eg a Lif and took 17th place.

Inga Eytour
Two dozen concluded by Azerbaijani Farid Mammadov. Over his room worked best international soloists - it has a bit of a circus trick. And as it turned out, for good reason.

Farid Mammadov
After the poetry of Azerbaijan took the stage rowdy boys from Greece Koza Mostra with his fun song Alcohol Is Free. Europe welcomed the Greek sense of humor, putting them in sixth place contest.

Koza Mostra
Zlata Ognevich - participant from Ukraine - took to the stage at number 22. Rather, it ruled there Igor Vovkovinsky, 2.5-meter-long giant native of Ukraine, now living in the United States.

Zlata Ognevich
The winner of the Festival of San Remo Marco Mengoni from Italy was the next speaker. Of course, at the "Eurovision" he sang, already brought him a win - L'Essenziale. Alas, this time he got a seventh place.

Marco Mengoni
Next came "The Snow Queen" contest Norwegian Margaret Berger. In a white dress with a white oblique, she performed the song I Feed You My Love, saturated with electronic beats. The song brought Margaret fourth.

Margaret Berger
Waterfall feelings unleashed on Europe contestants from Georgia - Sopho Gelovani and Nodiko Tatishvili, singing a song Waterfall, and which earned her 15th place.

Sopho Gelovani and Nodiko Tatishvili
The last spoken Irishman Ryan Dolan. He performed the song Only Love Survives.K Unfortunately, the charm of the young man did not help him, and he remained at the end of the list vote.

Ryan Dolan
When the speech ended, and the audience took up the vote, appeared on the scene Lorin, victor of the past "Eurovision". In a dress with wings Lorin literally flew into the air with an acrobat, while performing a new song We Got the Power. Going down, the singer kicked off the wings and sang that all of it and waiting for - the very composition of the winning Euphoria.


After that, it's time to vote. Its results we already know. Congratulations again to the singer from Denmark and begin the countdown until the next annual "Eurovision".

Ksenia Sobchak arranged auction in aid of children

Ksenia Sobchak

"Barabaka" personally invited everyone to his "tweet" on the sale of items belonging to the stars, and all collected in this day means Ksenia A. Pochinkovsky plans to send a psycho-neurological boarding located near Smolensk. For several years, leading with "rain" helps children from this orphanage.

Itself Ksenia did not stay without a gift: a famous girl on the Internet, "Light of the Ivanovo" presented his wife Maxima Vitorgan doll, strikingly similar to the very Sobchak . Who arranges a gift accepted with a smile, but most preferred to thank those who came to the meeting (the author's style is saved):

Thank you all! So many people! Thank you for your support!

That's how I first met at our charity event which I have been doing 4 years :)

For 15 and 40 on the street still turn! I am very grateful to all of you!

Who else is there doubt that Ksenia Sobchak soft and fluffy?



With Miranda Kerr jumped off the dress and bra under it was not (6 photos)

As part of their working routine Miranda Kerr took part in the filming of the next photoset in bathing suits. As planned by the photographer the model had to pose in a dress that is held on the shoulders and almost opens the chest. "Almost" does not work - clothes come off and bared breasts (bra under such outfits to wear is not allowed).