Apr 24, 2013

Olivia Wilde dreams of exotic wedding

Olivia Wilde maintains the suspense at the place of his upcoming nuptials. The actress told ABC News that Uganda was not a track to exclude 

Olivia Wilde joked: his marriage could take place in Uganda or Haiti. The actress is engaged to Jason Sudeikis, and the two lovebirds seem busy schedule their wedding coming union. 

The location of the ceremony is the subject of rumors for some time constant. Uganda has recently been mentioned, their directors and friends David Barg Bryn Moser front to shoot their next film. "If I want to have my marriage, I will have to follow the track," she told ABC News. 
The star, famous for its humanitarian response in Haiti, has, also dismissed the possibility of the Caribbean island. According to her, with that choice, only his mother would go to the wedding! 
"Nobody would point, she joked. When I went to Haiti, just off the plane, I turn red peony, I am broken and sweaty. I do not want a marriage acne - sunburn! "
Outside the place, Olivia few certainties on the future held for the big day. Monique Lhuillier draw her dress, which will be accessorized with vintage jewelry. "Regarding the purchase of precious stones, I think there's enough in circulation worldwide. No need to buy new diamonds, "she said. 
Jason Sudeikis has also had his say on all speculation about the wedding fun to suggest the most fantastic destinations. "It could be a Wedding Tour! All the places mentioned rumors are true. We will have a tour bus and we burst us to eat pieces of wedding cake throughout the trip! "

Top Chef: The winner he was unveiled?

The winner of the fourth season of Top Chef was announced on Twitter. Information that did not want commentary M6. Spoiler Warning!

The winner of Top Chef in 2013 he was revealed before the time? While the final will be broadcast next Monday, on M6, the chef Christopher Hache, who officiates in the kitchens of Crillon revealed in the morning, the winner of the final. He is also the head of Latifa, another candidate program M6, eliminated a few weeks ago. 
In his tweet, Christopher Hache announced that Naoëlle won Top Chef and announces she has resigned from the Bristol hotel where she worked. "We do not confirm any of these information. Naoëlle is still part of the team," denied the direction of Bristol contacted by our colleagues at the Huffington Post. She did not wish to comment on the possible victory of the candidate. Side chain, M6 has made no comment: "We simply say that (Christopher hadache, Ed) does not have all the information about the shooting."

Difficult to understand why Christopher Hache wrote this tweet. However, it seems to be, at least in PART V, false, if one believes the Bristol. So Naoëlle she actually won the fourth season of Top Chef? Find out Monday at 8:50 p.m. on M6

Rihanna works too

Rihanna is the father of her daughter is doing too well and she wants to take a break. His history with Chris Brown éreinterait the singer, according to the magazine Heat. 
Rihanna's father wants her to "rest." Worried about his daughter, he is afraid that her relationship with Chris Brown affects his health. The singer has canceled a series of concerts during his tour of Diamonds "as a result of a disease" recently. The week she was in Houston, but she surprised the audience by partying in Miami this weekend, surrounded by bottles of champagne. It seems today that its turbulent history with Chris Brown assigns. 

Ronald Fenty, father of the singer thinks she should stop once and for all to recover. "I think she should get some rest, he told Heat magazine. I think it works too. It affects. "
According to some witnesses, the relationship between Rihanna and Chris Brown took a sour turn after Drake has discussed his ex in a radio broadcast. The star of 25 years is frustrated by these disputes regular couple and it would be hard to get up in the morning. "Emotionally, she is exhausted by what it is to live Chris, and now she was even afraid that it does not last, said a source. Rihanna Chris kept near him for months the last time Drake spoke on the radio. This is the last thing she needed. She has spent most of his tour in his hotel room - it feels really bad. "

Chris Brown recently revealed that he had not completely made peace with Drake, his musical rival, and incidentally former boyfriend Rihanna. Their animosity was brought to light last year during an altercation in a New York club. However, Chris Brown thinks highly of the work of Drake. "I have my differences, it was hers. His music is always good, "he had declared.

Evan Rachel Wood se confie sur sa grossesse

Evan Rachel Wood is pregnant with her first child with her husband Jamie Bell. The actress is expressed in Us Weekly on the psychological and physical impact of pregnancy. 

Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell announced they were expecting their first child in January. The actress of 25 years currently enjoying the joys of pregnancy, but noted some differences in behavior. "I do not stop to explain that it is like going from a small to a big screen, she told Us Weekly. You see the world in a completely different way and you are much more aware of people and things around you. Your senses are activated much more ... There are a lot of things! "

Evan Rachel Wood was also entrusted to her physical metamorphosis, which requires him to constantly changing wardrobe. "The pants are banned, she joked. I received many pants pregnancy but I just said "No". Rather I wear dresses, which is very different for me. The pants are forgotten. "
The actress is now more relaxed than ever, thanks to a perfect healthy life. The star tries to take long walks on foot "five times a day," while visiting as often as possible to its prenatal yoga. "You know, I was very tired recently, but if all goes well. That's incredible. It's not easy, but it's wonderful, "admitted Evan Rachel Wood.


Gwyneth Paltrow in tears because of his training!

Gwyneth Paltrow was forced into a tougher workout. Intensive and difficult to the point of pulling her tears as she told the British Marie Claire. 

Must suffer to be beautiful! Nobody knows better than Gwyneth Paltrow. Celebrated for her perfect figure, the actress compelled it to a healthier diet and a daily workout sharper. The actress has also recognized that a body farm required a lot of work, and that some day, she would like to ignore as exercise. "Last week, I gave a year. I cried. I thought, 'I can not do this anymore, I hate it, "she told the British edition of Marie Claire. Very often I have to really force myself. It is truly a work of pure will. I agree that this effort is an integral part of my day. I try to put aside my doubts. "

The star delivered his confidence through the promotion of the blockbuster Iron Man 3. In this action movie, Gwyneth plays Pepper Potts, but she did not have to increase its fitness program specifically for the role. "I have a program of five sessions per week. It has become a habit as simple as brushing your teeth, "she reveals. The actress is a "student" of the famous coach to the stars Tracy Anderson. The two women also plan to open a shop together ready-to-wear. The coach recently spoke of the partnership with the actress. "We are partners, equal. The shop will be oriented lifestyle. In fact, we propose anything that can please us. We will address especially to mothers who take care of them. We will not sell it signed Alexander McQueen dress. "