Mar 29, 2013

Booba: Pushed to Canada, two concerts were canceled in Montreal

For the second time this week, Booba was denied entry to Canada. Explanations.

B2OBA continues to be talked about on Friday. Indeed, the French rapper was denied entry into Canada for the second time this week. The reason? An incident from 1998, inscribed on his criminal record.

Two dates canceled 
As indicated by the AFP, the rapper was already made ​​in Canada on Wednesday and was forced to turn back after immigration authorities refused to let him on Canadian soil. Whoever there is very little time was involved in a fight with La Fouine, wanted to go to a hip-hop festival where he had planned two concerts.

According to information from the festival, the star would be always present in space international airport. According to AFP always, it is an incident dating back to 1998 in its present record that prevented to occur in Canada. Both dates were therefore canceled. This is rather odd when you realize that, as pointed out very well Laetitia Simon, director of the French catalog of Universal, the artist has visited eight times in Quebec since at least 1998 ...

Lindsay Lohan: Another accused of stealing clothes and jewelry on a shoot

When you see the number of blunders committed recently that we are entitled to ask: Lindsay Lohan she tries by all means to become a case study?

We thought she would have calmed down. Last year, Lindsay Lohan caused a scandal by stealing a bracelet that belonged to Elizabeth Taylor on the set of the movie Liz and Dick. No contrition is that the actress had also decided to make the theft when he had threatened to call the police.

Last week, it once again avoided prison and came like a spoiled teenager to understand the judge and her lawyer that she was not, but then there especially not enter rehab before the festival Coachella. And as misfortune never comes alone, the actress is part of a lucrative contract to honor (6 digits) in Brazil. The problem (which surfaced now) is that the young woman had brought with her ​​jewelry and clothing taken on the set of Anger Management, Charlie Sheen series last week. One step forward, three steps back?

At the beginning of the week, the starlet would indeed shoot some scenes for the series of Charlie Sheen. And if TMZ reports that the first day of shooting was incredibly well, this is not the case of the latter, where Lohan would have arrived two hours late and refused to leave his dressing room for two long hours. And during this shoot, it would also decided to borrow a necklace, bracelet, earrings, pants and shoes to go partying one night, telling all who asked the question that the producer n would have to deduct the cost of his salary. But where does it stop?