Apr 26, 2013

Gwyneth Paltrow: Nightmare on the red carpet

Gwyneth Paltrow has been turning heads in the first Iron Man 3. The actress is expressed in the talk show Ellen DeGeneres on her very transparent outfit. 
Accustomed to more traditional looks, Gwyneth Paltrow has been one of his first misstep clothing. 

actress attended last Wednesday in the first Iron Man 3, in which she plays the role of Pepper Potts. The star appeared in a very transparent dress British designer Antonio Berardi, who suggested a good part of his anatomy. Asked the talk show Ellen DeGeneres, Gwyneth Paltrow has entrusted this very embarrassing moment. 
"Oh, it was a disaster, she told the presenter. I assured recording a fair show before and I changed [the first]. This is where I realized that I could not wear underwear [with this dress]. I do not know if I can tell it on television. Good ... say that everyone started to get me a razor ... It was very 70's you see? So I went from the most beautiful to the most humiliated woman in a day ... "
The creator of this original and yet gorgeous dress is very satisfied with his work, despite some technical problems generated by the meeting. "Gwyneth was able to create a bridge between the glamor and modernity. It makes [this dress] totally worship! Said Antonio Berardi in Grazia magazine. I love the transparent panels on this dress, they suggest much, just a flash in the curves, a look at the movement of the legs, the embodiment of sensuality without vulgarity. (...) The dress she wears is from the Autumn / Winter 2013 collection is inspired by the architect Oscar Niemeyer, which allows me to imagine coins celebrating the dramatic silhouettes, expressing my love for aesthetics hourglass. "

Rose McGowan: rather perched actress ..

Rose McGowan never leaves his heels. The actress told Redbook magazine with regret that she had injured her foot and was forced to wear boots.
Rose McGowan is pleased to once again put on his heels after expensive his broken toe. The former star of Charmed like adopting a glamorous look on the red carpet, which necessarily involves a pair of killer heels. She recently suffered a minor injury but was forced to put on less feminine shoes. Fortunately, she can wear her new Jimmy Choo. 
"Today is the first day I do not wear boots. I broke my toes when my boyfriend picked me up to kiss me and dropped me without warning, she says laughing in Redbook magazine. This is my third pair of boots in four years. The first time I went into a wall. Next, I took myself the doorway. I move all the time too quickly. My body is still the last action, and I'm already on the next. I closed the car door on my head. This is very embarrassing and it hurts. "
The 39 year old actress has a silhouette of the most enviable and recently donned a slinky red dress for an evening Harper's Bazaar. Unlike many Hollywood stars, Rose McGowan really like good food to spend his life plan. "I do not cook pasta and cakes so if you come home, you will almost only carbohydrates, she reveals. I grew up in Italy eating pasta, I eat about four or five times a week. I do not like the ready sauces and secret of mine is the balance between red wine and sugar. I also like the aglio e olio, garlic and olive oil, it is very simple. Pasta and a glass of wine, this is the best thing in the world. "

Kylie Bisutti: Victoria's Secret denies accusations

The lingerie brand Victoria's Secret has responded to allegations of his former employee Kylie Bisutti. The supermodel revealed a dark side in an interview with New York Post

In 2009, Kylie Bisutti won a competition to appoint a new ambassador for the famous lingerie brand Victoria's Secret. A bargain, some exclaim, but the pretty blonde, experience would especially noted the nightmare. In a recent interview, the former Angel of the house spread on the dark aspects of the modeling industry and spoke about Victoria's Secret. According to him, it would have been that "a piece of meat. "For the brand. 
The house Lingerie was quick to respond via an official statement. "Ms. Bisutti multiplies inventions and misjudgments about Victoria's Secret. She won a contest for amateur top model in 2009 and has not worked for the company since. Ms. Bisutti also participated as part of a broader commitment to a photo shoot in jersey, the same year. "
In the same interview, Kylie has proven to be dropped in anorexia and have attracted unpleasant looks from men. "I felt like a piece of meat, she told the New York Post. Tops men and photographers hitting on me constantly. A photographer even gave me one day stuck against a wall, trying to force me to kiss him. "
" The New York experience has really opened my eyes to the dark side of being a supermodel. One of my roommates was so bulimic she found herself throwing up automatically every time she ate. She went to bed crying every night. She looked in the mirror, being too big, so it was incredibly thin, "said Kylie Bisutti.

Jessica Alba, her husband needs air

Jessica Alba told Net-a-porter that her husband stand being surrounded by women because it has a valve. Cash Warren will be locked in its "bunker" when it is needed. 
Jessica Alba has revealed that her husband needed a "bunker" to breathe from time to time. 

The 31 year old actress married Cash Warren in 2008 and the couple had two daughters together. Her husband supported her throughout the writing of his book The Honest Life. 
Jessica Alba, however, joked that Cash Warren bear to live in a society dominated by a female presence house withdrawing in its own space when things took an alarming turn. "Much has slammed the door in my face, and I was forced to get used to the idea. I was crying, I told Cash that was impossible, I was going crazy. And he told me, "Look, see things differently. What people do not understand?" Said the actress to the magazine Net-a-porter. [Cash needs his bunker and he shouted] "I'm in my bunker!" [When he needed space]. "
Jessica Alba says she decided to write The Honest Life to give a correct picture of herself. Although she speaks mostly lifestyle, the actress shares some anecdotes about his friends and family in the book. She says she wanted to correct some misconceptions that had made it in the past because of interviews she had given. "I think this is why some people are getting on social networks, because they say," This is my voice, "she confirms. It's fun to read some of [my] old interviews. It's so frustrating, I say, "But that's not true." This is a misrepresentation, but I am aware that it does not really matter. I can not control what I can control. I know who I am, and my family too. "
In addition to his career as a writer and budding business woman, Jessica Alba has not drawn a line in the movie. She reprized the role of Nancy Callahan in the sequel Sin City Sin City: I killed for it, a particularly rewarding experience for him 
"I just finished the best movie I have. Never fact, she exclaimed. It was the opposite of what I'm doing [at home]. My approach to the game has changed so much today - I have no fear because I have nothing to lose. Before [my children], I put my identity in all my choices - today I do not care. This may be shi *** e, and you can believe that this is the worst thing you've ever seen, but it was an amazing experience. "

Victoria Beckham celebrates her birthday without David

Poor Victoria: her husband is missing wildly. According to Heat magazine, the designer would very badly blowing candles are without him.

's Been four months since Victoria Beckham lives in London with her four children alone without her footballer husband David Beckham. Spend time away from him is apparently painful for Posh, especially when celebrated its 39th anniversary last week. 
"Vic has understood that he could not be present that day, but this was the first time in 13 years of married life, it happened, told a source close to the star in Heat magazine. She does not like to stay long away from her husband, and her absence from her last birthday was much affected. David and Victoria have been extremely busy lately. In Los Angeles, they had time for family life. But since David moved to Paris, he misses wildly. "
Victoria has celebrated her birthday in London with her children, and her friend Tana Ramsay, wife of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. The party was held in the famous Japanese restaurant Nobu. "Of course, she loves spending time with her children and her son Brooklyn helped her a lot to take care of her little Harper. But it is not as well as when the family is complete. "
To be forgiven, David gave the whole family a weekend in Paris. Beckham tribe enjoyed a full tour of the City of Light on Saturday. 
"David loves his wife more than anything, but his career also counts a lot. He sincerely regretted having missed his birthday, "said the source.

Alizée: a mom like other

Alizee is the mother of a little Annily 8 years. The artist told the Nine Months magazine how she lived her pregnancy and the separation from the father of her daughter. 

Vectors have a long career behind her, Alizée is an accomplished artist. But it is also the proud mother of a daughter, born of his relationship with Jeremy Chatelain. 

Beautiful Corsica became pregnant when she was only 20 years of a small Annily, now 8 years old. Early pregnancy as the star rather well lived. "I think most young children are made, the less we ask questions, she says the magazine Nine Months. For story, one of my older cousins ​​30 years became pregnant at the same time as me. Well we do not have any experience of our pregnancy in the same way, or even the baby's arrival. At 30, we think more, we ask a lot of questions. While only 20 years, not one is unconscious, but more lives from day to day. "
But life mom has not always been rosy for the interpreter of" Because of the fall. " His break with Jeremy Chatelain was not obvious to manage the young woman. "[It was not easy] when I separated the Annily dad. It was very complicated to explain that despite this separation, his father and I would always be there for her and always would much. This is the hardest I've had to live as a mom moment. "
The girl now shares his time between his two parents. This does not prevent Alizée maintain a very close relationship with Annily. "My daughter and I are very fusional. When she is with her father in Paris, she calls me 50 times a day just to tell me she loves me or know what I'm doing, says the former protected Mylène Farmer. I got pregnant very young. I think that ultimately more Annily grows, we become friends and more things we share. Because I am still very young and that my daughter grows up, I can eat alone with her and have real discussions mother-daughter. It's very nice. "

Helen Rollès: "They call me a bitch, we confuse simplicity and idiocy"

Helen, it's called Helena. She is a girl like any other. And despite his songs might suggest ... No, she is not stupid. Simple, yes. Silly, no ... . A shade that recalls in an interview with Le Parisien
fans sitcoms AB Productions, book your evening: in Helena and sitcoms, broadcast at 20:40 on AB1, you will discover the heroine Helen Rollès who trusts in documentary. The star of the 90s also (some) assigned to Paris that day during the broadcast of the program. The forties are not moved by the ever-present love of the fans ... and irritated against the media

The star of the Mysteries of Love (TMC) states as follows: "In the media, we confuse simplicity and idiocy They call me bitch, it makes me look like a silly constantly Should have fads star..? I do not read anything that is said about me, neither positive nor negative. "
Fortunately for her. Otherwise, it would have read that Cyril Hanouna had told her about in Le Parisien in January: "It meant nothing, she did not even know why she was there already, she does not like it on TV.. would see no extract. This not amused. " 

We'll know: Helen is not a life and soul train. LOL is not with he

Nabilla: one month in prison for fraud? A survey confirms ..

After Article Point evoking its passage through the box prison, Nabilla had strongly denied being involved in a fraud case. But on Thursday, the VSD magazine confirms the sulfur rose from the starlet.

On April 12, the site of Point announced its scoop: Nabilla have served a sentence of one month in prison in 2009 for fraud. Information that the main interest was denied on the site of Jean-Marc Morandini, stating to have been a "witness" in this case. But the magazine VSD, now on newsstands, echoed the point and develops some of the details

According to the magazine, Nabilla Benattia "played a very active role, including five players, all doomed since. A combination which yielded nearly 200,000 Swiss francs (164,000 euros) to its authors." A diversion scam allegedly invented in 2009 by Bouba and Abdou, two thugs who have also been arrested. The idea was to "steal payment orders in individual mailboxes positions Geneva, edit and send them back to the banks. The money was then transferred to various bank accounts which [Bouba and Abdou] were the beneficiaries . then remained to withdraw cash at banks. " And this is where the Angel of reality come into track 
VSD continues that two inspectors explained in a police report involvement Nabilla:. "Our investigations have enabled us identify Benattia Nabilla as the person who made withdrawals délictieux ". 
Challenged with false papers in July 2009 at the Geneva airport, Nabilla, then aged 17, was heard then charged as "the alleged fraud, forgery and forgery of certificates. " Claiming to have been manipulated and have only "disservice" to his friends, Nabilla would still confessed to police that he received a modest compensation of 200 Swiss francs (164 euros). 
A contradicted by his partner Version , Bouba and Abdou, who not only said she was actively involved in the scam but also that she had received "at least 4,000 euros." Not to mention one of its bank accounts containing more than 16 400 euros ... Conduct in detention a few days after the arrest, "Nabilla spent a month in prison during the time of the investigation" of the investigation, reports VSD. Imprisonment confirmed hint by the applicant, one year later ... 
Indeed, VOD says that in 2010, the starlet was followed by the juvenile court of Geneva the facts mentioned. But this judgment has been delegated to a court for children in Haute-Savoie, France. She was then sentenced to one month imprisonment. An award she justified in a letter to the judge in Geneva. In this letter, dated July 2, 2010, she explained she was "sentenced to one month prison sentence given his previous detention." One way to confirm his passing time in prison?