Mar 19, 2013

B*Witched want to bring out new music! Yay!

B*Witched want to bring out new music! Yay!

 We’re obsessed with the Big Reunion and all of the bands talking part – particularly B*Witched who seemed to have more than their fair share of drama!

It looks like the girls have sorted out their issues though as they are planning to record some new songs. Speaking to us at last night’s GI Joe premiere Lindsay Armaou told us,

“We're hoping to bring out some new material, fingers crossed. It was quite important to us all that the vocals be shared around more so that is something that will be happening if we get back in the studio.

“It's just so much fun being back together, I've surprised myself with how much I've enjoyed it,” she added.

Lindsay also revealed that all the bands get on just fine, and that everyone was confused by the addition on Blue to the first Big Reunion gig in London,

“There's no rivalries with the other bands, it's all really supportive. We were a bit confused as to why Blue were needed because it was already sold out - the first concert - when they were added's fine."






Who wore it best? Amber Heard vs Zawe Ashton

Who wore it best? Amber Heard vs Zawe Ashton


Two very different ladies, one very gorgeous (and low cut) Julien MacDonald dress. But who wore it best?
Amber Heard was the first to wear this spangly floor-length number back in 2011 at The Art of Elysium 4th Annual 'Heaven' Gala in Los Angeles. She kept her jewellery minimal and let the dress do the talking by opting for just a chunky ring and a pair of teardrop earrings. Although she's recently hit the dye bottle to become brunette, Amber's blonde quiff in 2011 became a modern take on a classic '50s screen siren when teamed with her signature bold red lip and smoky eye make-up. Fresh Meat star Zawe Ashton rocked this dress at the 2013 Elle Style Awards and complemented her pixie crop with smoky eyes and nude lips. We just can't choose, they both look too lovely!

Exclusive! Find out what Rylan Clark really thinks about Katie Price’s new husband

Exclusive! Find out what Rylan Clark really thinks about Katie Price’s new husband


 As Katie Price’s BFF, Rylan Clark was just as shocked as the rest of us by the former glamour model’s whirlwind marriage to stripper/builder Kieran Haylor.

Turns out that Rylan wasn’t just shocked though, he was also furious at Katie and he didn’t have any problems telling her just that,

“I’m the most protective person over Kate, and when I found out, [after] coming out of Big Brother, that she’d got married on a beach somewhere, I was enraged. I was like, [shouting] ‘What are you doing?’”

However, it hasn’t taken long for Rylan to be won over by Katie’s new husband. After spending some time with Katie and Kieran, Rylan thinks they’re the perfect couple,

“The guy is everything I thought he wouldn’t be, and that’s why I think he’s lovely. He’s perfect for her and she’s relaxed with him.”

Find out more about Rylan’s reaction to Katie’s third marriage only in this week’s heat – on sale now! 





Joss Stone at the centre of a plot to be robbed and murdered

Joss Stone at the centre of a plot to be robbed and murdered 



 In what has to be the most disturbing celebrity news story in quite some time, two men are currently on trial for plotting to rob and murder Joss Stone.

Kevin Liverpool and Junior Bradshaw aroused the suspicion of Joss’ neighbours in Devon, who called 999 and alerted the police. The pair were found to have a note describing Joss as a “she-devil in the flesh”, as well as note that suggested they wanted to decapitate her and dump her body in a river. There were also mentions of Joss’ connections to the royal family.

The men were armed with items including a sword, a hammer, a knife, body bags and maps showing the location of Joss’ home.

Prosecutor Simon Morgan told Exeter crown court of the events in June 2011,

“The crown says that with this arsenal of weapons, it is obvious they were intent upon serious violence. The intended target was Joss Stone. They had decided upon this action some time before and this was the time to put it into effect.

“The items in their possession, the trips to the area, the fact that the intended victim was at home, the notes and maps all point to a determined effort on the part of the defendants to carry out the plan they had hatched some time before.”

Both Liverpool and Bradshaw deny conspiring to murder Joss and plead not guilty to conspiring to cause grievous bodily harm or of conspiring to rob Joss. The trial contines. 




Simon Cowell gets emotional on Twitter: ‘I’ve realised friends and family are the most important things in life’

Simon Cowell gets emotional on Twitter: ‘I’ve realised friends and family are the most important things in life


Simon Cowell has been unusually emotional on Twitter this morning. The record label/talent show boss started off normally enough, updating his six million followers about the latest developments in his media empire, then he got a bit “deep”.

Simon firstly talked about revamping The X Factor here and in the US,
"There will be a lot of changes on X factorUK and USA. But good changes. I feel excited for both shows this year:
He also told followers about seeing some early footage from the upcoming One Direction movie, the Paul Potts movie, working with James Arthur and Ella Henderson (he has a good feeling about them both), and finishing up the Britain’s Got Talent auditions. There’s still plenty of talent. Phew.

But then things took a turn for the slightly out of character as Simon began to talk about what was really important and about overcoming the “bumps” in life.

“And with everything I have been working on it made me realise that your friends and family are still the most important things in your life,” he wrote just three hours ago.

“Sorry to cram all this in. Have read some strange things about me recently. I am happy. Healthy. And enjoying life. Hope you are too,” he continued.

“What I have realised is there will be bumps in your life but the fun is fixing them. If it was always easy life would be boring."

Simon then finished, “I was a little deep tonight but it was one of those nights you realise you have a lot to be thankful for.”


Sharon Osbourne is in “pole position” for X Factor judging job

Sharon Osbourne is in “pole position” for X Factor judging job

 Sharon Osbourne’s chances of re-joining The X Factor seem pretty high – in fact she’s thought to be Simon Cowell’s top choice for the job.

Now that Mel B is out of the running after signing up for Australia’s Got Talent, Sharon is looking like a dead cert to come back to the X Factor fold.

“Simon is a huge fan of Sharon. Things are looking good for her. She is in pole position,” an insider tells The Sun.

If Sharon does make her return, it means she’ll reclaim her place on the panel six years after leaving The X Factor. Six years… time flies, doesn’t it?

While The X Factor is a good few months away yet, we’d really like it if boss Simon Cowell put us all out of our misery and just confirmed who’s going to be a judge this year. 

Not many words, Vic used a response supermodel big breasts

Not many words, Vic used a response supermodel big breasts

 Recently, Victoria Beckham has proven to lower natural that Katie Price was wrong to think that Beckham's wife is the new Superman can integrity of the home and society.

 During an interview with Victoria's share of daily routine fashion magazine Harper Bazaar a few days ago, the mother of four said she struggled to reconcile between work and children. As soon as the program aired, big breasted supermodel Katie Price was ironic Victoria to say she was not honest when sharing the care of their children. A lover of former Manchester United striker Dwight Yorke said Victoria should have few nannies to solve the job.

Do not bother responding, yesterday, a former member of the Spice Girls was discovered to small theaters Hertfordshire along with his two Romeo and her little princess Harper. As if to prove the words of Katie is wrong, the 38-year-old fashion designer has a hand take care of their children while ensuring the job.

Accordingly, Vic a hand picked baby Harper, a hand opened the door, put the map up and give you two Romeo stable before it 

 Back story Katie countered Vic on The Sun, she had this big breasted model quipped: "I do not think Victoria Beckham is honest. What you do not see is the back of the mother would be the perfectnanny or support fixtures bodyguard for her and those who drove her pick up the kids to go to school. "

"Look at her hair to her shoes, you rarely see her dress up any errors and without the help she can not get it."

In addition, Katie said that he could not do that even less than Victoria ... One son with his second 10-year-old Harvey, her 7-year-old Junior and Princess Princess Tiaamii 5 years old.

Lindsay Lohan avoids jail as judge says, “stay out of trouble"


 Lindsay Lohan avoids jail as judge says, “stay out of trouble"

Lindsay Lohan has found out that she will not be facing jail after her trial in Los Angeles today.
The actress took a plea bargain in court and will now serve a 90-day term in a “locked rehab facility”, 30 days of community labour and 18 months of psychotherapy.
The star was given five days in jail however these will be absorbed into the 90 days in the locked rehabilitation centre. Once inside the centre, Lindsay will not be allowed to leave.
She has already begun the 18-months of psychotherapy and will now only serve the remainder of this – thought to be 16-months.

The 26-year old will not start her community service order until she has finished her 90-days.
The star looked pale and nervous in the dock, flanked by her two lawyers and spoke only quietly and unsurely.
At some points, Lindsay appeared confused and was asking anxiously what the judge meant by certain terms in the agreement.

What's to come:

The Mean Girls star does not have to appear for any compliance dates as long as she meets the terms of the agreement however, if she breaks the terms of her probation, she could face 180 days in a county jail.
The judge ended the session with “don’t drive” and “stay out of trouble” before warning her that she can be stopped and searched at any time.
Outside the court the star faced a press scrum and, we could be imagining it - but we're sure we heard her mutter the words,  “I've been lucky”.
Earlier, we reported how the troubled actress had arrived at today's hearing over 45 minutes late - getting to the court then only thanks to a loaned private jet.
Lucky indeed, Lindsay.
The Scary Movie 5 actress was on trial for lying to the police following a traffic accident in Santa Monica last year. Lindsay faced one misdemeanor count each of reckless driving, providing false information to an officer and willfully resisting, obstructing or delaying an officer.


Liam Payne reveals 1D film name: “So proud to announce that our upcoming movie is officially titled This Is Us!”

Liam Payne reveals 1D film name: “So proud to announce that our upcoming movie is officially titled This Is Us!”

Liam Payne has revealed that the up-coming One Direction Movie will be called, This Is Us.
Tweeting minutes ago, the singer could barely contain his excitement.
“guyssss so proud to announce that our upcoming movie is officially titled 'This Is Us'! Cant wait for you guys to see itttt!!”
That’s a fair few consonants there, Liam. You must be very excited!

Band mate Niall Horan soon followed suit, announcing the news on his Twitter page before asking, “what do you think of it???”
We think it pretty much sums it up nicely to be honest, Niall.
The 3D film is expected to be released on 30 August this year and we think it’s probably going to match Katy Perry’s film debut success with Part Of Me, at the box office.
Just imagine the queues at the cinema…
We're definitely booking ours in advance.

Yvette Fielding speaks out: “The idea that Harry Styles tried to seduce me is, quite frankly, ludicrous”

Yvette Fielding speaks out: “The idea that Harry Styles tried to seduce me is, quite frankly, ludicrous”


Our eyebrows were dusting the ceiling last week when we heard the gossip about Harry Styles and Yvette Fielding.
We immediately contacted the Most Haunted presenter to get to the bottom of the story, and as we suspected the whole thing was a load of nonsense. In fact the whole incident has left Yvette “devastated”.
Heat: What was your reaction when you saw the article?

Yvette: I was devastated. I now have no faith in the media – in fact the only magazine that has been interested in telling my side of the story is heat, which I really do appreciate.
I realise that some things might get embellished a bit, which you take into account when you read articles, but I feel like this is unforgivable.”
H: Which parts of the story do you dispute?

Y: The whole article is wrong. The idea that Harry tried to seduce me is, quite frankly, ludicrous, disgusting and without doubt preposterous. I thought the article would be about what I am doing now, but it was turned into something about Harry.
H: Have you heard anything from Harry?

Y: I spoke to Harry and he’s fine. Hek nows more than most how things are sometimes made up and blown out of proportion. Harry is a great lad and we are all so proud of what he has and will achieve.
Here we have a British lad who is taking the world by storm and people seem to want to write bad things or try and catch him out. Why not support and boost him? He is great ambassador for England
Read the full interview with Yvette only in this week’s heat – on sale now!