Mar 20, 2013

Kanye West

Kanye West wants to name his and Kim Kardashian’s baby North. As in North West. Oh dear…


That Kanye West sure is a kookster. But there’s kooky and then there’s just downright craziness.
Apparently the Gold Digger star has come up with a list of potential names for his and Kim Kardashian’s little bundle of joy – due in July – and guess what’s at the top? North. As in North West.
No, seriously…
If that’s the road you’re going down Kanye, why not choose John West, after everyone’s favourite tuna fisherman? Or Go West in honour of the Pet Shop Boys?
But it’s not just his unborn child who might be getting a questionable name – he’s currently recording his new album, which he’s calling I Am God.
A source told The Sun: “Kanye’s ego is something else, so he’s quite serious about the title.
“He also has a sense of humour though and knows how his self-indulgence is seen by the general public. It’s half tongue-in-cheek, half what Kanye probably feels is true.”
Or 100% what Kanye thinks is true?

What a gent

Despite his mammoth ego Kanye, 35, bent over backwards to make sure his baby-mama Kim was having a good time at a party recently.
“I was surprised by how Kanye was so into Kim. Kanye was treating her like a queen, he was a first class gentleman,” a source told HollywoodLife.
“He would bring her water and touch her on her neck and rub her back when they were talking to people. They kissed quite a few times and were talking among themselves and to other guests.
"They were like any other couple who are in love and have a kid on the way,” the insider went on.
“When she would have an hors d’oeuvre he would take the napkin and hold it for her,” the source explained.
“When she sat down on the couch he would hold her hand, make sure she was good and seated, and then he sat down after. Little, simple things like that. He was perfect, an absolute gentleman.”

Victoria Beckham buys a Spar corner shop… and it’s all part of her plan to expand her fashion empire



Victoria Beckham’s children aren’t about to have access to free sweets on demand, Posh has actually bought a Spar in Battersea, London as part of her plans to expand her growing fashion empire.
Posh has bought the 850 sq ft Spar, which is close to her South West London offices, to convert into more office space for the team who help run her fashion label,
“She’s been looking at disused warehouses and shops for some time and heard the Spar newsagent around the corner had come on the market.
"Whilst it’s not the most glamorous of operating spaces, it is functional and, once renovated, will provide a perfect base,” a source tells The Mirror.
“Obviously she hasn’t bought it as her inaugural flagship store but she will be using it primarily as extra work space for her rapidly growing team.”



Kate Middleton gets a Baby On Board badge as the Queen rides the Tube!



We’re not quite sure why we find these pictures of the Queen riding on the London Underground quite so lol-tastic, but they do make us chuckle.
Perhaps it’s the fact that we’ve never seen such an empty Tube train before. Or such a clean, new one. It’s quite a contrast from our daily commute into heat Towers we tell you.
The Queen wasn’t the only member of the Royal family to hope on the Tube today, Kate Middleton also joined the trip to Baker Street station, and the mum-to-be was presented with her very own Baby On Board badge so now she’ll always get a seat.





Exclusive! Atomic Kitten talk bodies - Kerry Katona: “I was six and a half stone… I was too skinny!”


This week, heat goes backstage at the Big Reunion rehearsals and brings you all the gossip.
While we were there, we couldn’t resist a girly chat with Atomic Kitten about how they’re looking forward to getting back into stage outfits almost a decade on and (in the case of Kerry Katona and Natasha Hamilton) several babies later.

“Look at Tash!” exclaimed Kerry. “She looks better now than she did in the day. She’s got a waist like my left leg! The pair of them have!”

“I work at it!” Natasha replied. “Not that I’m more conscious, but when I was a kid I didn’t have to do anything – I just rocked up on stage whereas now, in order to feel confident on stage in how I’m looking and what I’m wearing, I do have to work hard. I have to go the gym.

“It doesn’t come easy. A lot of hard work goes into trying to stay trim and fit for the show. But also for life in general. I’ve got three boys that are very energetic and demanding, so running after them keeps me on my toes and fit.”
For her part, Kerry is happier with her body now than she was in 2000, when the band first got together.

“Back in the day I was size 6, about seven and a half stone wet through. Now I’m a size ten, nine and a half stone, but that is not overweight at all and I certainly wouldn’t want to be one of those popstars who promotes skinniness to be successful.

“That’s not the case. Not everybody reads magazines can look like everybody in magazines. I know I get airbrushed, otherwise I wouldn’t be in the magazine! I’ve had four kids, I’m a healthy size 10. I’m happy! I’ve got a few lumps and bumps in the right places. I think everyone wants to be a bit skinnier, but nothing that I’m conscious over.
“We’re women now and a lot of our audiences are going to be women who’ve had babies.

“When I watch back and they show a clip of me in a bikini I think I look too skinny!  When I first joined the band I was 6 and a half stone, but because I had big tits and a good arse, I got away with it. SO even when I put weight on now, it goes on me boobs and me arse, which is not a bad thing.”

Rounding on bandmate Liz McLarnon, Natasha added: “You can eat what you want and can’t put anything on. She doesn’t go the gym and will sit there eating crisps, anything!”




Oo-er! The Saturdays’ Vanessa White admits she’d have a threesome with Holly Willoughby

What a saucebag that Vanessa White is!
The Saturdays star has said that she’d happily have a threesome with This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby. Or Holly Willobooby as she’s better known.
Vanessa and her boyfriend Gary Salter have both come up with lists of hot celebs they’d like to join them for a romantic few moments, if you get what we’re saying…

She revealed: “The new one I've added to my list is Harvey (Gabriel Macht) from Suits.
“Gary fancies him too, so it's perfect.
“Holly Willoughby's on his list and she's hot. I fancy her. In fact, I check out more girls than guys. We've spoken about threesomes.”
It’s takes a strong couple to do that!
The 23-year-old and her stylist fella may be madly in love but Vanessa isn’t thinking about marriage. Not just yet anyway.
“I'm not interested in a ring right now. If he proposed, I'd probably say no. It took ages for us to even be girlfriend and boyfriend.
"It's hard to settle down when you're used to being single.”
And when you keep talking about other celebs you fancy…