Mar 27, 2013

Ryan Gosling: He could embody Oscar Pistorius in a biopic on Blade Runner

The story of Oscar Pistorius would she already inspired the film? To believe The Sun, yes, and even Ryan Gosling would stick to it.

 Oscar Pistorius, Paralympic athlete who killed his girlfriend on the day of Valentine's Day again about him without his knowledge. In fact, the Hollywood studios are currently occupied floor on a screenplay based on his story and they have every intention of giving it to a particular actor, Ryan Gosling. "You have one of the most famous athletes in the world under arrest and a beautiful young woman who meets a violent death. Scenarios began circulating a few days after the scandal," reported a source in the Sun. "Ryan has the kind of magnetism that could run this project and in addition, it has mystery. Though he publicly announced that he wanted to take a break, producers him fall over once the scripts are finalized. '

And if Ryan Gosling was in fact take the role of Oscar Pistorius, the role of Reeva Steenkamp beautiful would be held by Charlize Theron. The film would focus on the career of the athlete and his accession to the glory and tragedy follow up this Valentine's Day. Voices are already raised to remember that such a film could manipulate public opinion Oscar Pistorius then is still awaiting trial.

Pretty Little Liars: The series will be a fifth season and a spin-off, Ravenswood

Since its inception three years ago, Pretty Little Liars has converted fans worldwide to the point that ABC Family has announced a fifth season. And for the more adventurous, a spin-off is also on the menu.

 When Pretty Little Liars was launched, nobody doubted the success encountered by the series. Three years later, she is in full swing and some actresses (Ashley Benson head) begin to get a place in Hollywood. To celebrate (and because we still do not know which controls all operations suffered four heroines), ABC Family, the network that broadcasts the program has announced that the fifth season was pending preparation fourth, scheduled for June.

And since good news never comes alone, ABC Family has also announced the creation of a spin-off called Ravenswood, name of a small town not far from where live Rosewood Aria, Emily, Hannah and Spencer. This new series will feature five people who do not know, but who suddenly find themselves bound by a curse that has befallen the city for generations. Then they must join forces to save each other before it is too late. The series will air this October, just after the traditional Halloween episode of PLL.

David Beckham: His ex-mistress puts on a layer, Victoria is shocked

They are beautiful, they are rich, they are in love and everyone regularly on their fantasy couple. Also, when the former mistress of David Beckham surfaced to give us his opinion, it's messy.

 In 2004, when Victoria Beckham was pregnant with Cruz and David played as Real Madrid, the scandal broke: the footballer was unfaithful. But with whom? Rebecca Loos, his assistant at the time. If David has always denied (and Victoria has never commented on the matter), Loos sold her story to the tabloids in exchange for a huge check. After the whirlwind media unleashed, it was thought never to hear but did not count on Daybreak, a British show, which is now called the mom and married to revisit his past.

And what better way to throw a little about Victoria? When asked if she could forgive infidelity, the answer is clear: "A one night stand when everyone drank too much may be easier to forgive a lie latent. I could never forgive. "

Still, she expressed regret about the case in 2004 ... but only about how things have exploded. "I was young and dippy and a bit rough," she said. "I did not think at all aspects of a thing and was very impulsive. I think I regret the impact it has had on everyone. I think I have to turn it in a more gentle . I do not regret having spoken, but I regret the way I did. "

According to Closer, Queen Victoria would have been hard to swallow this new affront. According to one of her friends, "when she saw Rebecca again giving interviews to newspapers, Victoria was horrified. She said: 'I can not believe that this woman has so much audacity." For Vic, it David does and more, but children. they are large enough to read, watch TV and see things on the internet.'s all better. all she wants is to spend time with his family. "