May 9, 2013

Anne Hathaway and Sarah Jessica Parker at the gala dinner

New light image Anne Hathaway , the actress who has prepared for the Ball Costume Institute , at an opportune moment came to light another reason - Anne with her ​​husband Adam Shulman looked at charity event fund Tate Americans Foundation.

At the gala dinner Ann gladly talked with singer Syaroy, artist Marina Abramovic and another star, shone on the MET Gala - Sarah Jessica Parker .

By the way, this time Sarah did not clean up the locks in intricate mohawk , just her hair - such a "relaxed" styling could not be better suited to her floral dress to the floor.

That evening, the Hollywood beauties once again proved that charity dinner - not a reason to dress modestly and forget about the spectacular evening gowns.

Jennifer Aniston is not averse to hint at her pregnancy

Jennifer Aniston seems to have hit the spot outfit Uma Thurman, who was referring to her "interesting" position: Jen also decided to opt for a dress cut free and went to him at a gala lunch Living Proof Good Hair Day Web Series, held in New York York (from the Big Apple sends blogger Aia0604).

With an actress captured the favorite stylist Chris McMillan, who has been responsible for many years for the perfect hairstyle Aniston.

After learning about the latest rumors of her pregnancy Jen just laughed in response, but did not comment on them. However, its made: her petite once again attracted the attention of all those present that evening.

And laughter and tears, and love: Diane Kruger in advertisements hours

This spring among fashion brands has become as fashionable to celebrate the anniversary release short films with stars. First Karl Lagerfeld pays tribute to Coco Chanel and directed the picture with Keira Knightley, and now a popular watch brand Jaeger-LeCoultre celebrates its 180-year anniversary of the release of new promotional video featuring Diane Kruger.

Film is not without reason called "Open yourself re "(Reinvent Yourself): two minutes we are living with Diana the greatest moments of her life. Here it is, still tiny, enjoys the sun's rays at the hands of my mother, and that's already grown up, running across the lawn, clutching a daisy, and is just starting to dream of a prince.

Takes time - and in front of us already gracefully flits young dancer who does not know that the main thing in her life will not ballet, and whimsical and charming cinema. Finally, swirl in the frame breaks Diana herself - such as we know it - she gracefully poses with a height against the morning of the Paris landscape.

In the final video, after unsuccessful novels and separations, Kruger gives a kiss with a smile that same prince, which from childhood cherished dream of every girl.

And the only bright glare on the dial, gracefully entwined around a wrist actress, remind us of the motive for which was conceived and the whole movie.

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev parted

The sad news has come for all fans of the TV series "The Vampire Diaries': Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev broke up after more than three years of strong relationship (the first break of the actors said blogger NURTLEK).

Piichina couple's split is not known yet (I do not Do Hemsworth brothers tried?), but according to a close source, eq-lovers were able to maintain strong friendships and as if to continue to work together without mutual resentment.

Despite the official statement, fans of couples continue to believe that the separation is not become final for Nina and Ian, and a film set, where they once met, will bring them together again.

Brothers Liam Hemsworth persuade him to part with Miley Cyrus

While Liam Hemsworth is parted, and then re-converges with Miley Cyrus, his older brothers Luke and Chris can no longer see myself as a younger and suffer torments Miley. Rumor has it that the brothers decided to act and personally contribute to the end of the novel uneasy.

As always, act as a source of some insiders, who managed to find out about the status of the family Hemsworth. According to them, Luke and Chris "wish that they parted on good terms" and plan to "intervene to convince the actor to part with Miley Cyrus." It is even possible that the older brother is not the first month convince Liam to sever ties - and because of them the couple decided to postpone the wedding.

In doing so, the most "daughter" brothers have always been treated well, admitting that she "won the our hearts ".

Liam While pondering over the words of the brothers, Miley hastens to assure everyone that their break was not serious. In a recent interview with one of the editions of the actress "snapped" to the rumors about their break-up:

I'm not one of those who always sticks out at home with her boyfriend. We're working. I do not have time to look into the "Starbucks" with the groom every morning. I certainly do not mind, but I did not work. In addition, I flee in the studio all day. He wakes up and goes to work at six in the morning, and I am only going back five domoy.Sam Liam has remained silent. Therefore unknown whether Hemsworth will listen to the words, Jr. Wise brothers or continue to build their love after four years of relationship. Time will tell.

Demi Moore meets with catcher pearls?

There was a blessing in disguise: the separation from Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore has brought a lot of unusual site - one of these meetings was to get acquainted with a professional pearl diver Will Haniganom.

50-year-old Demi and 30-year-old Will learned in the classroom yoga, and recently became inseparable. Of course, there's also rumors of a new romance in the life of a Hollywood actress.

Its colorful friend (which is only his bushy beard!) Will relished such rumors. Hanigan acknowledged that they "were very close," and never tires weigh compliments star girlfriend:

Demi - an amazing woman. And now, the paparazzi were finally able to take a picture of a couple together - Demi and Will came out of one of their yoga centers in Los Angeles. And if Demi prefers to deal with lying on the mat, the charismatic Will, apparently chooses to practice furry skin.

That's beau!

Neighbors sue Gwyneth Paltrow

Recently, reporters especially loved to speculate on the "detachment" Gwyneth Paltrow on the lives of ordinary people: what she eats and outlandish products for big money, it offers a "images per day" for 450 thousand dollars ...

In general, the reasons were many, but today the tabloids found a new one: the actress is literally decided to dissociate itself from the outside world - with a high fence. As it turns out, is too high.

According to Western media neighbor Gwyneth (recall the actress lives with his family in a fancy to the stars of the Los Angeles Brentwood) filed a complaint against the family Paltrow and fence height and a half times higher than the permitted limit. The neighbor claims that nine-foot fence mansion actress for him as a "thorn in the eye".

In particular, the neighbor (whose identity was not disclosed), indicates that such stars as Courtney Thorne-Smith, Harrison Ford and Oliver Stone is quite a standard six-foot fence missing - or even lower! So why the rules neglects Gwyneth?

No answer - the star had no immediate comment on the situation. In any event, it is reported that if Paltrow for 45 days will not solve the problem, it will have to pay a fine of $ 900. As noted by sharp-tongued tabloid journalists - just as is T-shirt on her website Goop.

Sex and the City returns to the big screen?

Sarah Jessica Parker stunned fans of "Sex and the City." In an interview, the actress said that the story of Carrie Bradshaw is not over:

       At least one story has remained untold. And if it is the right moment and the right time to do this, then maybe we will tell her. It's going to be awesome! Nice to speculate about it.

But unlike Parker, her colleagues are looking at the continuation of "SVBG" not so optimistic. Cynthia Nixon, who sang the role of Miranda in the series, in October last year stated that it is not interested in further continuation of the project. The same view is shared by Chris Noth, embodied on-screen image of the "dream man":

    I do not think that should continue, "Sex and the City." Yes, I miss the days when we were filming the show. On the days when all it does not turn into mass hysteria, did not become an icon of fashion.

But despite the categorical statements on the part of the cast, fans of the project and the journalists covering this topic, continue to speculate about the fact of what will be a new movie. The first and most logical option - Carrie and Big's a baby. The second guess for the return of ex-lovers Carrie in the storyline: In the second part of the movie we saw Aidan, for which the main character was about to marry, and are now ready for her renewed relationship with the Russian artist Petrovsky, a politician with very unusual sexual preferences and all the other men that Carrie had time to meet for 6 seasons series.

Another option - a divorce Carrie and Big. Perhaps, but it is very boring. In the end, fans of the series got tired of the bustle of the "agreed-split" in the middle of the TV show, so this plot development is unlikely. And the last option, which fantasize hungry - disaster movie in which the robbers carried out of the house Carrie her whole wardrobe, and 200 pairs of shoes. Or her entire wardrobe is burned to the ground. Perhaps a twist to soften even the most callous spectators.

Let me remind you that TV producers have already made ​​attempts to revive the series, or rather trying to tell us its history. project "Carrie Diaries" with Anna-Sophia Robb in the lead story of the school's Carrie Bradshaw and her first encounter with New York. Despite good reviews from critics, the project has not met expectations creators - Ratings hardly hold out to 1 million viewers, and the producers have not confirmed the information on the extension of the TV show for a second season.

Nabilla (Les Anges de la télé-réalité) : elle fait le buzz sur internet, Kevin Razy lui répond !

S acrée Nabilla ! La jeune femme est en train de faire le buzz sur internet avec sa fameuse imitation du téléphone. Personne pour lui répondre ? L'humoriste Kévin Razy est là !

Mercredi 6 mars, NRJ12 diffusait l'épisode 4 des Anges de la télé-réalité 5. Dans ce dernier, Frédérique, Thomas et Nabilla étaient de virée pour faire les courses au supermarché. Lorsque Frédérique leur a annoncé qu'elle était chargée de prendre des shampooings pour Capucine et Aurélie, le drame était déclenché ! Nabilla, qui a confié hier qu'elle était "prête à tout pour réussir" a lâché sa crise : "C'est pas dans le budget hein, dans ce cas moi aussi je m'achète des trucs personnels". Plus tard au confessionnel, la poupée brune ne s'en remet toujours pas : "Elles n'ont pas de shampooing… Allo ! Non mais allo quoi ! Allo ? T'es une fille t'as pas de shampooing ! J'sais pas vous me recevez ? C'est comme si j'te dis euh 't'es une fille t'as pas de cheveux' !". Déjà culte et tellement bon !

Il faut l'avouer, sur ce coup, Nabilla a été très forte. Ses petites confessions acides ont très vite fait le tour du web, s'attirant les moqueries des internautes. Les réactions se sont multipliées sur les réseaux sociaux, des tumblr intitulés sobrement "Allo!" ont déjà fait leur apparition, et les vidéos parodiées sont déjà en ligne. La tornade est arrivée ! Si elle est prête à tout pour réussir, pas de doute qu'elle a réussi à faire parler d'elle...

Parmi les imitations réussies, on retient celle de Kévin Razy. L'humoriste franco-mauricien s'était déjà fait remarquer sur la toile l'an passé avec sa vidéo Bwef, qui reprenait avec humour la mini-série à succès de Canal+. Comme des milliers de gens (dont on fait partie), le jeune homme de 25 ans n'est pas passé à côté de la vague Nabilla. Il a même carrément répliqué dans un montage vidéo où on le voit porter une perruque brune, mimant le téléphone avec ses doigts pour répondre à la fille spirituelle de Jean-Claude Van Damme. On ne vous en dit pas plus et on vous laisse découvrir par vous-même la séquence !