Apr 21, 2013

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: Are new couple?

To believe the latest rumors, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are together again ... 
They obviously did not finish the feeding rumor mill! The pop star Justin Bieber and the young actress Selena Gomez returned once more to the front of the stage ... Çi this time, it is not their artistic events in question, although one is in full tour for his "Believe Tour" and other promotion for the film "Spring Breakers", but beautiful and many of their current emotional ... For the former lovebirds were caught fricoter Norway on an evening. It is in any case to reports from the U.S. magazine "People", backed by "Metro".


Knowledgeable, the magazine, according to a private source says that Justin and Selena "Stood the hand, were hugs and kissed on the lips." The source cited even said "They looked very much in love, as if they had never played. Looks like they are finally back together," according to remarks relayed by "Metro". These two have not finished talking to them ...

Kim Kardashian enceinte: Elle a enfin réussi à divorcer the Kris Humphries

"Whew!" had exclaimed yesterday Kim Kardashian after learning that she had finally divorced Kris Humphries. Separation just today put an end to the days of legal battles in the context of a relationship that had lasted 72 days finally! 

Last few hours now this is the beautiful Kim Kardashian officially divorced from her ex-boyfriend, basketball player Kris Humphries. It took time, however Kim to arrive at completely separate from it, as Humphries and his lawyers seem to want to put pressure on the woman to manage to get a simple annulment of marriage and not divorce. Believe they have been deceived in this matter, Kris Humphries had indeed done everything these days to delay the end of the union, it has even recently fined for no-show at a hearing last week.


As shown TMZ.com today's companion Kanye West can therefore blow and finish await the arrival of the baby in peace and quiet after months of legal and media storm. "I congratulate both parties," for his part told People magazine Hank Goldberg in charge of this judge. For Kim now, the most important thing seems to know where it will soon give birth to her child. Open conflict also these days with the father of her children, rapper Kanye West, who offered him to come to Paris, Kim Kardashian often would dispute with him about this subject quite difficult.

Kanye West, who is currently recording his new album in the French capital would move there for a time, something that Kim refused as this would be the away from his family. As seen, the pregnancy Kim is far from happening so serene. A problem succeeding another, however it is hoped that the young woman succeed in bringing order into his life before the arrival of her baby

Rihanna: Did she canceled her last concerts due to pregnancy?

After recently canceled four concerts in quick succession, the wildest rumors began to run on behalf of Rihanna. The main telling that it was pregnant, although it is unfortunately not anything ... 
Rihanna Pregnant? Alas, the store quickly announcement birth, for the moment and until further notice, the Barbadian singer has no intention in the world of children. Yet some had these days began to dream that the star was pregnant after recording four successive cancellations of concerts.

Tired, and quite a bit woozy exhausted, the star had indeed given all the signs harbinger of tiredness or as some like to think ... a pregnancy announcement! But there seems to be nothing at all -. Crazy rumor that ran on behalf of Rihanna have been denied these last hours by his entourage in the pages of the magazine Gossip Cop
"I was sick for April 11, San Diego ", is also justified Rihanna on her Instagram account. "I continued to work because I am told that two days off after the concert in Las Vegas on April 12, would be sufficient to recover. I was wrong. It was two days in hell, and today 'Today is the same. I am sad and disappointed! I had all kinds of projects ", complained that the beautiful but today seems a little better last night after delivering a new concert in Tempa Florida.